How To Find Someone’s IP Address On A PS4

In gaming, finding someone’s IP address can give you an advantage over your opponent. How do you find someone’s IP address during gaming on a PS4

How To Find Someones IP Address On A PS4 3 1 How To Find Someone’s IP Address On A PS4

Can you find out someone’s IP address while gaming on a PS4?

You can find someone’s IP address on a PS4 through the use of a PSN revolver, monitoring IP packs with your device, the use of grabify web application, and the use of BeenVerified. In addition to that, you can use the command prompt.

As technology continues to improve and become more sophisticated, there are things that were not possible years ago but are doable today. 

Gaming via the internet is one of the innovations that define today’s technological breakthroughs. Specifically, gamers using PS4 are able to play and interact with one another online. With the popularity of PS4 today, privacy for gamers is essential.

For gamers to have safe gaming experiences, there are settings that help to hide their IP addresses. However, there are ways that a gamer can use to find someone’s IP address on PS4. In most cases, players seek to find the IP addresses of other players on PS4 to threaten them as game sessions continue. In this article, you’ll learn the different ways through which an IP address of someone on PS4 can be exposed.

The Use of a PSN Resolver

How To Find Someones IP Address On A PS4 How To Find Someone’s IP Address On A PS4

PSN Resolver is one of the free tools that gamers have been using to find the IP addresses of other players. The two major reasons why PSN Resolvers have become so popular today as an IP address finder is because they are easy to use and their availability in the market.

The most important thing when using a PSN Resolver to find the IP address of someone on PS4 is the PlayStation Network ID. 

There are several steps required for this tool to find a player’s IP address on PS4.

The first step is to download the tool on either your computer or phone. 

Once you’ve downloaded the PSN Resolver, you can go ahead and install it on your gadget.

The second step is to collect the PSN ID of the user by checking the user’s profile.

Once you’ve gotten the PSN ID, the next step is to copy the ID and input it in the area designated by the tool.

Once you’ve followed the above-mentioned steps, the PSN Resolver will simply process the ID and pinpoint the IP address.

Monitoring IP Packets with Your Device

How To Find Someones IP Address On A PS4 1 How To Find Someone’s IP Address On A PS4

It’s possible for players to track your IP address without your knowledge. All that one needs is to use an application with the capacity to monitor traffic flow and the identification of the IP address will be possible. 

Wireshark is an application that one can use to monitor traffic flow with the aim of identifying another player’s IP address on PS4. There are several steps that one has to follow to capture another’s IP address.                                                                                                       

The first step is to ensure that your Wi-Fi network is working and then use it to connect your device to the internet. Once you’re connected to the internet, you’ll be able to connect your PS4 to the computer.

The second step is to initiate the connection-sharing option in your device (computer). 

This makes it possible for the console and the network to get connected to each other.

In such a setup, the PS4 will be in a position to capture the data that goes through the computer.

This is where Wireshark comes in to monitor the IP packets in the network. This makes it possible to capture one’s IP address.

Utilizing the Grabify Web Application

Grabify is an application with proven capacity to detect the IP address of PS4 users. All that one needs to do to detect the IP address of another is to send a link to the person.

The moment the person clicks the link, it will be possible to detect the IP address through Grabify. 

For this process to work, one has to get hold of the URL of the content that the other player has interest in.

 Essentially, by capturing the URL of interest to the player, it’s possible to create a clickbait link. By clicking on the link, the user will direct you to the URL of the page. Here is the process demonstrating how it’s done.

The first step is getting the PSN ID of the user whose IP address you’re interested in and then click on the “friends” button

This will add the player to the list of your friends.

Once you’ve made the player your friend, you can press the messages option to communicate with the user.

The next step is to upload a game image of your choice on a URL you would like to send to your target player on PS4. 

Next, you launch Grabify’s homepage and input the URL of the webpage in the provided text field.

Afterwards, get a shortened URL from Grabify that’s used as a clickbait. There’s also a tracking code generated by Grabify to track the people who click on the link.

With the link and tracking code generated by Grabify, it’s possible to identify the IP addresses of the people who click on the link.

How To Find Someones IP Address On A PS4 2 How To Find Someone’s IP Address On A PS4

Tracking Location Using BeenVerified

It’s possible to track the details of a PS4 using BeenVerified. This is a website that collects social media network information. 

People understand that privacy is key when using online applications. 

It’s for this reason that they use usernames that aren’t their real names. 

A good number of people use a similar username on all the sites they are connected to.

For example, a person can choose to use the same username on different social media platforms.

With this in mind, a player’s ID on PS4 can be similar to the username used in other sites. 

Therefore, the particular username can be utilized to track the player’s location using BeenVerified. With this website, it’s possible to know a PS4 player’s location. 

This is possible through the following steps:

The first step is to launch BeenVerified. Once you’ve launched it, the next step is to enter the online ID and choose the ‘search’ option.

The website searches the database to find a match. After the search, BeenVerified displays the results. The report shows the location and details of the player being tracked.

Using Command Prompt

Command Prompt can be utilized to get IP addresses of PS4 users. For this method to work, a connection with other players has to be created. 

There are steps that should be followed to succeed in obtaining an IP address through Command Prompt.

The first step is to identify the target username and include the user as a friend.

The second step is initiating a connection with the target through a chat. The third step involves sending a gaming video or link through a direct message. 

On the fourth step, you should run the application from your device (computer).

The last step is to open a command panel and then type Netstat-an. Ensure that there are no other programs running as you run this one.

After running it through, you’ll be able to find the IP address you’re looking for.

Key Takeaways

  • Finding someone’s IP address on PS4 is possible.
  • There are particular methods that identify a person’s IP address on PS4.
  • Using a PSN Resolver and monitoring IP packets can be used for IP address location.
  • Utilizing Grabify and tracking location using BeenVerified are other proven ways.
  • Command Prompt is also a proven method of finding someone’s IP address on PS4.

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