Does The Xbox Series X Come With A HDMI 2.1 Cable? Answered!

For anyone trying to maximize their gaming experience, a big question will be whether or not the Xbox Series X comes with an HDMI 2.1 cable.  

As gaming consoles and televisions continue to advance and graphics and sound quality keep improving, it’s important to any gamer to know they have the right equipment in order to have the best experience possible. We invest good money and time into our gaming systems and we don’t want to find out we purchased something that isn’t compatible with our other equipment. We also want to make sure that if we purchase something refurbished or used, it has all the necessary parts when we get it.

Does The Xbox Series X Come With A HDMI 2.1 Cable 1 1 Does The Xbox Series X Come With A HDMI 2.1 Cable? Answered!

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Does The Xbox Series X Come With A HDMI 2.1 Cable?

The Xbox Series X does come with an HDMI 2.1 cable, but knowing if this going to be  important to you will depend on the following:

  • the features of the HDMI 2.1 cable
  • knowing what type of television you have 
  • knowing why the HDMI 2.1 cable is preferred for the Xbox Series X over other cables

Sometimes, it’s hard enough keeping up with the advances, without also adding in the fact that we often need to learn new lingo every time a new system is released, or an upgrade is made. Even for the most tech-savvy of us, this industry is constantly changing and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to stay on top of it all.

Finding a good breakdown of terms and reasons why an item is going to enhance our gaming experience is crucial before we make a decision to invest in something new.

I like gaming, but I also love researching new advances in the industry as a whole. Take advantage of my research and time, and learn what it is about the HDMI 2.1 cable that makes it an important piece of equipment to pair with your Xbox Series X.

Does Xbox Series X Come With an HDMI 2.1 Cable?

The HDMI 2.1 cable is still relatively new. Up until pretty recently, most gaming consoles worked off of an HDMI 2.0 cable, which was used to transmit audio and video information from one source to another.

The HDMI 2.1 serves the same function as the HDMI 2.0 but allows information to pass at a much higher speed and a much better resolution. 

Clearly, this is exciting for gamers, because higher speed communication and a better resolution will mean things are going to move faster and look sharper…two things most people who enjoy gaming are going to be very excited about. 

What Are the Features of the HDMI 2.1 Cable?

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the HDMI 2.1 cable is that it can produce a speed and resolution that far exceeds its predecessor, the HDMI 2.0 cable. The leap in technology between these two communication cables is quite impressive.

The HDMI 2.1 cable will allow you to view 120 fps on your screen when properly installed, whereas the HDMI 2.0 will only allow you to view 60 fps on your screen, meaning that the HDMI 2.1 is at a huge advantage for picture quality.

A screen’s fps is short for “frames per minute.” In layman’s terms, this means that the higher the frames per minute, the better you will find your gameplay, speed, and overall performance to be. 

Since the HDMI 2.1 has an fps that is double that of the HDMI 2.0, you can imagine what type of quality it’s going to deliver. 

For this reason, many game players are super excited about the fact that the Xbox Series X comes with an HDMI 2.1 cable. This is a great addition to any gamer’s overall experience.

What Type of Television is Needed for an HDMI 2.1 Cable?

Does The Xbox Series X Come With A HDMI 2.1 Cable 1 Does The Xbox Series X Come With A HDMI 2.1 Cable? Answered!

One unfortunate downside to the Xbox Series X having an HDMI 2.1 cable is this…no matter how great the gameplay, speed, and overall performance that the HDMI 2.1 offers – if your television set isn’t compatible with it, you won’t be able to take advantage of its features.

Many televisions haven’t yet caught up with the sophistication of the gaming world and don’t come equipped with an HDMI 2.1 cable port. The standard up until very recently was (and is) still the HDMI 2.0 cable port.

That’s not to say you can’t find televisions that are capable of supporting the HDMI 2.1 cable. 

One issue, though, is they still tend to be expensive – especially compared to how much other televisions have come down in price in recent years. 

The good news is this…even if your current television doesn’t support an HDMI 2.1 cable, you can still play your new Xbox Series X with the HDMI 2.0 cable you probably already have, or can purchase for a relatively inexpensive price. 

Just know…your Xbox Series X will perform at its ultimate peak when used with the HDMI 2.1 cable that is included when you purchase it new. 

But just know…you don’t have to have the HDMI 2.1 cable to make your Xbox Series X work.

Why Is the HDMI 2.1 Cable Preferred Over All the Others?

The reason the Xbox Series X comes with an HDMI 2.1 cable is this – it is by far a superior way to receive the highest quality screen images, while also getting the optimal speed in your downloads, especially when it comes to gaming. 

On Sale

One of the best things about the Xbox Series X is that the HDMI 2.1 cable is included when you purchase the system. The convenience is not only appreciated, but necessary if you want to really get the experience that you’re hoping for when you invest in the Xbox Series X.

As I said earlier, you can play this console without an HDMI 2.1 cable if you don’t have one because you bought the system used, or if you have a television set that does not have a way to utilize an HDMI 2.1 cable. 

But – if you have the ability to use the HDMI 2.1 cable that came with your Xbox Series X, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re a true gamer, you will definitely appreciate what this cable gives you.

In all honesty though –  if you’re not a gamer, the difference between the HDMI 2.0 and the HDMI 2.1 is not that big of a deal. You will not notice a significant difference in the screen quality, sound or image resolution if you decide to change out these two very similar cables. 

But, if you are a gamer – which you probably are if you’re reading this article – things like screen quality, the significance of sound, and the overall image resolution will probably mean a lot to you. 

The HDMI 2.1 is going to give you a significantly faster speed, higher image quality, and better resolution…and you will be happy it came with your Xbox Series X, assuming you have the equipment to support it.

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