Can You Take The Sonos Move To The Beach?

My biggest question going into my research was “Can the Sonos Move be used outdoors?” Not all speakers can – or should – be used in the great outdoors. Those teeny, tiny holes in the speakers can let in minuscule particles like sand and dirt, and some speakers aren’t able to withstand even small splashes from raindrops.

Can You Take Sonos Move To The Beach 1 1 Can You Take The Sonos Move To The Beach?

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Can You Take The Sonos Move To The Beach?

The Sonos Move can be used at the beach – but with care. With its IP56 rating, it can withstand exposure to dust, sand, and some water. But it definitely cannot be submerged beneath the waves.

What I learned is that, while the Sonos Move is not as waterproof as the Sonos Roam, it can withstand some splashes. And it seems to hold up okay against sand. Let’s talk about what this moderately rugged portable speaker can survive.

Can the Sonos Move be used outdoors?

The Sonos Move is indeed made for both indoor and outdoor use. While you cannot take it below the waves with you, the Sonos Move is a good speaker to snag if you plan on doing a lot of trips to the beach or camping in the wilderness. 

Is the Sonos Move waterproof?

Most Bluetooth speakers aren’t fully waterproof, but they can be made to be water-resistant. With an IP56 rating, the Sonos Move is able to withstand some exposure to moisture, splashes, and spills. But that doesn’t mean you should submerge this speaker in water. 

It will not be able to survive submersion in any depth of water, so it is best left on your beach towel, in the sand, far enough away from the water’s edge.

Is Sonos Move sand proof?

While technically not fully sand-proof, the Sonos Move shouldn’t let much sand into its interior area.

It is rated against dust and dirt, but sand granules can be so tiny that a few might make their way through. Exercise caution, but you should be okay when it comes to sand. Just don’t try burying your speaker in the sand.

Can You Take Sonos Move To The Beach 1 Can You Take The Sonos Move To The Beach?

What is a waterproof rating?

Ingress Protection (or IP) means that a device has been studied and rated for protection against liquids and debris. You will see “IP” or “IPX” with a number or two next to it to indicate its ability to resist intrusion. 

Being rated IP56 means that the Sonos Move is rated as dust-protected (5) and against powerful water jets (6). 

It can handle accidental spills, some moisture, sprays from different directions, and being caught in a downpour. It just cannot be submerged in water for any length of time at any depth.

If you plan on going to the beach, for a hike, camping, or ATV-ing, you can take this speaker along without having to worry about it getting fried in a downpour or being taken out by dust kicked up on the trail.

Can the Sonos Move be in the sun?

The Sonos Move can withstand some pretty high temperatures. While I would personally advise keeping this speaker under the shade of your beach umbrella, it can handle some sun exposure without overheating. 

But, as is the case with all electronic devices, you should not leave them out in the hot sun for hours on end.

Can I travel with Sonos Move?

The Sonos Move isn’t exactly a lightweight speaker, but it certainly is portable. It will weigh your travel bag down, and you should definitely put some sort of padding around it to protect it from any possible damage while in transit. 

The Sonos Move is pretty durable, sure, but it is not completely invulnerable to accidental damage while being transported from one place to another. Proceed with caution.

Closing Thoughts

The Sonos Move is ultimately a decent choice for a Bluetooth speaker if you plan on doing some traveling or spending your summer days lingering at the beach. It is rugged and durable, built to be able to withstand a lot of dirt and debris. 

And, if you do end up getting caught in the rain or spilling your drink on it, the Sonos Move should be okay. Just make sure you wipe it down and keep it dry afterward. 

Heck, you can place this thing in your backpack or carry-on suitcase and have it hold up alright, although I do recommend putting some sort of cushioning around it for safe-keeping. 

But the Sonos Move is definitely more travel-friendly than a lot of other portable Bluetooth speakers.

But, costing upward of $300, I recommend taking a lot of precautions. Don’t put this speaker in a situation where it could get submerged in water – it will not survive the swim. 

Leave it on land if you are heading out on the boat, or at least have it securely mounted to something on the boat, away from the edge.

The Sonos Move is a speaker that ideally will last you for quite a few good years. As long as you take care of it, it should keep on producing high-quality sound that won’t get drowned out by the music coming from every other beach-goer’s Bluetooth speaker.

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