Can The Sonos Move Get Wet?

The excellent sound and convenient portability of the Sonos Move make it tempting to take it with you everywhere. 

All that quality doesn’t come cheap, and the last thing you want to do is end up with a busted speaker.

If you’re wondering if you can keep the party going rain or shine, keep reading to find out if the Sonos Move is waterproof, water-resistant, or just plain fragile around water.

Can The Sonos Move Get Wet?

The Sonos Move is not waterproof, but it can get a little wet. Accidental spills or leaving the speaker in the rain may not be the end of your speaker’s life. However, the Move was not designed for heavy exposure to moisture. 

If you’re asking because you want to take your Move white rapid rafting, then the answer is a solid no.

The Sonos Move is rugged, but not that rugged. Keep the speaker on stable ground if you can. 

The Sonos Move is meant for portable use indoors and outdoors, but not underwater

If you have accidentally spilled your camping beer on it, don’t freak out.

Dry it up as best you can.

It likely didn’t take any internal damage at all, but you don’t want the smell of dried alcohol coming off your Sonos Move at home.

Some customer reviews by Sonos Move owners have reported being in the same situation, sometimes with wine. 

They all report the Sonos Move was unaffected by their tipsy spill.

How Waterproof Is My Sonos Move?

The Sonos Move has water and dust resistance at an IP56 rating. This means the speaker can withstand rugged environments but not complete submersion in water. 

Here are a few instances of water exposure that won’t be the end of your Sonos Move:

  • Exposure to heavy rain
  • Accidental liquid spills
  • Water splashes
  • Damp climates

Luckily, that means the Sonos Move is protected from the most common sources of moisture exposure. 

Just remember, even though the Move can survive a night in the rain, it can’t do it forever. 

It is best to be as careful as possible when it comes to keeping your Move out of heavy water. 

For the most part, this should be a rather easy task. 

If you wish to take your Move with you on a boat cruise, I would advise mounting or securing the speaker somewhere it is shielded. 

It would be best to purchase a speaker with a greater waterproof rating for outings involving bodies of water.

What Should I Do If My Sonos Move Was Left Out In a Rainstorm?

Can The Sonos Move Get Wet 1 Can The Sonos Move Get Wet?

First, assess the condition of the speaker

You may find that it operates well and took no damage.

If there is any distortion to the audio quality, keep your Move off the charging base and give it time to dry out. 

One bad storm isn’t enough to put the Move out of commission. 

Some customers have put the Move’s waterproof rating to the test by spraying the speaker directly from a yard hose. They reported no damage. 

While I would not recommend intentionally stress testing your speaker, this should give Move owners added comfort in their speaker’s durability.

If your Move has somehow become completely submerged in water, this may not be the case.

After taking the speaker out of the water, you’ll want to dry out the outside with a towel to prevent any more water from getting inside the casing. 

Try angling the speaker in a way that any water that found a way inside can drip out. 

You’ll want to secure the speaker until you can get home.

With any luck, the time it took you to bring the speaker home was enough to dry it out. Try turning it on once more. If it works, problem solved. If not, you’ll need to resort to opening the casing to remove any extra moisture with paper towels. Once you’ve dried as much as possible, let the speaker rest is submerged in rice for up to three days. The rice will draw any water or moisture left inside the speaker out. It may take some time to make sure no rice is left inside the speaker casing. After It’s cleaned up, connect the speaker back together.

You will need to charge the battery. 

Place it on the charging base and attempt to turn it on after fifteen minutes.

If you happen to have an accidental damages warranty from the retailer you purchased your Sonos Move, then you may only need to speak to a customer service representative to get a hold of a replacement.

Now that you are prepared for the worst, you should know that it is very unlikely to occur. 

Sonos Move owners report that their speakers have lived up to the rugged name and survived events that an IP56 rating shouldn’t cover. 

That doesn’t mean you should tempt fate. 

The Sonos Move’s Waterproof Rating

Waterproof ratings are a rather complicated topic. The difference in what is considered Waterproof by different systems comes down to how a device is subjected to water.

For instance, the Waterproof Rating of IP67 denotes that the device can withstand submersion of up to 1 meter for half an hour and can repel heavy rain. 

You may be familiar with this rating as smartphones and mobile devices have bragged about their IP67 waterproof as a selling point. 

However, the same device that passes the test for an IP67 rating may not be adequately rated for IP66 which is protection from water pushed out of a 12.5mm nozzle by powerful jets. 

This would mean that a device that can be submerged three feet in water for half an hour can not stand the pressure of water coming out of a kitchen sink faucet.

The point is that IP rating profiles are very specific to water exposure scenarios. Combined protection against a multitude of exposure situations is very difficult to achieve for manufacturers producing devices that sell-off of form just as much as function.

The Sonos Move has a waterproof rating of IP56.

This means that the Move is certifiably protected against “limited dust ingress” and “high-pressure water jets from any direction”. 

In real life situations this means your Sonos Move is built to withstand:

  • Rain
  • Rainstorms
  • Spills
  • Sprays
  • Dust storms
  • Dirt spills
  • Windy and dusty weather
  • Regular outside climates

This means it’s a perfect outdoor-use speaker for going to the park, hiking, camping, ATV trails, and other creative outdoor uses. 

It is not perfect for marine use.

Just remember that IP56 means it does well against dirt and powerful directed water streams. 

Anything other than that may be dangerous to the device and cause permanent damage.

If you find yourself questioning how the speaker would perform in certain conditions, just compare your ideal use to its protection ratings.

If your idea means that streams or drops of water will hit the sides of the speaker only, the Sonos Move can handle it. 

If your idea requires the speaker to be submerged in water either partially or completely, It’s likely going to lead to speaker damage.


The Sonos Move is a durable and rugged speaker meant to blast music for your all-day adventures no matter where you go. 

As long as the place you choose to go isn’t Atlantis.

There’s not much to be concerned with when it comes to water and the Sonos Move. 

It can take a hit well and keep the audio rolling.

The only thing to remember is that it isn’t meant to be submerged in water. 

This is hardly a sacrifice for great audio out of a rugged Bluetooth speaker.

At Its three hundred dollar price tag, taking proper care of it should be a given for any Sonos Move owner. 

There are plenty of devices available for use in the water. Let your Sonos Move be a speaker for land lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Sonos Move float like other rugged speakers?

No, the Sonos Move is not meant to be submerged in water and it cannot float. 

Keep the Sonos Move out of large bodies of water. 

Its IP56 rating denotes that it is protected from accidental splashes and heavy rain.

Rugged for the Sonos Move means heavy outdoor use on the land. 

It can withstand rain, morning dew, and potential spills. 

Can I use my Sonos Move as a boat speaker?

You can use the Sonos Move as a speaker in your boat, but it is not recommended. 

The potential for the speaker to become completely submerged in water is too great. 

The splashes from the water wake will not damage the speaker. 

However, if it is not secured properly and finds itself overboard, the Sonos Move may incur damage that renders it inoperable.

You can attempt to recover it, but the speaker was not built to withstand complete submersion.

Will my Sonos Move be okay as a front porch speaker?

The Sonos Move is a great speaker for using outdoors.

Even more so if your porch is covered.

The speaker can withstand heavy rainstorms, though you might want to bring it in if it rains anyway. 

If your porch is in clear view of a busy street, I would not recommend leaving your speaker unattended.

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