Best Gaming Headsets Under $100: 11 Choices To Make You A Better Gamer

Contrary to what you might believe, purchasing a high-quality gaming headset for $100 or less is entirely possible.

At this price point, you will be able to obtain a headset that has a solid microphone and great speakers and is usable across different consoles and electronic equipment.

It might not have many bells and whistles or the flashiest exterior design, but you don’t necessarily need those to get the most out of your headset.

Are there good gaming headsets under $100?

Because there are so many different headsets available, you can easily find some for less than $100, but choosing one can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. In addition to price, sound quality, and comfort you also need to consider the headset’s compatibility with your devices.

The following guide breaks down 11 of the best gaming headsets under $100. 

We’ll talk about each headset’s specs and key features, the pros and cons we’ve encountered, and users’ overall gaming experience with the headsets.

SteelSeries Arctis 5

Why we like it: The SteelSeries Arctis 5 headset is a great option for people who need something versatile that gamers can use for both PC and Playstation gaming.


  • Type: Over-Ear
  • Microphone: Clear cast bidirectional, background noise cancellation, studio voice clarity
  • Sound quality: Xv2.0 surround sound
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Connectivity: USB-A, 3.5mm audio cable
  • Compatibility: Usable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile via the 3.5mm cable


  • Dual-zone RGB illumination
  • Cutting edge DTS surround sound
  • Superior noise cancellation and sound clarity
  • Contouring elastic fabric along the band eliminates pressure on the head
  • Comfy AirWeave ear cushions keep your ears cool
  • Retractable microphone
  • Wide compatibility with different consoles
  • Easy audio adjustment with inline “ChatMix” dial


  • No warranty when purchased through a third-party supplier
  • The microphone doesn’t mute when retracted
  • Not ideal for voice recording

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 headset offers premium features at an affordable price point. 

Its ability to connect with a wide variety of gaming consoles, including PC, Xbox, and newer Playstation consoles, makes it a popular choice for the gamer that dabbles in everything.

The comfortability of this particular headset is outstanding. 

In addition to the thick AirWeave cushions, which keep your ears dry and cool during hours-long gaming sessions, the headset’s band is padded with a breathable elastic fabric that settles comfortably along with the head.

This fabric is handy for eliminating pressure points along with the skull.

The sound quality is crisp and clear with minimal reverb. 

The RGB functionality is an additional fun feature that allows you to make separate profiles with sound function toggles for a unique gaming experience every time.

The Arctis 5 has a sleek design with a stylish white exterior.

Overall, this is a quality headset that meets comfortability, affordability, and functionality.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S

Why we like it: The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is the best-wired headset on the market, with PC and Playstation compatibility and great external controls for audio.


  • Type: Over-ear 
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Microphone: Noise isolation, bidirectional, 50Hz – 18,000Hz
  • Sound quality: Custom-tuned HyperX 7.1 surround sound 
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm audio cable
  • Compatibility: PS4, PS5, PC, Mac, Xbox One S, Xbox X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile


  • Perfect for long gaming sessions
  • No lag issues
  • Unique bass slider for each ear for immersive gameplay
  • External USB dongle audio controls
  • Excellent detachable boom microphone
  • High-quality build and design


  • Bass and treble delivery can vary
  • Limited extra features

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a quality headset that you can rely on.

It is a highly comfortable headset that can be worn for hours and features crystal clear audio. 

This gaming headset has a wide range of compatible devices as well.

It also has a detachable, noise-canceling microphone and 50mm dual-chamber drivers.

These chamber drivers allow for unparalleled clarity with a smooth, clean sound that minimizes distortion.

The overall design of this headset is excellent. 

It features a braided cable, a durable aluminum frame with an expandable headband, and memory foam.

The headset comes in three different colors: red, black, and blue.

This headset provides optimal performance and quality for less than $100. 

It is well-built and comfortable for long-term use.

Corsair Void Pro

Why we like it: The Corsair Void Pro headset is a tremendous all-around PC gaming and music listening headset that comes at an affordable price.


