3 Ways To Get More Apps On A 3rd-Generation Apple TV

Apple TV users agree that it’s quite challenging to keep up with the constant new updates. With that in mind, many ask how to get more apps on Apple TV 3rd generation. 

How do I get episodes of TV shows on my Apple TV 2 2 3 Ways To Get More Apps On A 3rd-Generation Apple TV

How do I get more apps on a 3rd generation Apple TV?

To get more apps, users must simply access an iOS device connected to the same network as their TV and then log on to their Apple ID. Once logged in, they can download an app from the App Store, and it will be available to use on their Apple TV. 

However, it’s safe to say that not everyone is good with tech. Some require assistance when it comes to operating these modern-day devices. Here we go over how the Apple TV 3rd generation works, how apps can be downloaded and used, and how this device can be used to the fullest. 

How Do Apps on Apple TV 3rd Generation Work?

How do I get episodes of TV shows on my Apple TV 4 3 Ways To Get More Apps On A 3rd-Generation Apple TV

Like modern-day TVs apps on Apple TV 3rd generation work by providing users with access to a wide variety of content. 

This includes movies, sports, news, and even live streaming of popular shows and events. 

However, unlike the latest versions of Apple TV, the 3rd generation doesn’t come with a pre-installed app store.

But users need not worry, as apps can still be downloaded by some non-traditional methods like Airplay and iTunes. 

Apps are available from the App Store or other sources such as Google Play or Amazon App Store. 

Additionally, apps can be purchased directly through the app TV 3rd generation itself. 

The apps run in either HTML 5 or native code for maximum performance and compatibility across different devices and platforms. 

Many apps also offer interactive features that allow users to engage more deeply with their content. For example, some music streaming services include lyrics displays that appear alongside songs being played back on the device. Similarly, games can feature high-quality graphics that take advantage of the powerful hardware

The number of apps that can be downloaded naturally depends on the amount of space available on their Apple TV. 

Standard models come with around 32gb to 64gb space for users to work around with – which is usually enough to download and operate a multitude of apps without any issues.

However, if need be users can always go ahead and purchase more storage from iCloud. 

How do I get episodes of TV shows on my Apple TV 3 3 Ways To Get More Apps On A 3rd-Generation Apple TV

How to Get More Apps on Apple TV?

Since the Apple TV 3rd gen doesn’t have its own apple store, users need to find other ways to get more apps for their entertainment. A few of the most convenient ways have been described below. 

With The Help of AirPlay Mirroring

Airplay Mirroring is a great way to get apps onto your Apple TV 3rd Generation. It is a feature that allows you to stream content, such as photos, music, and videos from your iOS device directly to your Apple TV. 

This enables users to share what’s on their device with friends and family without having to download it separately onto the Apple TV.

However keep in mind for Airplay mirroring to work, your iOS device and Apple TV must be on the same Wi-Fi network and have iOS 5 or later installed on the device. 

Start by ensuring that both the device and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, open the home screen of your iOS device and swipe up to open the control center. 

There you must find the screen mirroring option – an icon that looks like two screens and tap it. Next, select your Apple TV from the list of options available. 

With this option turned on, the iOS device’s screen should now appear on the Apple TV display. 

Now all you have to do is, open the App Store on your iOS device and search for any app you want to download onto your Apple TV 3rd Generation. 

Once you have found the app, tap Get or Buy and then enter your Apple ID credentials to begin downloading it. The app will simultaneously be downloaded onto the Apple TV 3rd generation through AirPlay mirroring.

With The Help of iTunes

iTunes is another convenient way of getting apps on the 3rd generation Apple TV. The only thing you must keep in mind is that the app you desire must already be available in iTunes. 

Start by opening iTunes on your computer and then click on ‘Apps’ from the navigation bar at the top. 

Next, select ‘Apple TV Apps’ or type in what you are looking for into the search box and you will get a list of available apps that match your query. 

Once you have found an app that you would like to download onto your Apple TV, hover over its icon and click on ‘Download.’ The app will then start downloading onto your computer after which it will be pushed to your Apple TV automatically if it is turned on and connected with the same Wi-Fi as your computer.

The downloaded app will appear on the main menu of your device from where it can be opened and explored. 

With The Help of a ChromeCast

How do I get episodes of TV shows on my Apple TV 5 3 Ways To Get More Apps On A 3rd-Generation Apple TV

Another relatively straightforward way to get more apps is by using Chromecast – a type of unique media streaming device manufactured by Google. 

It allows users to access online content like movies, TV shows, music and videos on their television by connecting directly to the user’s router via an HDMI cable.

The device then streams media from compatible apps or websites.

Once you have purchased a Chromecast which is available at the affordable price of $35, you will need to install it. 

Start by plugging the Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port, connecting it to a power source, and then inserting the USB power cable.

After the setup is complete, download the Google Home app on either an Android or iOS device through the app store. 

For this process to work as well, it is essential that both devices be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Next, launch any of the compatible apps on your iOS device and look for a ‘cast’ icon – a small TV with a signal up top. 

Tap on it, select your Chromecast device name and voila! Now you can start streaming movies, shows, music and other content straight onto your TV through the Apple TV 3rd Generation device. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Apple TV 3rd generation doesn’t come with a pre-installed app store.
  • Users can still access apps via some non-traditional methods.
  • They can use Airplay mirroring to mirror the screen of their iOS device on their TV.
  • They can use iTunes to download apps on their iOS device and subsequently their TV.
  • Or they can purchase a Chromecast.

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