Can You Buy An iPad From Verizon Without A Data Plan?

Whatever the cause may be, whether it is a broken screen or an outdated device, it is time once again to take a trip to Verizon to buy a new iPad

The salesman, skilled like most salesmen are, is trying to sell you a data plan even though you already have one.

Is it possible to buy a new iPad without a new data plan?

Can You Buy An iPad From Verizon Without A Data Plan?

An iPad can be purchased from Verizon without a data plan. This is beneficial for people that already have purchased family data plans and just want to add another device to it. Although Apple does make Wi-Fi-only iPads, Verizon doesn’t sell them; all iPads from Verizon require a data plan to work.

Below we will talk about whether or not you can buy an iPad from Verizon without a data plan, whether or not a data plan is necessary for iPads that use Wi-Fi, and the wonder of an iPad that only uses Wi-Fi.

Buying an iPad from Verizon Without a Data Plan

When you’re ordering an iPad online purchasing one in a store, the possibility of buying a device without purchasing a data plan at the same time isn’t broadcasted on every screen in sight. 

Instead, it tends to be something you have to ask a salesman about, even though many families don’t purchase a data plan with every new device that they purchase.

However, there is no need to worry because Verizon is more than happy to add a device to your family data plan.

However, when you add a device to your data plan you will have to pay a small fee, so keep that in mind. 

Buying an iPad with no contract from Verizon gives you the ability to cancel or suspend the iPad line any time you want. 

There are no minimum requirements.

Is a Data Plan Necessary for an iPad Only Used While Connected to Wi-Fi?

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Sometimes, it is not possible to even imagine not bringing your iPad everywhere, but many families have started to keep iPads in the home for their children.

These devices do not leave the house, so they are always connected to Wi-Fi. 

In cases such as this, is it necessary to have your iPad connected to a data plan?

The short answer is far from simple: it depends. 

A lot of iPads now require a data plan, even if it will always be connected to Wi-Fi. 

However, there are some cases, like Wi-Fi-only and older generation iPads, that may not have required a data plan. 

Additionally, it is possible to turn off data usage on your iPad in the Settings app.

Even iPads that only use data occasionally do not need to have their data usage turned on.

Instead, they can connect to your iPhone’s hotspot if there is not a nearby Wi-Fi network that can be connected to.

Buying a Wi-Fi-Only iPad

For those cases in which you know you will never need a data plan for your iPad, consider purchasing a Wi-Fi-only iPad. 

There may be times when it would be nice to have the option of using cellular data, but it is very rare that your trusty iPhone hotspot won’t be available when you need it. 

Most of the time if your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot isn’t available, your iPad’s data plan won’t be available either.

Apple’s Wi-Fi-only iPads are cheaper than Wi-Fi + Cellular iPads, so it is a tempting offer.

The only problem is finding a Wi-Fi-only iPad outside of Apple.

Because the idea of being limited to using it only when connected to Wi-Fi isn’t exactly appealing to the general public, to find a Wi-Fi-only iPad you will have to purchase it from Apple. 

You can also find a Wi-Fi-only iPad at stores like Walmart or Amazon that don’t offer data plans.

Does Verizon Sell Wi-Fi-Only iPads?

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Verizon, like most companies, doesn’t carry Wi-Fi-only iPads, or any Wi-Fi-only devices in general. 

This is because Verizon’s main market is selling cellular data plans. 

Since selling Wi-Fi-only iPads would cut into Verizon’s profits from selling cellular data plans, they don’t carry Wi-Fi-only options.

Even though they don’t sell Wi-Fi-only iPads, Verizon has no shortage of options for your next device. If you’re a fan of Apple products, they carry the regular iPad, the iPad mini, and the iPad Pro, with several different years and generation models to choose from. 

For those that aren’t Apple fans, Verizon has tons of options outside of Apple products.

These options include products from TCL and Samsung.

These other companies offer a variety of options that could replace an iPad. 

Samsung’s contributions to this market are the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and S7, meant to compete with the iPad mini and regular iPad respectively.

TCL offers 3 different competitors: the TCL TAB Pro 5G, the TCL TAB Family Edition, and the TCL TAB 8. 

The TAB 8 is the size of an iPad mini, for comparison’s sake.

Marketed towards families with small children, the TAB Family Edition is also about the size of an iPad mini, but has several eye protection modes to keep kids’ eyes safe if they use it for long periods of time.

Because Apple likes to do things differently than other companies, it may be a bit of a learning curve while you adjust to the new system. 

However, in the end, it might be worth it.

How Does Verizon’s iPad Pricing Compare to Competitors?

It can be easy to forget that there are several cellular data providers around when you start using one of them exclusively. 

However, sometimes prices change, and you’re left wondering why you started using the company in the first place. 

When comparing prices on their websites, Verizon’s prices are similar to its largest competitors: AT&T and T-Mobile.

Verizon’s iPad data plan prices are extremely reasonable. 

AT&T has similar prices for iPad data plans, and T-Mobile’s prices are slightly higher when it comes to the classic iPad and the iPad mini. 

The iPad Pro’s prices are similar across the board. 

It comes down to what cellular provider you prefer.

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