  • Type: Over-ear
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Microphone: Unidirectional with LED mute indicator, 100Hz to 10kHz
  • Sound quality: Dolby 7.1 surround sound
  • Weight: 13.5 ounces
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Compatibility: PC (Windows 7, 8, and 10)


  • Unique gaming design
  • High-quality sound
  • External power and mute buttons
  • Wireless audio with a 40ft range
  • 16 hours of battery life


  • Not ideal for streaming

We love the Corsair Void Pro headset’s sharp angles and squared-off ear cup design. 

The exterior headset is made of glass fiber-infused plastic, which can make them feel a bit flimsy if you’re not careful. 

However, they have a strong and modern look that sets them apart from the traditional headset design.

This headset is also extremely comfortable.

The ear cups are large and are made with microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam that provides long-term comfort while keeping your ears cool and dry.

The unidirectional microphone is ideal for canceling out excess and ambient noise. 

It also has a sleek, narrow microphone that won’t get in the way or distract you from your gameplay.

If you download the Corsair iCUE software alongside the headset, you can take control of the lighting for your other Corsair devices as well. 

This is a fun feature for the gamer who likes their equipment to glow in sync.

These headphones can be used for everything from listening to music on the train to work to gaming, although the overall mic quality struggles a bit with streaming in comparison to similar models. 

The headset features Discord-certified 50mm neodymium speaker drivers, which provide crystal clear and immersive communication while gaming.

Logitech G433

Why we like it: The Logitech G433 is one of the most versatile headsets available for gamers, with a lightweight and comfortable design and removable boom mic.


Type: Over-ear

Transducer: Dynamic

Microphone: Micro-pop filter, unidirectional, 100Hz-10KHz

Sound quality: Dolby 7.1 virtual surround

Weight: 3.68 ounces

Connectivity: USB port, 3.5mm audio cable

Compatibility: PS4, PS4 Pro, PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile


  • Great for recording voices
  • Versatile usability
  • Water and stain-resistant design
  • Removable boom mic


  • Headphones leak sound
  • Not noise canceling
  • Requires 1 Lithium-Ion battery

The Logitech G433 is one of the best gaming headsets under $100, thanks to its superb sound quality, microphone quality, and sleek, casual design.

This particular gaming headset is wired and features a flexible boom mic that you can use in any position you require. 

The superior sound quality includes a variety of additional software settings and inline controls, so your gaming experience is exactly the way you want it.

It is also incredibly comfortable. 

In addition to being covered in a stain and water-resistant fabric, it has thick earpads for long-term comfort. 

The headset also comes with an extra set of soft earpads if the original set is too stiff for you.

The band may require a little bit of breaking in to achieve maximum comfortability, but once this is achieved, you’ll forget they’re on your head.

The headset can be used alongside a wide range of consoles in addition to mobile phones, and its triple black design gives it a casual and universal look.

All in all, this headset is an ideal choice for gamers who are looking for comfort and superior sound quality controls.

HyperX Cloud Flight

Why we like it: The HyperX Cloud Flight wireless headset has a diverse range of features and a robust design that make it a great gaming headset for beginners with a smaller budget.


  • Type: Over-ear
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Microphone: Bidirectional, 50-18,000Hz
  • Sound quality: Dolby 7.1 surround sound
  • Weight: 310 g
  • Connectivity: 2.4Ghz wireless
  • Compatibility: PS4, PS5, and PC


  • 30-hour battery life
  • Good value for the price
  • Detachable boom mic
  • Intuitive hardware controls on the earcups
  • Can be used while charging


  • Slight voice compression
  • Slightly higher bass during music play
  • Muddy treble accuracy

This headset competes well with other similar wireless headsets on the market.

In addition to its superb sound and microphone quality, the HyperX Cloud Flight has built-in hardware controls on both the right and left ear cups.

They are highly accessible and are easy to use in the middle of a game.

There isn’t anything flashy about the design of these gaming headphones.

However, they make up for that with a high level of comfort. 

The sleek black design also makes them more adaptable, meaning they can be used for activities other than just gaming.

Previous iterations of the HyperX Cloud headsets included an LED-lit logo, which this version does not.

We love the plush, soft ear cups and the lightweight design as well. 

It is made from heavy-duty plastic with steel sliders located inside the headband. 

This keeps them from being as flexible as other similar brands, but they are so light it’s hard to notice them sitting on your head. 

Overall, they are sturdy and well-built.

The sound quality of this headset is superb.

