Why Won’t My JLab Air Earbuds Connect?

JLab is an awesome brand and I have been using their Go Air Earbuds for quite some time. 

Recently, the Go Air earbuds wouldn’t connect to my iPhone and that was a cause for alarm.

The inability to listen to my favorite music playlist on the go was infuriating.

Why Won’t My JLab Air Earbuds Connect?

The most common reason your JLab Air earbuds won’t connect is that they were not disconnected properly from the previous device they were paired with. There may also be software issues like they need an update or an issue with the Bluetooth, or there is a hardware problem that will require professional repair.

Other reasons your JLab Air earbuds may not be connecting include:

  1. The Bluetooth feature on the iPhone isn’t enabled.
  2. The Bluetooth isn’t turned on in the earbuds or it is off.
  3. The earbuds are paired with another device that is currently connected to the iPhone.
  4. There is an insufficient charge on the Go Air Earbuds
  5. The battery of your earbuds is dead/not working properly.
  6. The earbuds are paired with another device that is currently connected to your iPhone.
  7. The Bluetooth was previously paired with another device that is currently connected to your iPhone.
  8. There isn’t sufficient charge on the earbuds, battery, or charging port is not working properly.
  9. The cable of the earbuds has been disconnected and reconnected improperly and this could be the reason why they won’t connect to your iPhone.

Keep reading and you’ll get to know more about why the JLab Go Air earbuds are unable to connect. 

We’ll also look into how to fix such issues.

Troubleshooting why JLab Go Air Earbuds are Unable to Connect

First and foremost, are the JLab Go Air earbuds functional?

If not, there is a likelihood this is a hardware issue.

f you’ve used the earbuds for quite some time, wear and tear might have caught up in the process and that is where the problem lies.

You can go ahead and plug in the earphones to the charging system and see whether they’re still charging.

If they’re working, I would check the pairing with the iPhone.

Later in this article, you’ll learn how to do so and it is quite simple.

Once you connect your earbuds with your iPhone, they should be paired automatically and they’re good to go but in case they aren’t paired properly, you need to follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone, click on the ‘Settings’ app.
  2. Click on Bluetooth under the ‘Connections’ tab.
  3. Click the ‘+’ button to add a new device.
  4. Select your JLab Go Air Earbuds and the connection will be made on their end.
  5. You now have to make sure that your earbuds are working properly by turning them on and off, which you can do by tapping on the power button till it turns off or on then pressing it again till it turns on again.

Now, your JLab Go Air Earbuds will be connected to your iPhone without fail.

In case you have software problems, you will have to look into downloading a software update that you can get from the JLab’s official site.

How to Reset the JLab Go Air Earbuds

If the earbuds are low on charge, ensure they’re in the charging case. 

From the Bluetooth settings select “JLab Go Air” and click on forget.

Quick tap one of the earbuds in the charging case seven times.

Quick tap the other earbud seven times.

Get the earbuds out of the charging case.

You can now connect to your preferred device and in this case, mine is an iPhone.

Keep in mind the old profile won’t work.

Ensure Your Earbuds are in the Pairing Mode

You may be unable to locate the earbuds when connecting to your iPhone through Bluetooth, and there is the likelihood they’re not in the pairing mode.

You can click on the Bluetooth button present on the earbud meant for your right ear to trigger the earbuds into pairing mode.

You should press the Bluetooth button for at least three seconds.

The earbuds will now be in pairing mode.

How Do You Get Rid of the Bluetooth Settings Profile

Next, you need to delete the old profile so that your JLab Go Air can be discovered by your iPhone.

You should follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  2. Go to “Bluetooth” and press the Bluetooth button on the main screen.
  3. Tap on “JLab Go Air”. This is your earbud’s number in the Bluetooth settings panel of your iPhone.
  4. Press “Forget this Device”.
  5. Quickly tap the Bluetooth button on the main screen of your right earbud until it flashes blue. This will put the earbud into pairing mode.

Doing so on the other earbud will also put it into pairing mode. 

You should do this with both the earbuds, one after the other, to ensure you’re flashing both of them to pair with your iPhone at once.

What are the Common JLab Go Air Earbud Issues?

There are different issues that you may encounter with your earbuds and the most common ones are:

First, the earbuds are not connected to each other and they’re not working together with your iPhone. 

Make sure that you’re connecting to the same device because it’s possible there might be a software issue. 

Ensure that both of them are turned on and in their pairing mode by tapping the Bluetooth button at least three times.

Your earbuds should now be connected to your iPhone without fail.

Second, the earbuds are connected but they’re not playing music/ sound.

This is an indicator that there is a faulty connection. Make sure you’re connecting to the same device, and it’s not possible there might be a software problem.

You can power off the earbuds and then power them back on. The connection between the earbuds should now work properly.


JLab is a renowned brand and most people may have acquired the Go Air Earbuds. 

Since they’re prone to wear and tear, they will experience some issues from time to time. 

The earbuds might suddenly stop working without warning. Or, the earpieces might become loose. 

The fault can be due to the battery of your earbuds fading out or due to faulty hardware from JLab’s end.

You may want to get a replacement but that would be costly and would most likely require you to get it shipped from the manufacturer via mail. 

A third option here is auto repairs that can mend your earbud in no time and at relatively affordable prices.

I’m sure you would want the best possible solution for your issue and you might be in need of a quick fix.

You can go to a professional who is perfectly aware on how to fix earbuds. Get your earbuds fixed today and get them working as they were before!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should I charge my earbuds?

A. It’s recommended to charge your earbuds at least once every two weeks. 

The more you use them, the faster they will get drained out of battery and the more you will have to charge them. 

Do not forget to check the battery life before you start playing your music/ watching videos on your iPhone or any other device you’re connected to.

Q. What are the different earbuds that I can use with my iPhone/ Android?

A. There are a lot of options with different features. You can choose the one that suits you best as per your need. 

The design, appearance and sound quality is also a factor to consider when picking one out. 

It’s wise to get one that suits your budget as well aside from its functionality and performance.

Q. Is there a difference between fixing and replacing?

A. Well, yes and no. Both replacing and fixing are different in their own way. Fixing involves putting a temporary fix which can be done by repair centres but can lead to the same issue later on. 

Replacing is the best option since you can get a new piece that is not faulty.

Q. How much does it cost to fix earbuds?

A. The cost of fixing earbuds differs depending on where the reason why they appear to be faulty.

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