Can Fitbit Get Facebook Messages? [Explained!]

Think of the Fitbit as an extension of your smartphone. While your smartphone is able to track your health and wellness to an extent, the Fitbit is designed to track numerous biometrics and provide ample feedback on how you are doing. You can use the Fitbit to track your workouts, set alarms for waking up, and even get notifications that are also sent to your phone.

Can Fitbit Get Facebook Messages Explained Can Fitbit Get Facebook Messages? [Explained!]

But are Facebook Messenger notifications sent to the Fitbit? Do you need to have Messenger on your paired phone in order to make this happen?

I know that this can be a tad confusing at first. When I bought my first Fitbit, I didn’t even think about adding any sort of Facebook app to it. I thought, “Gee, I just want to use this tracker for counting my steps and keeping tabs on my blood pressure.” 

But I quickly learned that the Fitbit is actually a great accessory to have paired with a smartphone since it delivers notifications to you when you do not have your phone on your person (like, say, during an intense workout).

So, just how do you get Facebook Messenger messages sent to your Fitbit? How do you set up notifications in general? And what can you do if, for some reason, you are not getting any Facebook Messenger notifications on your Fitbit? Let me tell you have I have learned.

Can Fitbit Get Facebook Messages? [Explained!]

If you have Facebook Messenger installed on your paired smartphone, you can get notifications sent to your Fitbit. You must have Bluetooth enabled on your phone and have the devices paired together. You must also have ‘Do Not Disturb’ disabled on your phone so as to receive the notifications.

Can you actually use Facebook on a Fitbit

Will messages that come in via Messenger show up? 

How do you set up these notifications anyway?

What about if you are not seeing these notifications – how do you troubleshoot that? Read on to learn more about using Messenger with the Fitbit.

Can you use Facebook on a Fitbit?

You can absolutely use Facebook with your Fitbit. However, you should be aware that you can only link one Facebook account with your Fitbit

You will likely want to connect your personal account and not any type of business-related Facebook account.

Does Fitbit have Messenger?

You can get Facebook Messenger notifications on your Fitbit. You can also choose to send and receive messages using Messenger from your Fitbit. Of course, this does depend on which Fitbit model you own.

Some of the older models – like any of the Fitbits that don’t have the screen interface – will definitely not let you use Messenger. 

But newer ones, such as the Charge 5 and Versa 3, do allow for it.

Can Fitbit Get Facebook Messages Explained 1 Can Fitbit Get Facebook Messages? [Explained!]

How do I get Facebook messages on my Fitbit?

If you are wondering “How do I get Facebook messages on my Fitbit Versa?”, then wonder no longer. 

Here is your answer, and it is a process that should prove to be quick and painless:

  1. Go to the Fitbit app dashboard, then tap or click the ‘+’ icon .
  2. Tap or click on ‘Add Friend’.
  3. Select the way that you would like to connect to your friends, then follow the prompts that show up on the screen to complete this.

After you have added some friends, you will need to:

  1. Tap on the Account icon from the Fitbit app dashboard, then tap on your device’s image.
  2. Tap on Notifications.
  3. Depending on what you prefer, you can turn each notification category off or on from here.
  4. Tap on App Notifications and select ‘Facebook’ or ‘Messenger’ if your Fitbit is able to get notifications from your smartphone.

Why am I not getting Messenger notifications on my Fitbit?

If you do not have your phone and your Fitbit paired up, that could be a reason as to why you are not getting any notifications on the Fitbit. 

You will need to have Bluetooth toggled to ON, and Do Not Disturb must also be disabled.

If you are on an iPhone, you can check the following to ensure that you are able to receive notifications on your phone:

  1. You will first of all need to ensure that Allow Notifications and Show in History are on for Phone, Calendar, and Messages.
  2. For Messages in particular, you will want to check that Show on Lock Screen and Show as Banners are toggled to on.
  3. If your Fitbit device is able to receive notifications from apps, you will need to be able to receive these app notifications on your phone as well. In order to receive Facebook notifications on your Fitbit, you must first be able to get them on your smartphone. You can locate the notifications permissions settings under Settings > Notifications. You will be able to use the same settings that you used for Messages.

How do you set up notifications on a Fitbit?

Once you have made sure that your Fitbit and phone are connected and can both receive notifications, you can actually set up all of your notifications for your Fitbit. 

Doing this is relatively simple and involves you following these steps:

  1. From your iPhone, open up the Fitbit app.
  2. Tap on the tab titled Today.
  3. Tap on your Profile picture.
  4. Tap on your device image > Notifications. Should you be asked to pair your Fitbit device to your phone, just follow the on-screen instructions for how to do that. 
  5. Select the types of notifications you would like to get on your Fitbit.
  6. If your Fitbit is able to receive notifications from other apps on your smartphone, you can go ahead and tap on App Notifications. Then, select all of the apps that you want to get notifications from.
  7. Finally, you can sync your devices.

Easy enough, right? The whole process should only take a matter of minutes, and you will then be all good to go.

Closing Thoughts

Getting Facebook notifications on your Fitbit is actually a lot easier to do than you might think. 

Fitbit has come a long way since the early days when you absolutely could not pair your smartphone and get all kinds of notifications on your Fitbit.

These days, though, things are much more advanced – and infinitely more convenient. 

You might not have your phone readily available for checking during your workout, but your Fitbit is there to pick up the slack, doing much of the same work that your smartphone is able to do.

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