In-game audio is immersive and impressive, with exceptional stereo imaging during battles. 

The detachable microphone is noise-canceling and has a bidirectional polar pattern that effortlessly handles loud environments.

The HyperX Cloud Flight headset is ideal for single-player and competitive gaming above all else, although they can also be used for listening to music or watching videos during your commute. 

The wireless headset has a long battery life and excellent range and will make for a great companion straight out of the box.

Sennheiser GSP 370

Why we like it: Sennheiser is a well-known headset and audio brand. 

The GSP 370 model is a versatile headset with high-quality audio and sound typical of the Sennheiser name.


  • Type: Around ear
  • Transducer: Dynamic, Closed
  • Microphone: Unidirectional, noise-canceling, 100-6,300Hz
  • Sound quality: 2.0 stereo (music) and 7.1 surround sound (gaming)
  • Weight: 285 grams
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth), Wired
  • Compatibility: PS4, Mac, PC


  • 100-hours of battery life
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Clean, lag-free audio
  • Swivel-to-mute microphone
  • Gaming audio presets for a better audio experience


  • Limited flexibility and adjustability
  • Tight clamp after longer wear

The Sennheiser GSP 370 is a lightweight, non-bulky headset that comes in a two-tone grey plastic and has a prominently displayed microphone. 

The microphone features a flexible middle made of a rubber-like material, allowing you to move the mic in any direction.

This headset fits comfortably on smaller heads but might be too tight for some.

It has velvet-covered memory foam ear cups, which offer supreme comfort for long gaming sessions. 

There is a gap in the headband which is designed to eliminate head sweet as well. 

The only complaint we have with this headset is that the clamp becomes noticeably tight after you wear them for a long time.

Although this particular set isn’t as expansive as other Sennheiser models, it does come with some basic adjustment functions such as the “mute-mic” button and great battery life.  

It has excellent quality audio and noise-canceling abilities, and although the volume is on the lower side, you can easily hear any gaming audio for a more immersive experience.

This model is a small step down from some of Sennheiser’s other gaming headphones in terms of surround sound, but it cannot be denied that the in-game audio and mic quality are still high-quality.

With this headset, you’ll hear in-game audio precisely the way the game designers intended.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2

Why we like it: The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 is the second iteration of the Turtle Beach Stealth headphones. 

We love the simple design and functionality that make it a good choice for gamers and those who work from home.


  • Type: Over-ear
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Microphone: Flip boom microphone
  • Sound quality: Passive noise isolation, Sony 3D audio, spatial surround sound
  • Weight: 1.28 pounds
  • Connectivity: Wireless via a 2.4GHz USB dongle
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and mobile


  • Flip-to-mute microphone
  • Built-in EQ presets for optimal sound quality
  • Good for video calls via Zoom or Discord 


  • Audio controls on the ear cups are a bit clunky and cluttered
  • Not ideal for bass-heavy music tracks
  • No independent volume control for chatting

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 is made of plastic and features a sturdy hinge system that allows users to tilt and rotate the headset for optimal comfort.

The headband is covered in a leatherette cushion that sits securely on any size head, which is a commonly overlooked feature for gamers who like to move around while they play.

The earpads on the Gen 2 headset are made of soft mesh fabric, and although this keeps them from being noise-canceling, they do sit comfortably on the ears and seal nicely. 

The pads also have built-in grooves on the top for those that wear glasses.

Compared to similar wireless gaming headsets under $100, this unit does not have the longest battery life.

It can last up to 15-hours on a single charge, although some users report being able to play it for closer to 20-hours.

Overall, this is a simple, solidly built headset with versatile functionality.

It can be used for a wide range of gaming consoles, for video calls, and to listen to music via computer or mobile phone. 

If you have any problems with audio cutting out, you can find the solution on our website.

Razer Barracuda X

Why we like it: The Razer Baracuda X is an excellent wireless and wired headset with outstanding comfort, top-of-the-line audio and music play, and a solid microphone.


