Why is Spotify so Quiet on Bluetooth?

Spotify plays well on most devices. However, there are times you might have challenges with Spotify when you play over Bluetooth. According to most of the people who complain online, the service goes on low volume when played over Bluetooth speakers even when it plays on high volume on other devices.

What could be the problem and is there a solution?

Why is Spotify so Quiet on Bluetooth?

The reason why Spotify may be quiet is that Bluetooth is your phone’s sound settings. If there are audio effects turned on in the audio equalizer, they might affect the volume of Spotify over Bluetooth. You might have your phone volume all the way up, but the sound might still remain low.

You can rectify this by checking your phone’s sound settings. Open Settings >> Sound Settings >> Audio Effects. From there, turn off the equalizer for the speaker.

Ensure that all audio effects are off as these might affect how high the volume plays over Bluetooth. Again, turn off “Voice Privacy” and try playing Spotify again.

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as reducing the volume all the way to zero and then raising it back up to full volume. If the issue was minor, the volume will go back up. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling Spotify and installing it back. If you had messed with sound settings on your Spotify app, the new installation will restore the settings to default.

If you ever tweaked the sound settings on your phone, try and restore the phone’s sound settings to default and see what happens.

I also recommend trying Spotify on a different phone. If the audio plays well from a different phone, then the problem might be your phone. If Spotify is still quiet on a different phone, tweak your Spotify audio settings and see if the audio now plays well.

How To Play Spotify Over Bluetooth to Avoid Challenges

There are billions of users on Spotify and most of them have a great experience using the online streaming service. Today, you can play Spotify on several devices, including your car stereo, Bluetooth speaker, and in many other devices.

If you have a Bluetooth speaker, it is easy for you to enjoy high resolution audio from Spotify. You do not need WiFi as long as you can stream music on Spotify using your smartphone’s internet connection.

To start playing, ensure that your Bluetooth speaker is on and your phone’s or laptop’s Bluetooth is on. Connect the speaker from your phone’s or PC’s Bluetooth settings and then start playing music from the device.

As long as the speaker connects to your streaming device, the audio will go to the Bluetooth speaker. If the volume is low, check the volume of your phone and that of your Bluetooth speaker. If the audio is quiet, you need to check other settings.

There are a number of users online who complain that the Bluetooth speaker remains quiet and sometimes beeps even when there is music playing. The devices might be wirelessly connected, but the audio might not be playing.

Bluetooth offers you convenience when you need to wirelessly play music. There are some devices that do not support playing Spotify over Bluetooth. This is common with some Android devices and some PCs.

If you only experience a beep and sometimes no sound at all, you can try and restart your Spotify and see if the problem goes. If that still doesn’t work, restart your devices and reconnect them through Bluetooth and see what works. If your device has multiple apps playing in the background, close them to ensure they are not interfering with how your device sends music to the Bluetooth speaker.

How Else Can You Play Spotify Wirelessly If Bluetooth Fails?

Spotify offers a service known as Spotify Connect, and you can use it to play music wirelessly. However, your speaker needs to be WiFi enabled and not many speakers have this feature. If your speaker can connect to WiFi, then you can enjoy great audio quality from Spotify.

To do that, you need to ensure that you have the latest program from Spotify as older versions may not have the best audio quality. Connect your speaker and your PC or phone to the same WiFi and then log these two into the same Spotify account.

After that, open your Spotify program and select the available devices. Stream your music and start playing. The service allows you to play Spotify on any device that is WiFi enabled.

The limitations to use Spotify Connect include the fact that you need the latest Spotify program and your devices need to be up to date. You also need to connect the devices to the same WiFi. If one of the devices is not Spotify compatible, you might still experience the quietness problem.

Spotify Connect is only available to premium Spotify members. If you are on Spotify free, you cannot enjoy the benefits of the service.

Are There Apps That Allow You To Play Spotify Music Offline?

Spotify is an online streaming service that doesn’t allow you to download its songs. However, there are a number of apps that allow you to convert the music on the service to lighter formats so that you can play with ease offline. With these apps, you can transfer the music devices such as iPhone, iPod, Zune, and MP3 Players.

Once you have the songs in your device, you can then play them over Bluetooth. One such app is the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. To start using this app, you need to download and install it on your device.

Add the link of the Spotify track you need to play to the app and choose the format you need. From there, choose where you need to save the track. Select convert and the track will be in your device in the new format.

When you convert, the track comes DRM free, and you are able to send it to your Bluetooth speaker. This is not the right way to use Spotify. Again, TuneFab and any other app you may use requires a subscription.

Which Devices are More Affected by Stuttering Music Over Bluetooth?

People using phones such as LG, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy have many issues when it comes to playing music over Bluetooth. It is not clear what causes the issue, but some technical factors might cause these phones to be incompatible with Spotify.

Not all the devices above have issues, but some models of the above devices. If you have any of the above devices, and you have the music stuttering problem, you can try playing from a different device. If the music doesn’t go quiet on a different device, then your problem is in the device.

In some cases, the default sound settings on these devices might be causing the problem. Therefore, check your settings first before you seek other solutions.

If you have a home WiFi router, or you are trying to connect the speaker in an area where WiFi networks are busy, the wireless tech might be causing the interference. You can solve the issue by switching off the router.

Other Settings to Try to Fix the Music Stuttering Problem

If you have tried all the above and the music still remains quiet on your Bluetooth speaker, you can try permission settings on your mobile device. Open your phone’s Settings >> Apps >> Spotify >> Permissions.

Make the necessary changes to ensure your phone does not restrict Spotify from sending audio to your Bluetooth speaker. If there are so many settings altered, it would be easier for you to uninstall the app altogether and download it afresh.

Spotify works better when connected to mobile data than when connected to WiFi. You can try stream through mobile data – if you have 4G or 5G internet. If there are so many people connected to the same WiFi connection, the network might be overwhelmed and this might be causing the interference.

If you still have issues, you can remove the Bluetooth device from your phone and re-add it. When you remove and forget a Bluetooth device, you add it afresh and the connection might be stronger.

Any of the above methods should help you play Spotify over Bluetooth better. If these remedies do not help, seek other ways of connecting the devices.

Closing Thoughts

If you have challenges playing Spotify over Bluetooth, you are not the only one. I scoured the internet to see what Spotify users have to say and there is a number of users with the same problem. It affects both free and premium Spotify users.

However, the solutions I recommend above seem to work with most users, and they can help you too. If you try everything above, and you still do not have a solution, then you might need a new device, PC, or phone.

In normal conditions, Spotify music should play without stuttering and no distortion at all. If distortions occur or the music mutes, then you have a problem to solve.

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