Where Does JLab Ship From? [Explained!]

JLab is a renowned brand that produces quality earbuds.

If you’ve used JLab earbuds before, you may have expressed an interest in learning where JLab ships from.

Apart from that, you may have further questions such as who owns JLab.

Worry not, we’ll look into everything in a detailed manner below.

Where Does JLab Ship From? [Explained!]

JLab is a Japanese-owned company with headquarters in California, where they have invested heavily in research and development, but most of their products ship from manufacturing partners located in China.

JLab is located in California. 

The company products are designed and tested in California. 

Other details are then shared with the factory partners based in China. 

The company is not just a manufacturer, but also has a logistics department in California.

Who is JLab owned by?

Jlab is owned by Noritsu Koki Co. Ltd. JLab was established in 2009. Noritsu Koki Co. Ltd. is based in Japan and was founded in 1994.

The company is owned by 500+ employees and offers a full line of high-quality consumer electronics products including but not limited to DSLR cameras, camcorders, digital cameras, handheld devices, GPS receivers, printers, games consoles, and more.

Where are Jlabs made?

The majority of the products JLab produces are manufactured in China. 

However, the earbud designs and build quality is still in-house and done in California. 

JLab has invested heavily in R&D at their California office since 2009.

What is the best-selling product from JLab?

Where Does JLab Ship From Explained 1 Where Does JLab Ship From? [Explained!]

The JLab earbuds that are best-selling are Epic2, Epic3, and Epic4.

These are affordable as well as high-quality earbuds that offer great value for money.

The JLab Epic2 comes with a microphone as well as a remote. 

This makes it easy for you to handle your calls and music easily from the comfort of your ear.

The JLab Epic3 is an improvement over the Epic2. 

This model adds more bass to the mix, making it more portable and offering better performance than its predecessor. 

It also has an inline microphone that can be used with both Android and iOS devices.

How long does it take JLab to ship?

Usually, shipments arrive in 6-10 business days but can take up to 15 days depending on your location. 

If you are located in the US, it is best to order online and choose a free shipping option. 

This will ensure you receive your products faster.

Why does jlab ship from the US?

The main reason for this is for tax reasons. 

The company has a logistics center in California that is responsible for all shipment-related matters such as the delivery of orders and assembling of orders from China. 

The entire JLab products are designed in California and maintained in California.

Which are the best jlab earbuds for bass?

JLab’s best-selling earbuds for bass are the Epic2, Epic3, and Epic4 series.

The Epic2 has a powerful 11mm driver that packs a punch even at low frequencies but still manages to keep the quality of sound intact.

It also comes with a remote and microphone, hence you can easily switch from listening to music to talking on your phone or answering calls. 

The Epic3 built on the qualities of the Epic2 but adds a more powerful bass.

The Epic4 brings even more power with its 12mm driver. 

It has a volume control button on the earbud to adjust the headphone’s volume, a microphone and also comes with an inline remote. 

You can use this as you would use your phone’s or tablet’s remote or simply tap the button to activate media buttons such as play/pause, skip forward and back, answer, or hang-up calls.

Final Thoughts

JLab is a reputable brand that produces high-quality products.

They are also a company with integrity and customer service at the forefront of their business model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I buy JLab?

A. You can purchase online on their official website. Alternatively, you can also opt to buy from Amazon since they have a good return policy and great support from the company itself. Lastly, you can visit Best Buy or Walmart as well.

Q. Where is jlab made?

A. Most of their products are manufactured in China but are designed and tested in California, USA.

Q. Is jlab a good brand?

A. The earbuds are of high quality. Overall, they provide an amazing value for money.

Q. How long does it take jlab to ship?

A. Usually, shipments arrive in 6-10 business days but can take up to 15 days depending on your location as well as any customs handling involved in shipping the product from China. Shipment is usually faster if you are located in the US. If you are not, it is best to choose the free shipping option.

Q. When are jlab earbuds available?

A. The best time to buy JLab earbuds is during holiday seasons or when big sales are ongoing. They have great deals going on from time to time. Additionally, certain product lines may not be available in certain countries all the time, so you may want to check with their official website before opting to purchase anything.

Q. Do jlab products come with a warranty?

A. Yes, they do have a limited lifetime warranty that covers both manufacturer defects as well as damage that is caused by accidental drops and falls.

Q. Where can I buy jlab earbuds online?

A. You can buy online on their website or opt to purchase from Amazon or Walmart. You can also visit Best Buy if you live near one of the locations.

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