Where Is The ‘i’ Icon On Apple Watch?

The ‘I’ icon should ideally always show up on your Apple Watch. 

After all, it is necessary for pairing purposes. 

This icon, which appears as an encircled lower case ‘i’ is something you find on many digital devices, as it allows access to information about various software applications. 

When it comes to the Apple Watch, you will want to learn all about this icon if you want to make pairing your Apple Watch and iPhone extra simple.

This button pops up during the pairing process.

It will help guide you through a manual process of pairing your phone and watch (should you not wish to use the automatic method), and you will additionally catch sight of this icon on the screen that displays the scannable circle code. 

Simply use the “i” icon to pair and unpair your watch as you please. 

This just gives you a manual method for pairing and unpairing as you go.

So, what happens if you do not see this ‘i’ icon on your Apple Watch?

What should you do if you have trouble manually pairing and unpairing your Apple Watch? There are some steps you can take, and I will go over those with you as I help walk you through the ‘i’ icon and how to use it on your watch.

Where is the I icon on Apple Watch?

When you go to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone, you will see a Start Pairing button show up. On this same screen, you will see the encircled ‘i’ icon, which gives you a way to manually pair when automatic pairing doesn’t work. This icon will also show up on the screen that displays the scannable circle code.

What happens if you do not see this icon anywhere on your screen and you cannot automatically pair your watch and phone? Just how does this icon work anyway? Read on to get filled in on the ‘i’ icon and how to use it for pairing with your Apple Watch.

Where Is The ‘i Icon On Apple Watch 1 Where Is The ‘i’ Icon On Apple Watch?

What is the I icon, and what does it stand for?

The ‘i’ icon is enshrined by a circle and means that you can use an information-based method of manually pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone should the automatic method not work. 

This icon will display all kinds of information about your watch, including the ways that you can manually pair it with your phone when you need to do so.

How do I get the I icon on my Apple Watch?

You should see the ‘i’ icon when you go to pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone. 

In order to pair them manually, you will need to use this icon. 

You can do this by:

  1. Wearing the Apple Watch on your wrist and choosing your selected language.
  2. On each device, tap on Start Pairing. (From your iPhone, do this using the Watch app).
  3. On your iPhone, tap on Pair Apple Watch Manually.
  4. Tap the information icon (‘i’) on your Apple Watch, which should now show up. You should also see your phone’s name show up on the watch’s face.
  5. From your iPhone, tap the device’s name that matches the one that is displayed on your Apple Watch’s face.
  6. You will get a six-digit code that pops up on your Apple Watch. You need to enter that code onto your iPhone, which will confirm that you want these devices to pair.
  7. There will be a few more steps for Set Up, so be sure to follow any of those remaining prompts to finish the process.

Why is there no I icon on my Apple Watch?

Some users have reported the ‘i’ icon not showing up when trying to pair the watch to their iPhone. 

The one thing that seems to work is resetting the watch itself, which is certainly a huge frustration and annoyance for users as this wipes out any data that hasn’t been backed up. 

To do a reset, you have to go to watch settings > general > reset. 

After doing so, you should get an ‘i’ information icon to show up for manual pairing again.

How do I pair Apple Watch manually?

To manually pair your watch to your iPhone, follow the steps I gave you above. 

For the most part, that seems to work for those instances in which users are unable to automatically pair their devices.

How do I pair my Apple Watch with my iPhone again?

You can re-pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone, and you will have to do that if you have had to reset your watch for any reason. 

It only takes a few minutes, and the following steps should get you all set back up and ready to go:

  1. Following the instructions displayed on your screen, do everything you are prompted to do, including selecting your language. Do this until you get to the button that says Start Pairing.
  2. From your iPhone, tap on Pair Apple Watch Manually, which you will find under the window that is trying to scan the code.
  3. Tap the ‘i’ icon located on your Apple Watch.
  4. Enter each of the six digits from the Apple Watch onto the iPhone.

Voila! This should successfully manually re-pair your Apple Watch and your iPhone. 

If it keeps disconnecting you or giving you any other hassles, you might have other problems going on with either your Apple Watch or your iPhone that need to be addressed by a tech specialist.

What should I do if I can’t locate the I icon at all?

If you are unable to locate this icon at all and cannot re-pair your watch and iPhone, you might need to take your devices to the closest Apple store to have them looked at.

You can also call or start a chat on Apple to get more help from the comfort of your own home.

Closing Thoughts

Apple typically makes it easy to pair your watch and iPhone. 

Of course, nothing is perfect, and the Apple Watch might not always pair properly with your phone. 

You might need to tinker around with resetting the watch itself and try manually pairing the two instead of using the automatic process. 

Should your troubleshooting efforts all fail, your devices will likely need to be serviced by one of Apple’s technicians.

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