​​How Hot Can Airpods Get?

Electronic devices have incredible strength and durability these days. It seems as if every year, technology advances to bring us more water-proof, drop-proof, and overall more resilient gadgets.

But if you’ve ever thought about bringing your AirPods to the beach, wearing them during a hot workout, or even keeping them in your ear while in the sauna, you may have wondered how hot AirPods can get. 

According to Apple, the famous tech brand responsible for AirPods, users should wear these Bluetooth-operated earbuds at ambient temperatures. 

In other words, AirPods are most suitable at temperatures between 0º and 35º Celsius or between 32º to 95º Fahrenheit. 

What Happens If AirPods Get Too Hot?

If your AirPods are in temperatures too high (or too low), they might behave differently than they are designed to operate. 

Using them in a freezing environment can temporarily shorten their battery life or cause them to turn off unexpectedly. However, using them when it’s too hot is even worse, as overheating can cause the battery life to shorten permanently. 

Fortunately, Apple designed AirPod devices to automatically protect their internal components from extreme temperatures and self-regulate when they exceed its standard operating temperature. 

This design feature is why your AirPods might turn off suddenly if they get too hot. Once they have cooled down, they will work again as expected. 

Regardless, it is still important to monitor whether or not they are getting too hot and try to avoid overheating them when possible. 

Which Temperatures Are Best for Airpods?

AirPods don’t do well with extreme heat, nor do they fare well in extremely cold temperatures. It is best to use AirPods in temperatures between 0º and 35º Celsius or 32º to 95º Fahrenheit. 

This wide temperature range gives users a lot of flexibility regarding how and where to use their AirPods while still protecting the device’s design and battery life. 

Where Might AirPods Get Too Hot?

AirPods tend to get overly heated in specific environments and conditions. 

For example, leaving your AirPods inside your car on a particularly hot day can cause them to overheat. Additionally, if your Airpods are in direct exposure to sunlight for a long period, they can also get too hot. 

If you are going to use your Airpods outside on a sunny day — perhaps at the beach, while camping, or on a bike ride — make sure they are covered or inside a bag when not in use. 

Of course, it is also essential to store AirPods in a temperate place as well. If they are stored in an environment over 95º F for an extended time, they will likely break. 

Why Else Might AirPods Overheat?

Besides being in an environment over 95º F, or being exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, AirPods can also more easily overheat when there is a lot of dirt and dust inside them.

Thus, it is additionally helpful to clean your AirPods occasionally to prevent them from overheating. 

Further, if your AirPods are prone to overheating and you can reasonably rule out the reasons above, they might have a hardware issue. In this case, take them to the Apple Store’s Genius Bar to get checked. 

Can AirPods Get Too Hot When Charging?

If you are charging your AirPods, you might feel that they get a little warmer to the touch. This level of warming is average, and there is no cause for concern.

Similarly, if you’re using your AirPods for an extended period, they might also warm up. This temperature is acceptable. 

However, if they start to warm up when you are not using them or charging them, then take steps to cool them down, either by removing them from the environment they are in or covering them up to protect them from direct sunlight or heat. 

Can I Charge My AirPods Overnight?

Yes, you can charge your AirPods overnight, as long as the temperature they are charging is within the appropriate range. 

The act of charging them is not what will cause them to overheat alone, so as long as the environment is fine, you can keep them in the charger for as long as you’d like.

However, if you just removed your AirPods from a scorching environment, it is wise to give them a chance to cool down before charging them. 

Can I Wear My AirPods In The Sun?

Yes, it is okay to wear your AirPods while you’re in the sun. 

However, if you are wearing them for a long time and they start to act strange (e.g., disconnected or turning off), this might mean that they are beginning to get too hot. In this case, it would be wise to take the AirPods off, put them in their case, and give them a break to cool down.

A great rule of thumb is that if you’re starting to get too hot under the sun, your AirPods probably are starting to get too hot too!

How Do I Replace AirPods Damaged By Heat?

If your AirPods have been compromised or damaged by heat, you will likely have to purchase a new pair. 

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of damage. It is not a manufacturing issue but a problem that the user could have avoided with more careful use. 

This is why it is crucial to use and store your Airpods appropriately, within the temperature range mentioned above. 


AirPods are fantastic, intelligent Bluetooth devices that are well-equipped to handle drops, dirt, sweat, and more.

Additionally, they can handle a wide range of temperatures and can even self-regulate their temperature when they begin to get too cold or too hot.

However, AirPods are not infallible. They can experience loss of battery life, dysfunctional behavior, and even permanent damage if left out in extremely hot (or cold) temperatures for too long.

Thus, it is essential to use, carry, and store your AirPods in moderate temperatures and protect them when you are in extremely hot weather or exposed to direct sunlight. 

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