Can a Stolen PlayStation Be Tracked?

Your PlayStation is not just a video gaming console – it is a way that you release tension, express yourself, and have fun in your downtime.

Having your PlayStation get stolen is quite literally your worst nightmare. 

And nightmares can come true.

Perhaps your angry ex came over and took your PS4

maybe a robber broke in and snagged that along with other expensive and precious personal items. 

Whatever the case may be, you really want your console back. 

You don’t want to have to fork hundreds of dollars over for a brand new PlayStation console.

Even if you have the money, it is still a matter of principle for you. 

Your PS holds precious memories and all those hours and hours of games you’ve secured under your belt.

What is the first thing you should do if your PlayStation gets stolen? 

You can also check to see whether this theft is covered under your home owner’s or renter’s insurance policy.

That’ stuff is all just a given and might prove helpful in the long run.

But how can your console possibly be tracked down and retrieved?

Can stolen PS5 be blocked? 

Are PlayStations like cell phones with tracking features built into them? 

There are a few steps you can actually take right now to help protect your PlayStation console. 

Let’s go over what they are.

Can a Stolen PlayStation Be Tracked?

Sony can help you track down a stolen PlayStation console. You will need to retrieve your PS4 MAC address from your router, contact Sony’s customer support, then have the police officer in charge of your case contact Sony. Sony will be able to track your PS down the next time it logs in online via the IP address, and, given that you have a warrant issued, the police should be able to go in and retrieve the device.

I know this process sounds super complex, and it is certainly a stressful one. 

Redditers have been discussing it in-depth for years and sharing what they’ve learned, so allow me to pass on to you how to get your stolen PlayStation tracked and returned. Having your PlayStation serial number documented is always a good idea, too.

As you will soon find out, it is entirely possible!

Contact the Police and File a Report

The most important first step here is to contact local law enforcement and file a police report. 

This will give the police the right to go in and retrieve your stolen console once it is tracked – more on that shortly.

The officer in charge will give you an incident number, which you can use if you need to file a claim under your home owner’s or renter’s insurance for the break-in and theft. 

You might also need this number to give to Sony when you contact them to open a case. 

Again, more on that in a minute.

Get Your PS MAC Address From Your Router

The next thing you need to do is to retrieve the PS MAC address from your router.

To do this on a PS4, you will need to:

  1. Go into the main menu and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to where you see System and select that. Then go to System Information.
  3. This is where you will find the MAC addresses for both LAN (Ethernet) and Wi-Fi.

Be sure to write the MAC address down.

Contact Sony’s Customer Support

After you get the MAC address, contact Sony’s customer support.

After you have filed a police report, Sony will ask for the MAC address so that, on their end, they can flag the PlayStation as stolen. 

Once you give them the MAC address and incident number for your police report, Sony will set to work trying to locate the console. 

Hence, the waiting game commences, and you’ll have to cross your fingers that someone decides to log in from your PlayStation.

Can a Stolen PlayStation Be Tracked 1 Can a Stolen PlayStation Be Tracked?

Contact the Officer Handling Your Case

You should absolutely let the officer handling your case know that you have talked with Sony, and that they have flagged the console as stolen. 

Give them all of the info that you gave to Sony. 

Ask the officer to contact Sony and give them the incident case number.

Also, ask the officer to tell Sony to contact him/her the very moment they catch someone logging into your PlayStation.

How Sony Tracks Based On IP Address

Sony can use the IP address to track the location of your stolen PlayStation whenever someone logs in using this console. 

Once someone logs in, Sony will log all the data and send it to the police officer in charge of your case, who will then have to request a warrant from a judge to go in and get the console from its location.

Police Retrieval and Returning the PlayStation

Once the judge issues the warrant, police can go to the location where the device was pinged and enter.

With any amount of luck, they will be able to both retrieve your stolen goods and arrest those involved in the robbery.

You will likely have to wait a few weeks for the police to log the evidence, for any crime scene processing to take place, and for you to be able to pick up your beloved PlayStation.

Then, you can relax and play your favorite games once again. Huzzah!

Closing Thoughts

Sony knows that their consoles are one of the most stolen devices on the market. 

Thieves love getting their hands on a gently-used PS4 or new PS5 because, well, they can make a quick buck or use the consoles for their own gaming desires. 

There is a system in place for Sony and the police to be able to retrieve the device.

Now that you know how a stolen PlayStation can be tracked, get crackin’ on filing that police report and contacting Sony with all of the necessary information at hand.

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