Amazon “Digital Download”: What Does It Mean? (Explained!)

If you are a regular shopper at Amazon, then you will most likely stumble into something called a ‘Digital Download’, but what does it mean? Amazon has made shopping easier than it ever has been in the past by making just about any product a few simple clicks away. There are a lot of different things that you can buy through Amazon and some of them may be labeled as a Digital Download. 

Amazon Digital Download What Does It Mean Explained 1 Amazon "Digital Download": What Does It Mean? (Explained!)

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What does “Digital Download” mean on Amazon?

An Amazon Digital Download is any purchase that you make that is downloadable and physical. This will include things like games, eBooks, software, and online courses. You can buy digital downloads directly through Amazon’s website or through the Amazon App Store. 

Everything is going digital these days – and that includes the way that we shop. 

Thanks to Amazon, you can handle all of your shopping from your home desk, while sitting on the couch, or even on the bus. The ability to access countless products through Amazon has opened up so many doors for commerce to thrive and for us to get the products and goods that we want. 

And now that same-day delivery is available in so many parts of the country, it is hard to imagine a time of actually driving to the store to buy something. 

With that being said, some of Amazon’s products may be labeled as a ‘Digital Download’, which has left some shoppers feeling puzzled. 

To make sure that you are not waiting for a package that will never arrive at your door, we are going to take a closer look at what a Digital Download from Amazon actually is. 

After extensively researching Amazon’s terms and conditions, I have been able to gather enough information to determine why they classify some of their products as ‘Digital Download’. My research has indicated that despite a Digital Download not being a physical item, buying it does make you the rightful owner of the product. 

What is an Amazon Digital Download?

Amazon Digital Download What Does It Mean Explained 1 1 Amazon "Digital Download": What Does It Mean? (Explained!)

Amazon sells countless products on its site and although most of the things that they have available are physical things that will get delivered to your door, the company does also offer digital products that you can download.

Any downloadable product from Amazon will be classified as a ‘Digital Download’. As digital products continue to become popular, more and more people are buying Digital Downloads from Amazon. However, it is important to understand exactly what kind of products these are so that you can easily spot them when you shop.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common Digital Download products that Amazon sells.


The most popular Digital Downloads on Amazon are eBooks. Amazon has pioneered eBooks in more ways than one, so naturally, they offer an expansive library of options on their site. 

When Amazon first came on the scene it started out as a used bookseller, but it quickly changed gears and began selling just about everything. However, with the E-commerce company launching their Kindle device and eBook service, they have made reading more accessible than ever. 

You can go onto Amazon and buy just about any eBook in existence, which will be labeled as a Digital Download when you buy it. You can download the eBook onto your computer or you can even get it directly onto your Kindle.


Who doesn’t love video games? If you are a gaming fanatic and want to skip heading to the store to find what you are looking for, the best way to play is to download directly from Amazon.

Amazon has a lot of games for sale and some of those are available for Digital Download. The most common way to buy a digital game through Amazon is to buy an app. However, Amazon has also made a lot of classic and new PC games available for download as well. 

This can be a particularly convenient way to shop, as you can pre-order a video game and have it downloaded on the day that it comes out to save yourself the hassle.


Depending on the type of software that you are looking for, you may be able to find it available on Amazon as a Digital Download. Given the fact that all software that you download will need to be installed onto a device, this makes the buying process a lot easier.

Educational Courses

Educational courses are very popular on Amazon. When browsing Amazon’s site, you will find an impressive selection of courses that you can download directly onto your device. 

Depending on the course that you are buying, it may be available in physical and digital form – or even both. A digital course enables you to store your course material onto a mobile device without having to actually carry it around with you, which is particularly convenient for students.

How Can I Buy an Amazon Digital Download?

Buying an Amazon Digital Download is incredibly easy and the process of doing so is very similar to that of any other Amazon product. However, given that you will be downloading something directly onto your device, you should make sure that the product and your device are compatible with one another. You can buy an Amazon Digital Download using the following:

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Mobile Device

Depending on what you are downloading, you may not be able to access the product with the device that you are using. If you are buying a mobile application through Amazon that is set up for phones and tablets, then you should make sure the file downloads onto that kind of device.

If you are buying a product that is compatible with laptops and desktops, then you may have more flexibility, as there are more downloads that will work with these devices. 

With that being said, once you have paid for the Digital Download, you can always re-download it if necessary. Let’s take a look at how you can buy an Amazon Digital Download. 

Amazon Website

The most common way to do this is to log in to your Amazon account and then search for the product that you want to buy. 

If it is available in Digital Download, then you can go through the buying process to finalize the transaction. Once you commit to buying the item, it will become available for download. Your product will start downloading onto your device and you can begin using it as soon as it is finished. Depending on the file size that you are downloading this can take several minutes or several hours. 

Amazon App Store

Although Amazon is regarded as an E-Commerce website for buying items, they do also operate an App Store. The Amazon app store does not have nearly as much standing as Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, but there are still a lot of dedicated users that rely on it. 

The app store is available on Android devices and you can also use it if you own a Fire TV or Fire Tablet. You can buy applications such as games on the Amazon App Store using ‘Coins’ that you will need to acquire by adding money to your account. 

Whenever you buy anything from the Amazon App Store, the product will be classified as a Digital Download. 

Can I Return an Amazon Digital Download?

Amazon has a very reasonable return policy on the majority of the items that they sell, but unfortunately, this does not apply to Digital Downloads, which can be quite disappointing for some shoppers.

Unlike most other things sold by Amazon, a digital product is going to be extremely hard to get your money back on. Whether it is a game, book, app, or educational course, once you click the buy button, it’s pretty much yours.

However, Amazon does offer returns or exchanges on some of the reading materials that they sell. Books and courses sometimes come with a return policy so long as you do so within 7-days of your purchase. 

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