Why Are My AirPods Cutting Out?

One of the most common issues people experience when using AirPods is that they sometimes cut out while in use. 

Whether you’re listening to music or a podcast, there can be several reasons why your AirPods are cutting out.

Read on to learn about possible causes and how to fix them. 

Why Are My AirPods Cutting Out?

AirPods are likely cutting in and out because of problems with the Bluetooth connection, but it may also be a weak internet connection, low-powered batteries, competing audio inputs, or outdated software. It may also be that your AirPods are broken.

To understand how to fix the problem, it’s important to have a good grasp of the reasons AirPods cut out. Here are the top seven causes. 

The Bluetooth Connection Is Weak

Wireless earphones, including AirPods, rely on a Bluetooth connection.

While AirPods do use a newer protocol as well, called Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI), they still rely on Bluetooth technology. 

The Bluetooth connection will get weaker as you move further away from your device. 

Try staying closer to the device streaming the audio. 

Put your iPhone in your pocket, for example, instead of keeping it on the table. 

There Is Interference

Another thing worth looking at is whether something is interfering with your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection. 

Did you know that Wi-Fi, portable Bluetooth speakers, your microwave, your cordless phone, your baby monitor, and even your garage door opener all use a similar frequency? Wireless devices tend to rely on 2.4 GHz connections. 

What does that mean for your AirPods? It means that something as simple as your microwave oven can interfere with the Bluetooth connection you are relying on and cause distortions. 

Similarly, if you are in a crowded area and many people are actively using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections, you will be more likely to experience disruptions. 

What can you do about this problem? Try staying away from crowded areas. 

If your roommates or family members are using other devices with active Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, try to stay away from them too.

Also, get away from microwaves and unshielded cables. 

You Are Streaming Over Wi-Fi

According to Apple, you are more likely to experience distortions when streaming music or podcasts over the internet than when playing content that is stored on your device. 

It might not be the Bluetooth connection that is weak or disrupted; it could be the Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection that is experiencing problems. 

An easy way to know if it’s the AirPods or your internet connection is to start playing music you have downloaded and see whether there is a notable difference. 

You may also experience disruptions if you are listening to music on your phone and someone keeps calling or texting you, especially if the call cuts off your mobile connection. 

Similarly, if your AirPods get cut off when on a call, a weak cellular reception might be the issue at hand. 

The fix here is easy. If you are streaming content over Wi-Fi, download it first, and then stream it locally from your device.

For example, you can download content on Apple Music

If you’re on a call, go to a place where the cellular reception is better, such as by a window or outside. 

If you’re making a WhatsApp call or any other call over Wi-Fi, try calling your contact directly (using their cell number) instead. 

Why Are My AirPods Cutting Out 1 Why Are My AirPods Cutting Out?

Your AirPods Are Losing Power

One of the most common reasons AirPods start cutting out is not because the connection is weak, but because they are. 

If your AirPods are losing power, they may struggle to connect with your phone and transmit audio. 

You may experience distortions, and eventually, your AirPods will cut off altogether and stop working until you charge them again. 

To fix this issue, recharge your AirPods. You may have to take a break from listening for a while. 

In the future, charge your AirPods overnight or when you otherwise aren’t using them, so you don’t experience this issue again. 

Your iPhone Is Losing Power

Your AirPods might be fully charged, but if your iPhone has a low battery, it will eventually cut off.

You may not experience any distortions, but when your iPhone shuts off, your music will stop playing altogether. 

Make sure you have enough battery on your phone to listen to your entire podcast. 

You can charge your phone while listening, too. 

The AirPods Are Switching to a New Audio Source

Apple has a feature that allows AirPods to automatically switch to other devices when within range. 

For example, you might have it connect to your Mac at work but your iPhone once you are in the car. 

If you have multiple devices in the same house, however, your AirPods might switch from one to another without you wanting them to, cutting off your audio. 

You can control this setting on each device. So, if you have an extra iPad in your house, turn it off or disable this feature in the settings. 

Here’s how to turn off automatic switching on each device. 

You Have Outdated Software or Broken AirPods

If you have an older iOS version, you may experience your AirPods cutting out.

Older iPhones had this issue, but it’s been fixed in newer iOS versions. 

Updating your device can fix the problem. Finally, we can’t leave out the possibility that your AirPods are physically broken. 

Check for updates on your iPhone. If there are any, install them. Make sure you have the latest iOS version installed as well.

You should also check for and install firmware updates for your AirPods. 

You can do that by connecting them to your device and going to your Bluetooth settings. 

Finally, if you think your AirPods have a physical defect, bring them to an Apple Center, so a technician can help you troubleshoot and repair the issue. 

Find an Apple Service Center here

If the AirPods are truly broken, or if you can’t find a repair center that can help you fix them, you may have to buy new ones. 

Final Thoughts

We know it can be frustrating when your AirPods cut out frequently. 

However, there is typically an easy solution you can use to get rid of the issue.

If one solution doesn’t work, try out the others.

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