Can You Use The Sonos Move In the Bathroom? And Should You?

Since its creation in 2002, Sonos has been flooding the market with innovative, high-quality speakers. Now with dozens of products in its lineup, Sonos has a speaker for nearly every occasion. They have products that are water-resistant, they have products that can be mounted, and they have speaker bars that are used to enhance the sound of a television.

Can You Use The Sonos Move In the Bathroom 1 Can You Use The Sonos Move In the Bathroom? And Should You?

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Can You Use The Sonos Move In the Bathroom?

The Sonos Move and many of its other products are perfectly capable of surviving the moisture and humidity of the bathroom. The Sonos Move is rated IP56. This means it can resist water from all sides and be submerged up to 1 meter. Continue reading to learn about the Sonos Move, other products, and which ones are best suited for the bathroom environment.

The Sonos Move is designed as a portable speaker that can be taken anywhere, even outside in the elements. This means it’s more than suited for bathroom use as well. 

However, Move isn’t the best product from Sonos to take in the shower with you. Sonos does have speakers better suited to be in the shower though, such as the One and the Roam. Both of these products have an advantage over the Move when it comes to bathroom use. 

The Move is also large and heavy, and its buttons can sometimes be triggered by water. This makes it an all-around bad idea to take into the shower with you. 

However, it will still hold up inside the bathroom while you’re in the shower. 

Despite the Move being able to survive humid climates like the bathroom, the Sonos One and Sonos Roam are much better options for the bathroom. 

These two speakers are designed with humidity resistance in mind. However, the Sonos One is only humidity resistant and not water-resistant.

On the other hand, the Sonos Roam is one of the most water-resistant speakers on the market. It will do just fine in the shower, especially if it isn’t being directly blasted by the shower stream. 

Can You Use Sonos Move In The Shower?

The Sonos Move is water-resistant, and it can be taken into the shower. That doesn’t mean you should though. 

The Sonos Move’s buttons are reported to be sensitive to water, and too much water might make the Move behave erratically. It also isn’t rated for prolonged exposure to high-pressure sprays. 

The Move is great for resisting the occasional splash or rainfall, but it doesn’t hold up so well with prolonged exposure to shower streams.

There are better options for shower use from Sonos. The Sonos Roam is the most water-resistant speaker in their lineup and it should fare perfectly fine in the shower as long as it’s not being directly jetted by the shower stream nonstop. 

It also comes in a variety of different colors, adding a level of personalization to your speaker. 

The Sonos One is also a great option for the bathroom, but it is only humidity resistant. You can set it on your window seal or bathroom sink, and it will do perfectly fine in the hot, humid environment of your bathroom.

In fact, when used correctly the Sonos One will work for years to come as a bathroom-only speaker. 

Can You Use The Sonos Move In the Bathroom 1 1 Can You Use The Sonos Move In the Bathroom? And Should You?

Is Sonos One Moisture Resistant?

The Sonos One is not water or moisture-resistant, but it is humidity resistant. 

It’s not a suitable speaker for outdoor use or use by the pool, but it is perfectly capable of making a great bathroom speaker. While it can’t be placed directly in the shower with you, it can be placed nearby. 

It’s designed specifically for this in mind actually. It’s able to resist the humid environment created by hot showers, and it will work for years if you place it on the bathroom sink or somewhere else in the bathroom. 

As long as the Sonos One isn’t exposed to direct moisture in the bathroom, it makes a great bathroom speaker that will fulfill your every need. 

Can Sonos Move Get Wet?

The Sonos Move is rated IP56, meaning it is somewhat resistant to dust and has a moderately high resistance to water. It’s perfectly fine if your Sonos Move gets a little wet; however, you don’t want to totally submerge your Sonos Move or expose it to rigorous amounts of water for extended periods of time. 

The Move can resist accidental spills, being in the rain for short periods of time, and splashes at the pool or in the shower.

Although Sonos has products that are designed for prolonged exposure to moisture, the Move isn’t one of them. You’re better off using your Sonos Move at the beach or an outdoor BBQs.

The Sonos Move can survive short exposure to many instances of water like:

  • Light rain exposure
  • Accidental Spills
  • Splashes at the pool
  • Damp and humid climates

The Sonos Move doesn’t do so well with these instances:

  • Prolonged exposure to heavy rain
  • Being submerged in water
  • Harsh jet streams, like in the shower
  • Over exposure to dust particles

Learn about IP Ratings

IP stands for Ingress Protection, and this rating system determines how resistant electronics are to dust and water damage. The rating scale goes from IP00 to IP69, and IP69 is the high end of the scale. 

The first number of the rating signifies how resistant a product is to dirt; the second number represents how resistant a product is to water. The highest the first number can go is six, and the highest the second number goes is nine. 

A six on the dust scale means a product is completely protected from dust, and a nine in the second number means that a product is completely protected from water. An item with a nine can even withstand steam jets. 

Humidity ratings are not given by the Ingress Protection scale. 

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