Can You Wear A Fitbit On Your Ankle?

Wearables are getting more advanced these days; technology is getting smaller. But it doesn’t mean you can wear your wearable any way you want. 

There are a few places on your body where you can wear Fitbits or other activity trackers.

Can You Wear A Fitbit On Your Ankle?

You can wear a Fitbit on your ankle. However, the Fitbit is for your wrist. So while it’s possible to use your Fitbit on your ankle, you will get inaccurate readings and miss out on a lot of the Fitbit’s features if worn on your ankle.

Fitbit assumes that it will track your steps and heart rate through the wrist. It may not track your heart rate when you wear it on an ankle. This is true because it registers different movements. 

Additionally, due to its placement, it may not count steps accurately.

Can You Wear Fitbit Somewhere Other Than Wrist?

Fitbit can be worn anywhere on your body, as long as it attaches to a band. You can attach the device to a belt, bra, or any other article of clothing. 

The Fitbit manufacturer recommends wearing the widget on your non-dominant wrist. 

So, if you’re right-handed, wear it on your left wrist.

Fitbit has canned its clip-on trackers. The company is focusing on wrist wearables and smartwatches.

You can wear a Fitbit in an ankle or bra strap, but it will not be as accurate as the ones worn on your wrist.

Clip-on fitness trackers are a thing of the past. But, you can still wear them in other places rather than on your wrist.

The clasp that inspired the name “clip-on” is no longer available from Fitbit. Though, there are still plenty of trackers you can track activity.

There are many options for wearing your Fitbit if you don’t want to put it on your wrist. You can wear it with a chest strap instead of an ankle band or bra strap.

Where Else Can You Wear Your Fitbit?

Many people ask where else you can wear a Fitbit activity tracker than on your wrist. The Fitbit Flex is a small device worn around the wrist.

But, many people are looking for alternatives to wearing their Fitbit in other areas. 

There are various reasons for this:

  • Fashion
  • Comfort
  • Fitting in other outfits

Women don’t like wearing the Fitbit on their wrists because it detracts from their outfits.

 Or, they may feel that it looks out of place. This can be frustrating if you’re keen to stick with wearing your device.

But, some people have limited shoulder movement. Thus, a band-like wearable gets in their way. 

We’ll explore these ideas further and discuss options for wearing your Fitbit.

1. Wear It on Your Waist

The best way to wear your Fitbit is on your waist. To do this, clip it onto your pants near your hip. 

Ensure that the device aligns with where your wrist naturally falls when you hold your arm down at your side. 

When you sync your Fitbit to your computer, it will track all your steps during the day. It will also track things like climbing stairs and walking up hills.

2. Bra

If you’re a woman, you can wear your Fitbit in your bra. While it’s unconventional, many women love wearing their Fitbits this way. 

It keeps the device secure and out of the way. 

You’ll probably have to purchase a separate bra clip for this purpose, though.

Depending on your body type, you may want to wear it inside your bra without using a clip.

Wearing your tracker inside one bra cup is ideal for keeping the device secure and hidden. Still, you’ll check on its status throughout the day.

3. Legs

Although most trackers are for the wrist, they don’t have to be worn there. The Fitbit Flex is a great example; because it’s so tiny and flexible. 

You can wear it on your ankle just as quickly as your wrist. 

4. Shoe

Another option is to wear a fitness tracker on your shoe instead of around your wrist.

You can buy a clip or strap specifically designed for this purpose. 

Or, you can use an elastic shoelace to hold the Fitbit in place if you don’t want to buy anything else.

Does Fitbit Versa Work on Ankle?

If you’re looking to wear your Fitbit Versa on your ankle, the short answer is: It depends.

Fitbit claims that you can wear the tracker on either your wrist or ankle with the correct band size.

However, there are some limitations to this.

The Versa is a watch and a fitness tracker, which measures your heart rate through your wrist. 

However, when you wear it on your ankle, it’s harder to measure your heart rate accurately. This means that you run into problems when tracking things as calories burned. The accuracy won’t be as good as wearing the device on your wrist. 

Besides, different activities will have different accuracies when worn on a user’s ankle.

If you’re using a Versa Lite, there isn’t an option to wear it on either your ankle or wrist.

It’s only meant to be worn on your wrist. 

This also means that the above information applies to Versa Lite users. These people want to wear their tracker on their ankles instead of their wrists.

How Do I Put My Fitbit in the Ankle Band?

The Fitbit is a device that can track your daily steps and other physical activity.

Using the Fitbit on your ankle can be more convenient. To do this, follow the instructions below:

1: Find Your Fitbit

If you have not yet purchased a Fitbit, please do so. You will need this before continuing.

2: Remove the Wristband

Before you can place your Fitbit into the ankle band, remove it from the wristband that it comes with. To do so, push in on one side of the wristband until it clicks and releases. 

You can do this with your fingers, but a thin object like a toothpick might make it easier.

3: Insert the Fitbit into the Ankle Band

After removing the Fitbit from its wristband, you will be able to insert it into your new ankle band. 

Do so by pushing it in where you removed the wristband. It should click into place and stay there unless you press on each side to release it.

Does Fitbit Work in Your Pocket?

You can wear your Fitbit in your pocket. As long as you wear your Fitbit on your body, it will accurately track your steps and activities.

This means that it will work in your pocket or your pants. 

Some people get better results when wearing their Fitbit in their pocket. Your Fitbit will work in your pocket as long as you are moving!

While you can’t wear it in your pocket during swimming, you can wear it during other activities. 

We recommend a wrist-based device while swimming.

For the best experience, we recommend wearing your Fitbit on an armband or wristband.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team.

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