Will Verizon Replace My Battery?

Warranties and insurance plans can be confusing.

This is especially true when it comes to phones and digital devices.

It’s hard to know what is covered and why something wouldn’t be covered. 

This leaves many people wondering if a battery can be replaced, whether under warranty, insurance, or if the customer can pay for replacement themselves. 

Some phones have replaceable batteries, and some phones do not. 

Will Verizon Replace My Battery?

If you have insurance on your phone and the battery needs replacing through no fault of your own, then Verizon will probably have the battery replaced for free. Some batteries cannot be replaced on some phones. In this case, Verizon’s insurance company will replace your entire device.

Keep reading to learn all the details and find out exactly how Verizon can replace the battery in your phone. 

Verizon and Asurion

Despite common belief, Verizon doesn’t supply customers with their own insurance plans. 

They work with a third-party called Asurion. 

Asurion has years of experience in the insurance business, and they work with a majority of cellular phone providers to bring a reasonable insurance experience to customers. 

Does Verizon Insurance Cover a new Battery

Batteries aren’t made to last forever. 

The good news is, they can be replaced using your insurance in most scenarios. 

A faulty battery will result in the phone swelling up, sometimes even pushing the phone’s screen out of socket. 

Batteries that bloat in this way are often repairable via your insurance. 

You can visit the Asurion website to fill out a claim and have your battery replaced. 

Asurion will typically exchange the device for a deductible equal to 25% of the phone’s total cost if the phone doesn’t have a replaceable battery. 

Other battery issues may not be covered. If the battery is malfunctioning due to water damage insurance companies typically will not cover them. 

Batteries that have deteriorated in charge capacity due to age are typically not covered either. 

Only batteries that have malfunctioned due to factory defects are covered under Asurion. 

It doesn’t hurt to try though. 

Asurion may still replace your device for a deductible even if the battery is low on charge due to age. 

Contact Asurion or visit your local Verizon store to find out for yourself. 

Will Verizon Replace My Battery Will Verizon Replace My Battery?

How much is a Replacement Phone Battery?

Verizon can sometimes bundle Asurion’s insurance with what they call the Total Equipment Coverage.

A faulty battery is covered under the TEC from Verizon, meaning you could get your phone’s battery replaced for free. 

Visit your local Verizon store to fill out a claim for your device. 

The store rep will be able to help you find out which coverage you have and answer any questions you have to help you get your insurance claim underway. 

If you don’t have the TEC package from Verizon, you may have to pay a deductible to Asurion. 

What About my FIOS Battery?

Your FIOS router uses power from the outlet to supply your home with the internet; however, many FIOS devices have a backup battery that keeps phone and internet services running even when the power goes out. 

These batteries are rechargeable, and they don’t need replacement very often. 

They last up to 8 hours, providing customers with the internet even when the power is out. 

How do I Replace my Verizon FIOS Battery?

Replacing your FIOS backup battery is easy to do yourself. 

The battery is located in the white device in your home. 

The device is normally installed on a wall. The battery is typically located at the top of the unit and is accessible with a screwdriver. 

You won’t require any other tools. 

Here is how to remove and replace the battery: 

  • Unplug the power cord
  • Unscrew the battery cover
  • Unplug the red and black cables
  • Disengage clips that retain battery
  • Attach the black and red cables to the new battery. Black is negative; red is positive
  • Slide new battery under retaining clips
  • A beep will indicate that the battery is replaced correctly
  • Replace the battery cover and replace screws
  • Plug the power cable back in

In just a few moments you will be ready for a power outage, enabling you to retain internet and phone connection while you have no power. 

The battery will provide up to 8 hours of life to your systems.

How do I get a new Battery?

A new backup battery for your FIOS router can be purchased directly from Verizon. 

You can order online or stop into a store to place an order. 

They are $39.99 each. 

They can be found on the Verizon website’s store under FIOS accessories. 

They are rated for a 6–8-year lifespan and are 12 volts. 

How do I stop FIOS from Beeping?

Your FIOS device will alert you when the battery is dead by beeping. 

The battery is charged via the plug in the wall, so it won’t beep when it requires a recharge. 

It will only beep when it needs to be replaced. 

However, you can stop the beeping without replacing the battery. 

Perhaps you don’t require internet and phone service when the power is out, and you just want to stop the beeping.

There is an easy solution. 

There is an alarm silence button on the device.

Simply hold the button down for 10 seconds until you hear a loud beep or see flashing lights. 

This allows customers to stop the annoying beeping without replacing the battery.

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