Does Apple Music Have Podcasts?

As an iPhone user, I have found Apple Music to be a very reliable app for streaming music. 

In the past, I have listened to podcasts on YouTube, but I wanted to find a way to listen to podcasts while I am driving and working out. 

This led me to do some research to see if there were podcasts available on Apple Music. 

I was also curious as to what podcasts are available if they are available at all.

Does Apple Music Have Podcasts?

Apple Music does have podcasts available to listen to, but they have a limited selection of podcasts to choose from. Apple Music only has podcasts that Apple owns, so, while there is a wide variety, you won’t necessarily find the podcast you’re looking for on Apple Music. 

Instead of offering the bulk of its podcasts on Apple Music, Apple created its own podcast app.

This app has a wide variety of podcasts, which includes over a million different podcasts. 

If you are interested in the podcasts that are available on Apple Music, then you will want to read on. 

Also, if you are interested in the podcast app that Apple has, then you will want to read on.

How Many Podcasts Are on Apple Music?

There are only a handful of podcasts that are available on Apple Music. This is because Apple has its own app that provides access to the podcasts that they own.

The podcast network owned by Apple has over one million podcasts in its library. 

These podcasts range in topics.

The categories include art, business, comedy, education, fiction, government, history, health/fitness, leisure, music, news, religion, science, society, sports, technology, true crime, and tv/film.

There are millions of hours of podcast episodes available to you, and there are hundreds of hours of content being uploaded every day.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to find certain podcasts on the Apple Podcast app. 

This is because certain podcasts are exclusive to a specific network.

If you are unable to find a specific podcast, it is likely because that podcast is exclusively owned by a specific podcast network.

Is Apple Music Free?

No. Unfortunately, Apple Music does not have a free plan available at the moment.

Apple Music is a subscription service, and it has a variety of plans available. 

There are three current subscription plans available for Apple Music.

The first subscription plan available is the base plan. This plan gives you access to the platform, and it costs $9.99 per month. 

This plan also gives you the option to make a one-time payment per year. 

This payment is $99.99, so you will save some money if you know you are going to use Apple Music for the entire year.

The second plan available is for college students. This plan costs $4.99 per month.

This plan is the exact same as the base plan, but it provides college students with a discount.

This plan provides college students with a bit of a break because they are unable to work and are likely taking on some debt to finish their education.

The third plan available is the family plan. This plan allows up to six individuals to use Apple Music under the same plan.

This plan is slightly more expensive than the base plan at $14.99 per month.

If you are uncertain about Apple Music, they do offer a free trial. 

Also, if you are a new customer, then they are willing to give you three months free. 

However, once you use your free trials, then you must pay the monthly fees.

Does Apple Music Have Podcasts 1 Does Apple Music Have Podcasts?

Is Apple Podcast Free with Apple Music?

You can listen to podcasts for free if you have an iPhone.

You do not have to pay for an Apple Music subscription plan to listen to podcasts. 

You can listen to the podcasts for free through the Apple Podcast app. 

However, there is a subscription plan offered for podcasts.

The podcasts subscription plan that is offered by Apple is something that is based around the content creators. 

This allows creators to set their own price per subscription, and it provides its listeners with advantages that other users would not have access to.

These advantages include access to content earlier than non-subscribed users and it will remove ads from all episodes of that podcast. 

So, if there is a podcast that you are a big fan of, then you may want to consider subscribing.

How do I Find Podcasts on Apple Music?

If you are looking to find a podcast on Apple Music, then you search the name of the podcast.

However, it may not show up because Apple Music does not have many podcasts.

Instead, you should go to the Apple Podcast app that is free and is pre-downloaded on every iPhone.

Once you are in the podcast app, then you can use the search bar to look for the name of the podcast. 

It will allow you to add the podcast to your library where you will have easy access to past episodes and future episodes to come.

Can I use Apple Music Without an iPhone?

Yes, you can use Apple Music without an iPhone. 

If you have an Android device and wish to use Apple Music, then you need to make sure that the device is running Android 5.0 or higher.

If your device is running Android 5.0 or higher, then you can download the app in your app store. 

However, if your device is not running at least Android 5.0, then you will not be able to use Apple Music.

Are There Other Podcast Platforms?

Yes, there are other podcast platforms. The more popular platforms include Spotify and Amazon Music, but there are plenty of other podcast platforms out there.

Each platform has incredibly similar libraries. 

There are very few podcasts that are exclusive to a specific podcast network. 

So, regardless of the podcast platform that you use, you should be able to access the podcast that you wish to listen to.

Does Apple Music Have Podcasts Like Spotify?

Yes, Apple Music does have podcasts like Spotify. 

Apple Music only has a few podcasts that are offered within the Apple Music app due to the podcast app. 

Spotify does not have a podcast app, so they must offer their music and podcasts within the same app.

While the Apple Music app may not provide you with a wide variety of podcasts, the Apple podcast network has an almost identical podcast library to Spotify.

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