Do Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers Have A Headphone Jack?

Sound quality is important for all gaming consoles. If you can’t hear instructions due to background noise, you, and your team, can quickly lose the game. Who wants to spend hours listening to poor audio with a microphone that barely works? Customizable headphones and non-intrusive headsets can pick up on in-game sounds with incredible accuracy. This is why the Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers come with options.

Do Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers Have A Headphone Jack 1 Do Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers Have A Headphone Jack?

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Do Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers Have A Headphone Jack?

Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers did not provide a headphone jack until recently. While a  USB-C Bluetooth adapter can work to provide sound, new devices already come with a headphone option. Most games will work with this type of audio to use voice chat. 

Both new and old Pro Controllers can support voice chat. How this is done depends on the year it was designed. For gamers who purchased Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers in 2016, wired options and third-party equipment will help.

I’ve been a fan of Nintendo since I was approximately five years old. Over the decades, this brand has systematically evolved to follow the current trends. Their controllers are no exception. Sound quality is vital for the average player for in-game chat, instructions, and overall awareness.  

Do Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers Have a Headphone Jack?

Headphone jacks were once a standard part of any electronic device that featured audio. Old cassette players, TV sets, and even portable radios had the option of headphones

It only makes sense that video game controllers would allow players to slip on a headset.

Even though it seems obvious (what gamer wants to hook up their headset to the computer or console?) to have a remote option for audio, controllers are relatively new. 

Nintendo controllers are some of the most sophisticated gadgets available for gaming. 

A Brief History of Nintendo Controllers

Originally, Nintendo controllers were designed to be small and easy to hold. These features were the primary focus because WiFi was unavailable, and the games were much simpler. 

By the early ‘90s, Super Nintendo came out. These are the games I grew up on. Super Mario World and Chrono Trigger were the newest games available. In addition to the game change, the controller had a new “shoulder button.” 

When the Nintendo 64 was created, many people wondered if they really needed extra accessories like an analog controller stick. This change impacted the way controllers are viewed today. The joystick helped create first-person shooter games that would later inspire games like Halo.

In 2001 the Gamecube controller was released to the US. The controller came in various colors and started to look more modern. The design has four buttons in addition to analog triggers. The layout is built for comfort.

Players can identify all buttons without looking at them. This increased the speed and precision of gaming. 

Going with the “intuition” theme, Nintendo invented the Wii remote. This helped enhance motion sensitivity with a one-handed controller. Because the games were so diverse, Nintendo captured the attention of non-gamers in multiple countries. The controller is wireless and has a short-range Bluetooth radio.

Do Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers Have A Headphone Jack 1 1 Do Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers Have A Headphone Jack?

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Wii U (released in 2012) didn’t make a huge splash. It was widely panned by online critics. While the console was considered confusing and challenging to navigate, the controller was ahead of its time. 

It had a dedicated display which would later lead to the Nintendo Switch controller. 

Nintendo Switch Controllers

There are multiple controllers that work with the Nintendo Switch. Some of these controllers already have headphone jacks.

For instance, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con has an audio plug option in addition to 20 hours of battery life. Unfortunately, the sound quality is subpar. 

HORI D-Pad Controller is known for 2D platforms. This helps the player feel in sync with their character. The rumble feature is not as prominent as it is in other controllers, but it does have a unique layout with split buttons instead of a directional pad. 

8bitdo Lite is a standard controller that gets the job done. There aren’t any fancy features, but it works well for multiplayer games, and at $25, it’s much less expensive than The Switch Pro. For extra features, you can connect to other controllers. 

Sometimes people use an additional controller for the joystick experience. 

The PDP – Wired Fight Pad Pro Controller is similar to a GameCube controller. It uses a left analog stick and a small C-stick with several standard Nintendo buttons. 

Although desirable, many gamers choose The Pro Controller.

The Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is designed for serious gaming. I like it because it doesn’t give me “the claw”. 

Controllers that aren’t aerodynamically built make my hand and wrist cramp up after a few hours. Luckily the device is larger than the Joy-Con grip.  

The Pro Controller comes with a few handy accessories, such as a carrying case for the Switch. If you opt for the rechargeable Pro Controller, the face buttons are larger. The traditional directional pad is somewhat smaller than the Wii controllers, but the shape feels completely natural. 

The controller is known for its distance, comfort, large buttons, and full D-pad. Third-party knockoffs do exist, but many of the features are subpar. The PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller mimics the Switch Pro Controller but does not have HD Rumble or NFC support. 

Depending on the version you buy, the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller may or may not have an audio jack. The modern controller will allow users to plug in headphones, but it also costs much more

If you’re interested in an older controller that does not have a headset jack, fear not, you can still use headphones.

How To Use a Headset Without an Audio Jack

A third-party device may be necessary for controllers without a jack. Before purchasing specialized equipment, first, find an adapter. 

Many people already have adapters, but if you need to purchase a new one, they are relatively inexpensive on eBay. The adapter must be able to support a type-c port since the controller will not have a USB option. 

Connect the adapter to the controller. The port is located at the top of the device and should be easy to find. From here, you can pair the Bluetooth headphones by pressing the “pair” button on the adapter. 

Although you can successfully use a wireless headset with older controllers, the sound quality may be reduced

In my opinion, it’s perfectly doable if you’re just starting out. For more competitive players, a modern headset is best. 

Wireless Switch Pro Controller With Audio Jack

Vivefox has created a new Switch Controller with additional features. This controller has dual-motor vibration, auto turbo function, and one headphone jack. 

This allows you to plug headphones directly into the controller without any extra equipment. 

Vivefox is a third-party that works with Nintendo but is not part of the company. They have already created multiple Nintendo accessories and have a good reputation in the gaming community. Although this recent controller just came out in 2019, it has exploded in popularity. 

Headphones are a way to immerse yourself in the game totally. 

When I lived alone, I didn’t really care about the sound. If I could hear it from the kitchen, who was going to care? As I now live with someone, having a headset allows me to crank up the volume as loud as I want. 

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