  • Type: Over-ear
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Microphone: Detachable, noise-canceling
  • Sound quality: Stereo, 20Hz-20kHz
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Connectivity: Wireless Radio Frequency, 3.5mm analog cable when needed
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Android


  • 20-hour battery life
  • 4-in-1 wireless gaming
  • No software downloads or cumbersome pairing steps
  • Built-in audio control buttons
  • 2-year warranty


  • Doesn’t connect wirelessly with Xbox consoles
  • A detachable microphone can cause audio issues when not connected properly
  • No customization or lighting features

The Razer Barracuda X is a pretty and functional headset that is ideal for marathon gaming sessions.

The headset comes in three different colors: black, white, and pink. 

It is lightweight and flexible with breathable flow-knit memory foam ear cushions that make all-day gaming a breeze. 

The ear cups can also pivot.

The headband has a built-in cushion with a thick, pressure-relieving design as well.

The audio is top-notch, made with custom-designed 40mm audio drivers and button-controlled audio controls.

The result is a rich, powerful, and crystal clear sound quality.

The detachable HyperClear Cardioid microphone also allows for clear speech and communication during gameplay. 

The noise cancellation feature tunes out extraneous noise and picks up clear speech.

Thanks to its detachable microphone, this headset is handy for gamers that travel to conventions. 

However, if the microphone is carelessly reconnected, users may experience fuzzy or staticky audio issues until you can connect the mic properly.

Although the headset is wireless, it comes with all of the necessary cables to keep it charged or to operate the headset on universal consoles with a 3.5mm port or phones that support USB-C audio. 

Xbox users can use this headset with the supporting cables.

The Razer Barracuda X is an excellent option for those that want a flexible and transportable headset

It can be used wirelessly or wired at the user’s discretion.

The design is sleek and dynamic, both the band and the ear cups are extremely comfortable, and the price is just right at under $100.

Razer Kraken Chroma V2

Why we like it: We love the customizable features of the Razer Kraken Chroma V2, including the audio controls and the visual LED lights on the outside.


  • Type: Over-ear
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Microphone: Unidirectional, noise-canceling, 100-10,000Hz frequency resposne
  • Sound quality: Virtual 7.1 surround sound
  • Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile


  • Durable and comfortable padding
  • Good for long-term wear
  • High-quality sound and microphone
  • Sound preferences can be calibrated to your tastes
  • Quick mute audio controls


  • Hinges and joints tend to break easily
  • Noise cancellation only available on PC

The Kraken Chroma V2 headset has a nice, solid aluminum body with a flexible, lightweight design. 

The ear cups are round and covered in a thick leatherette padding that will withstand plenty of wear and tear.

The microphone on the Kraken Chroma V2 is small and fully retractable. 

It does have noise-cancellation capabilities, although only when used on a PC. 

Despite the minimal size and build of the microphone, it can easily cut through outside noise during group gameplay or e-sports tournaments.

We also love the audio features of this gaming headset. 

Not only does the headset delivers incredibly immersive sound, but it also helps enhance situational awareness during gameplay as well.

What sets this headset apart from similar models is its customizable features.

Using the brand’s signature Razer Synapse software, you can calibrate the surround sound controls to accommodate your listening preferences. 

You can also use the 16.8 million color options and pre-programed lighting effects to express your unique style.

If you are looking for a gaming headset under $100 that has clear, custom audio, allows you to experience heightened aural awareness, and has fun customizable exterior features, the Razer Kraken Chroma V2 is for you.

Hyperx Cloud Alpha

Why we like it: The HyperX Cloud Alpha delivers a high-quality audio experience with outstanding directional hearing and modest comfort for a low-budget price.


  • Type: Over-ear
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Microphone: 50Hz-18,000Hz frequency response, noise cancellation
  • Sound quality: 13Hz-27,000Hz frequency response
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Connectivity: Wired (3.5mm), Wireless
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, and VR


  • Detachable noise-canceling microphone
  • Can be used wired or wirelessly
  • Convenient in-line audio control when used with braided cable


  • Can be quite stiff out of the box
  • Limited audio control with PS4 console
  • Bass adjusters are weak

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a similar choice to the HyperX Cloud Flight.

However, there are some key differences with this particular headset you may want to consider before you make a purchase.

This headset is built with a solid but flexible aluminum frame with highlight colors of black, red, and blue on the ear cups and along with the headband. 

The headband is expandable, while the ear cups are covered in a premium memory foam that is both comfortable and keeps your ears from overheating. 

They also have a large, deep construction which allows for ideal sound isolation.

