Can You Lay The Xbox Series X On Its Side?

If you’re worried about your Xbox getting too hot, you might wonder if you can lay the Xbox Series X sideways and have proper ventilation. Giving your Xbox console enough space around all sides will help to prevent it from overheating. There are numerous side effects that can result from an overheated Xbox including fires and damage to your console.

Can You Lay The Xbox Series X On Its Side 1 1 Can You Lay The Xbox Series X On Its Side?

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Can You Lay The Xbox Series X On Its Side? 

It is safe to lay the Xbox Series X on its side as long as you leave room for at least 4 inches of space around it. Though the console was mainly designed to be positioned vertically, it has four pads on one side to cushion the console when positioned horizontally.

Entertainment centers and other places Xbox consoles are usually placed each have unique layouts, styles, and spacing characteristics. I sometimes like to put my gaming consoles on elevated platforms so I have more room to walk around my television.

Making sure your Xbox Series X is properly positioned and ventilated will help to protect your console, the items around it, and everyone in your house. Though fires and other adverse effects of poorly ventilated consoles are not common, setting up your console safely and securely may give you more peace of mind when gaming.

What Is The Best Position To Lay My Xbox Series X?

As long as your Xbox Series X has proper ventilation, there is no definite right or wrong way to position your console.

The standard thing I see other gamers doing is placing their Xbox Series X vertically on a table or floor space near their television.

Standing an Xbox Series X straight up is likely what the designers and engineers at Microsoft’s Xbox team intended for this console to do.

The Xbox team added a large round base to the bottom of a vertically-positioned Xbox Series X that cannot be detached, so it makes good sense aesthetically for that base to be on the ground.

If your Xbox Series X will be suspended in the air or placed somewhere other than on the ground or on a table, you can keep the round base towards the ground by positioning the console vertically.

Though I sometimes like to position my Xbox Series X horizontally, I find that positioning the console vertically allows for more ventilation since more sides are exposed to open air.

However, it is perfectly acceptable and safe to place the console on its side.

There should be no noticeable difference in the performance or wear on your Xbox Series X compared to standing it up in a vertical position.

In fact, there are four small tabs that are smoothly integrated to the side of the Xbox Series X, which indicated the console was meant to be laid down on that side.

Whether you lay your console on its side or stand it up, you will still have base components showing that might look awkward to some.

Seeing the round base or the four pads in an upward area of the console while I’m playing doesn’t bother me at all.

I don’t think others that come to play or visit you at home won’t be bothered by it as well.

Over time, all the external features of the Xbox Series X should become normalized even if they are considered unusual at first.

Can You Lay The Xbox Series X On Its Side 1 Can You Lay The Xbox Series X On Its Side?

How Can I Have Proper Ventilation For My Xbox Series X?

The Xbox Series X is a noticeably large electronic device that stands out from other devices in my gaming area.

The console is quite bigger and heavier than other Xbox consoles released since the very first Xbox.

I used to think that the early Xbox consoles were too big and clunky, so it was surprising to me to see how big the Xbox Series X was when it launched.

Technology is much more advanced today than it was when the first Xbox came out, so I’m sure it’s with good reason the Xbox Series X is so massive.

Though there are actions you can take to improve the ventilation of your console, the Xbox design team added many features that help to maintain adequate ventilation regardless of the console’s position.

There are many wide round holes in the casing for the Xbox Series X that let heat travel away from the console.

This ventilation feature alone is a big part of providing proper overall ventilation for the console.

As long as nothing is covering the holes or significantly blocking the airways in some way, the ventilation for the console should be fine.

If you are sometimes busy like me and don’t have time to neatly arrange belongings like magazines, snacks, napkins, clothes, and other items in and around my gaming center, you should be careful about leaving things near your console.

When you are locked in on a game for a long time with intense gameplay, it can be easy to forget what is going on around you.

You should be sure to look at your console every once in a while to make sure nothing is obstructing ventilation.

Even though there is space between the base stand and the bottom of the Xbox Series X, it can get quite hot in that area, which means you shouldn’t let things get caught between there.

Papers, brochures, and other thin items can easily find their way in odd spaces around your gaming area, so you should be mindful of them when your Xbox is powered on.

When you are done gaming, it’s a good idea to clean up around your console to make sure the area is clear for the next time you play.

If you are concerned about your Xbox Series X not having proper ventilation, there are accessories you can buy to help cool your Xbox down.

You can buy cooling for your Xbox Series X from online stores like Amazon and Walmart.

The prices for these fans are usually quite low and the delivery times are relatively fast.

Adding a cooling fan to your Xbox Series X is an easy process that only takes a few simple steps.

Though you can probably install the fan on your own, a local technician will probably be happy to do it for a small fee.

Some cool fans can be noisy, so be sure to do some research and watch product review videos about specific fans before buying one.

Where Should I Put My Xbox Series X?

Though I usually put my Xbox Series X on a table, it can sometimes make more sense to put it somewhere else.

In smaller rooms or entertainment centers with limited space, I often have to be creative when it comes to managing space for electronic devices.

I’ll sometimes have audio systems, family pictures, power outlets, and other consoles nearby.

Regardless of your particular gaming space, you should make sure there is not too much clutter around your Xbox Series X.

You can put your console on a table, floor, cabinet, wall mount, or a variety of other options.

It can be in a horizontal or vertical position as long as there is adequate empty space surrounding it.

Even if there is enough space around your console when you place it in its primary gaming area, having clutter around might cause various things to move near your console.

Since thin and fibrous objects can be prone to flying around, placing heavier objects over them might help to keep them in place.

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