Does AppleCare Cover Scratches?

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate incident of dropping or bumping your device, then you know that this is one of the most common ways for damages to happen. 

Even if I have a case on my device, these incidents can cause scratches and dents. 

The question is whether or not AppleCare is going to cover this problem.

Does AppleCare Cover Scratches?

AppleCare will cover any scratches caused by drops and bumps. The AppleCare warranty covers physical problems resulting from the everyday use of my device. Damage outside of normal daily use is not covered by AppleCare.

Damage like this will not be covered if I drop my phone in a puddle or have it stolen in the middle of the night, for example. 

This means that AppleCare won’t cover crackling sounds when my phone is set to silent mode or damage caused by water (such as a salt-water pool).

I shouldn’t try to prolong the life of my device by avoiding these kinds of incidents, but this is a good rule of thumb.

I also can’t get AppleCare if I drop my device in a way that leads to water damage, so I don’t let pool-side or ocean-side adventures lead to this kind of problem. 

I either keep it in the case or let it sit dry and wet.

I can’t get AppleCare if I crash my device while connected to a printer. 

If I am trying to print something, Siri won’t help me with this problem. 

And if I have questions about my warranty, I can always call the Apple customer service hotline for assistance.

Does AppleCare cover scratches on the lens?

I will have a hard time getting AppleCare to replace my lens; if I am having problems with the camera or any of the hardware in this department, I will get them replaced. 

But Apple may not replace the lens if they don’t feel it was caused by damage. 

They would probably point out that I did no physical damage to the device.

Does AppleCare cover dents in the casing?

If I dropped my device and it hit just right so that it dented, I may get this fixed with my AppleCare warranty.

If I want to get prevention measures in place, though, adding a screen protector will help prevent damage from drops. 

It also will make my screen easier to clean up since it won’t scratch as easily.

This is why I recommend AppleCare for any phone or tablet purchase.

The same goes for my screen – I can make sure it doesn’t get scratched by putting on a screen protector.

AppleCare covers this, but they may say it was my fault if the scratches were there before the incident occurred.

Remember that a screen protector will not prevent damage, but it will help minimize how much my device will have to be replaced.

What does my AppleCare cover?

My AppleCare Plus warranty will cover any physical damage due to drops and bumps, scratches, and cracks

The key here is that it will cover physical damage only; my device won’t be replaced if there is software on it that won’t work after the accident. (But a new phone will be issued, of course).

My AppleCare warranty covers repairing hardware-related problems like cracked screens, buttons, and such.

But another thing to note is that my AppleCare warranty won’t cover damage that I could have avoided. 

If I drop my device in water and don’t have a waterproof case, this is not covered. 

The same goes for spilling coffee on my device.

The other thing that must be considered is how old the device is and how much I used it before the accident occurred. 

Apple typically issues three years of warranty for iOS devices and two years for Macs, but my device may have been in use before the accident while it is still covered.

How long does AppleCare cover for?

AppleCare coverage usually is valid for up to two years, but this may vary if I choose a warranty plan that’s either over two years.

I can find more details on the Apple website.

If the accident happened while my device was in use but not yet covered, it would still be covered.

For example, if I broke my screen and fixed it before I got AppleCare and then dropped it again. 

AppleCare will cover the damage even though it was my first fix.

This is why it’s essential to keep all of my receipts until I am sure my device is in good condition.

If I have the AppleCare Protection Plan, I can claim on the web without sending in my device. 

I will have to pay for shipping for any items that need to be shipped, but I do not have to send my device back.

My device must be less than two years old and registered with AppleCare to use this service.

I will also be able to request a free repair if I cannot get it fixed myself.

AppleCare is one of the top reasons I recommend buying Apple products. 

While I can understand the argument about what a scam it is to buy AppleCare, I find that if I sign up for a warranty plan, I will get my device fixed in case of an accident or incident. 

If I want to purchase AppleCare, though, I need to make sure it makes sense.

And remember that my warranty may not cover catastrophic problems like water damage or screen cracks (unless caused by bumps and drops).

So if I am looking for a way to cover my device from water damage, this is one good option.

It can’t completely prevent my device from being damaged by water, but it will help minimize the amount of damage and the extent of that damage.

AppleCare is a good option if I plan to use my phone near water or use it in situations where there is a risk that it may be damaged by water.

AppleCare is good insurance that will help me if my device is damaged by an accident or incident.

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