Can You Listen To Apple Music Offline?

Who doesn’t want to rock out to their favorite tunes on Apple Music? After all, the Apple Music app is dense with a catalog filled with millions of songs by artists in every conceivable genre. Play if from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, CarPlay, or even your Amazon Alexa Echo or Echo Dot.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi offer easy connectivity for Apple Music subscribers, and you can also listen to it on your phone with your cellular data. But can you listen to Apple Music when you are fully offline?

Say you’re going camping, and you know your reception is going to be nil. What should you do? How are you going to fall asleep at night without your favorite relaxing playlist pumping into your ears?

There is some good news – you can add music to your iPhone for offline listening. Is it ideal? Probably not. But it is a possibility. So if you are wondering “Does Apple Music work offline?”, the answer is “Yes” – but it will take a little effort. We will go over a few different ways to connect to Apple Music offline and how to troubleshoot problems that might prevent you from listening to Apple Music offline.

Can you listen to Apple Music offline?

You can listen to Apple Music offline. Subscribers are able to download songs and music videos from Apple Music, but you must have a subscription to be able to do this. Also, take note that you cannot add or download music in the Apple Music Voice Plan.

So, how do you access your music when you are offline? How long can you listen to your music offline? And what can you do if you are unable to listen to your Apple Music offline? Read on to get these questions answered.

Can you listen to music offline with Apple Music?

There are ways to listen to your favorite Apple Music tunes offline. You can go into the app to add and download songs from Apple Music while you are online. And, of course, when you are online, you can stream your favorite music. 

You just cannot stream when you are offline. Therefore, you will have to resort to downloading your music and playing it offline.

How long can you listen to Apple Music offline?

You can listen to Apple Music offline as long as you have battery life left in your device or have it plugged in to a power outlet. 

There is no time limit on how long you can listen. But, given a lack of internal storage space, you might not be able to add a lot of songs to your iPhone. You might wish to stick with a select few playlists or albums.

How to Add Music to Your iPhone and Listen Offline

If you want to listen to songs from Apple Music offline, you need to download them first. While you cannot add and download music in the Apple Music Voice Plan, you can go into the app while you are still online, find the music you want, and download it onto your device.

There are a few ways of going about this, so let’s go through them.

Can You Listen To Apple Music Offline?

Add music from Apple Music to your library

If you wish to add music from the Apple Music app to your device’s library, you can do any of these things:

1. Put your finger on and hold down on a song, album, video, or playlist. Next, tap Add to Library.

2. Go into a playlist or album’s content. Once you see what you want, tap on the Add button close to screen’s top area. This will let you add a playlist or album. You can also tap on the More button, then on Add to Library, if you wish to add single songs one at a time.

3. Tap the More button located on the Now Playing screen. Next, tap on Add to Library.

If you want to delete music from your library, simply hold down on the song, album, music video, or playlist. You will then need to tap Delete from Library.

The music that you download onto your iPhone will also be added to any other devices if you are signed into the iTunes Store and App Store using the Apple ID for each and if Sync Library turned on, on your device. To turn on Sync Library, go to Settings, then Music, then turn on Sync Library.

Add music to a playlist

If you want, you can download music that you have on a favorite playlist on Apple Music. Doing this is super simple. You just have to:

1. Touch and hold on the album, playlist, song, or music video of your choice.

2. Tap on Add to a Playlist, then select a playlist.

Download music from Apple Music to your iPhone

You will probably want to think carefully about what music you want to download from Apple Music onto your iPhone since the phone has limited storage space. There are a few ways to accomplish this. You can:

1. Download an album, song, or playlist by touching and holding down on the music you have added to your library. After that, tap Download. Once you have added an album or playlist, you will be able to tap on the Download button displayed on the top of the screen. 

Just take note that you need to turn Sync Library on in order to download music from Apple Music to your library. To do this, you must go to Settings, then Music, then turn on Sync Library.

2. You can switch over to Always Download Music. Do this by going to Settings, then Music. Next, turn on Automatic Downloads. The songs you add will be automatically downloaded to your iPhone.

You can see your download progress by going to the Library screen, then tap Downloaded Music. Next, tap on Downloading. You will need to keep in mind that the music you are downloading is available to you through Dolby Atmos. 

You will see the Dolby button located next to the song title. When you see this, you can download it in stereo or in Dolby Atmos. If you wish to download the music in Dolby Atmos, just go to Settings, followed by Music. After that, you will just need to turn on Download in Dolby Atmos.

Manage your storage space

You’re going to need to make sure you have enough storage space available on your device for the music you wish to download. There are a few ways to manage your storage space. You can:

1. Remove all songs or specific artists from your iPhone by going to Settings > Music > Downloaded Music. Then tap Edit, followed by the Delete button next to All Songs or the artists whose music you wish to offload.

2. Free up your music storage if your iPhone is low on storage space. This means that you can automatically remove already downloaded music that you have not played in quite a while. To do this, simply go to Settings  > Music > Optimize Storage.

3. To remove videos and music stored on your iPhone, touch and hold your downloaded item. Tap Remove, then Remove Downloads. This item will be removed from your iPhone, but they will stay on your iCloud Music Library.

Choose cellular data options for Music

There are cellular data options available for your music too. If you want to switch over to them, you need to go to Settings, then Music, then turn on Cellular Data. 

After that, you can either turn Download over Cellular on or off or tap on Audio Quality. Then, you can turn on Lossless Audio before you go ahead and tap on Cellular Streaming to select a setting (settings are None, High Efficiency, High Quality, Lossless, or High-Resolution Lossless).

Take note, High Quality, Lossless, and High-Resolution Lossless gobble up way more cellular data than High Efficiency. You might also get slapped with some extra charges by your service carrier. It might also take longer for songs to start playing if you use High Efficiency.

Why can’t I listen to my Apple Music offline?

If your Apple Music isn’t playing offline, you can go to Settings > Music, then disable and re-enable Sync Library. This is a known issue for Apple, and there are quite a few possible causes.

Closing Thoughts

You can listen to Apple Music offline if you want to. You just need to download the music you want to listen to, given that you have plenty of space available on your device for it. If you don’t, you’ll need to think about what you can delete in order to make space for your downloads.

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