Can The Sonos Move Be Left Outside? [Answered!]

Sonos was created in 2002, and it quickly became one of the most trusted brands for speakers. In fact, they created the first high-end wireless speaker ever. They have a variety of different speakers too, making sure they provide their customers with an option for every occasion. 

Can The Sonos Move Be Left Outside Answered 1 Can The Sonos Move Be Left Outside? [Answered!]

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Can The Sonos Move Be Left Outside? 

Despite it being water-resistant, it’s not recommended to leave the Sonos Move outside permanently. It can be taken outside for BBQs, parties, or for vacations, but it won’t last forever if it’s unsheltered from the elements. 

The Sonos move is one of the most popular speakers in their lineup. It is IP56 water-resistant, drop-resistant, it has an 11-hour battery life, and it even has Wi-Fi capabilities. 

The Sonos Move is dust, water, and heat resistant. This means it’s perfectly capable of accompanying you on fishing trips, vacations, or even just singing in the shower along with your Move

This doesn’t mean you should leave the speaker outside as a permanent placement though.

It’s true that the Sonos Move is rated IP56, but this doesn’t mean it can survive forever outside. In fact, IP56 devices are only rated to be underwater between 15 centimeters and 1 meter. 

IP56 also means that it only offers limited dust protection. Eventually, water and dust will find their way into the Sonos Move and render it completely useless. 

You won’t have any problem with the Sonos Move getting exposed to a little moisture, but you don’t want it out in heavy rain for more than a few hours. 

Also, be mindful of which Sonos speaker you have. Not all Sonos speakers are as water-resistant as the Move, and some of them offer no water protection whatsoever. 

For example, the Sonos Five offers no water resistance, and it’s not meant to be a speaker you constantly move around. 

On the other hand, Sonos does make an outdoor speaker that is meant to be left outside for prolonged use. However, these speakers should still be mounted in a way that protects them from most of the elements.

Can The Sonos Move Be In The Sun?

It’s perfectly fine for your Sonos Move to be in direct sunlight. It is rated for intense heat, and it will have no problem holding up to even the warmest sun exposure. 

As with anything left in the sun, your product might experience some fading after extended exposure, but your Sonos Move won’t be damaged by direct sunlight. However, this doesn’t mean you should leave the speaker outside forever. 

Sunlight isn’t the main concern when it comes to maintaining your Sonos Move. In fact, dust will be the first thing to damage your speaker. An IP56 rating offers significant protection from water, but it only offers a small amount of protection from dust. 

Bring your Sonos Move inside when it’s not in use. It may be water-resistant, but it isn’t designed to be left outside forever. 

Can The Sonos Move Be Left Outside Answered 1 1 Can The Sonos Move Be Left Outside? [Answered!]

Is It OK To Leave Sonos Move On Charger?

It’s okay to leave the Sonos Move on charge for a few days at a time, but you shouldn’t leave it plugged in forever. 

A battery needs to deplete its charge to maintain its functionality, and the battery isn’t working if it’s constantly plugged in. Keeping any battery-powered electronic plugged in forever will cause the inactive battery to slowly lose its capacity. 

Instead, charge it to full and unplug it. In fact, it’s even better to let the battery deplete completely before charging again. 

How Waterproof Is The Sonos Move

No electronics are truly waterproof. What many people call waterproof is actually considered water-resistant by Ingress Protection standards. That being said, the Sonos Move speaker is pretty high on the water-resistance scale. 

It’s rated for IP56, which means it’s resistant to water jets from all sides. However, it lacks water resistance when it comes to submersion. 

This means it will be completely fine left in the rain for a few hours, but it might not go so well if you try to take your Sonos Move into the pool. However, there are speakers with higher IP ratings that can even float on water, further increasing their water resistance. 

About Ingress Protection

Ingress Protection, more commonly referred to as simply IP, is the measurement of protection an electronic has against dust and water. The first digit in the rating measures how resistant the device is to solids like dust. 

The second number will tell the consumer how resistant a product is to water. 

The Sonos Move is rated for IP56. This means it is protected from limited dust ingress, but it is protected from high-pressure water jets from any direction.

The Sonos Move offers moderate dust protection and relatively high water protection. 

In Ingress Protection scale ranges from IP00 all the way to IP69. IP00 obviously offers no protection from either dust or water, and IP69 means the product is completely protected from dust, and it can withstand the most vigorous steam-jet spray. 

Where the Sonos Move sits, at IP56, offers a great middle-ground that protects the device without increasing the price tag to unaffordable levels. 

More About Sonos And Their Products

Originally founded by John MacFarlane, Trung Mai, Thomas Cullen, and Craig Shelburne, Sonos immediately began making high-quality speakers.

Originally planning to release their first product in 2004, they were met with delays. 

Now, Sonos offers a wide range of different speakers, providing options for people with all sorts of budgets and use cases. 

Sonos offers speakers that are meant to be used exclusively indoors, they offer weather-d speakers for moderate outdoor use, and they even make speaker bars for use with televisions.

The Sonos Ray and Sonos Arc are both soundbars that can be used to enhance the sound of your television.

The Sonos Roam offers the highest IP rating of all their products. It is IP67, and it is totally protected from dust. It can also be submerged up to one meter without suffering damage. 

In addition to standard speakers, Sonos also makes in-ceiling speakers, amps, and subwoofers. Alongside Sonance, they also have an outdoor speaker that can be mounted to a wall. These are intended for permanent placement outside. 

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