It features HyperX Dual Chamber 50mm dual drivers that provide less distortion and clearer distinction during gameplay. 

The overall sound quality is clean and smooth, and the in-line audio controls allow optimal control of volume and mic muting.

One of the major perks of this particular budget-friendly headset is its massive noise cancellation functionality. 

Although it won’t mute extremely loud trucks or an airplane flying overhead, it isolates well and effectively mutes common household noises. 

The ear cups keep from noise leaking as well, so your family or roommates won’t be able to hear your game as you play it.

In addition to the multi-platform compatibility of this headset, it can also be used seamlessly with VOIP programs like Skype and Discord.

Although it is missing some of the fancier bells and whistles of higher-priced headsets, this plug-and-play model has high-quality sound and audio controls that aren’t complicated to figure out.

SteelSeries Arctis 3

Why we like it: The SteelSeries Arctis 3 gaming headset was designed with the basic needs of gamers in mind. 

It has ultra-low audio distortion, a clear cast microphone that delivers incredibly clear and consistent voice audio, and versatile compatibility with a variety of platforms and consoles.


  • Type: Over-ear
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Microphone: Bidirectional
  • Sound quality: 98 dB sensitivity, noise cancellation
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth), Wired (3.5mm)
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, Playstation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR, and mobile


  • Bluetooth-compatible
  • 42-hour battery life
  • Perfect for online gaming
  • Retractable microphone
  • Discord-certified noise-canceling microphone


  • Don’t isolate against ambient noise
  • Bulky, cumbersome build
  • Limited breathability
  • Doesn’t automatically turn off when not in use

The SteelSeries Arctis 3 fit securely on the head thanks to their ultra-lightweight but strong, durable materials. 

However, they have a large, bulky design with a ski goggle suspension band. 

Although this design contours the head and lets the headset sit comfortably for hours, this makes them a less than ideal option for physical activity like weight lifting or running.

If you’re only using these headphones for gaming, they are an excellent budget-friendly choice. 

They are great for recording quality audio and allow your voice to sound clear, detailed, and full. 

There are also intuitive on-ear controls built-in to the headset for quick modifications during even the most intense gaming situation.

The noise isolation of this headset is limited, meaning they aren’t an ideal choice for commuting or large e-sports tournaments. 

On the other hand, they have minimal noise leakage, so the people around you won’t hear much of the game you’re playing. 

The ear cups are covered in a performance fabric that keeps your ears cool and sweat-free.

They are widely compatible with almost every console and tech equipment available. 

However, it is important to note that while the SteelSeries Arctis 3 is compatible with the Xbox One, if you want to utilize it wirelessly, you must purchase the Xbox-specific headset. 

Otherwise, you will need to keep the headset plugged into the console.

When it comes to picking a gaming headset, you can’t go wrong with a SteelSeries Arctis model.

The Arctis 3 is a solid choice that can be used for gaming, listening to music, or voice recording.

Gaming Headset Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider before buying a gaming headset, even if you’re only planning on spending $100 or less.

Wired or Wireless Connectivity

Both wired and wireless headsets have their perks. 

Wireless headsets allow you to experience a freer, clutter-free gaming experience.

You can get up and move around without disconnecting or removing your headset. 

Choosing a wireless headset will require researching battery life and Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi connection.

Wired headsets, while physically connecting you to your console, are simple to use.

Most are plug-and-play models that don’t require any kind of software download or complicated connectivity steps. 

They also don’t require charging as wireless headsets do.


Most gamers can play for hours.

If that sounds like you, you’ll want a headset that is built to last and is also comfortable to wear. 

Keep an eye out for headsets with adequate padding in the ear cups and the headband and a design that relieves pressure along with the skull.

Mesh fabrics will allow for a cooler, dryer wear long-term, but leatherette coverings tend to last longer and can handle some wear and tear.

What you choose is ultimately up to your preferences.


If it doesn’t work with your preferred gaming console, there is no point in purchasing a headset. So, you must ensure whatever headset you buy is compatible with whatever you intend to use it for, or can be modified to do so via a USB dongle or universal cable port.

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of fantastic gaming headsets for under $100. 

With a little research and the help of this comprehensive guide, you are sure to find the best gaming headset for your budget and your gaming preferences.

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