How Do I Record On My Samsung Smart TV? (Solved!)

Your Samsung Smart TV is equipped with tons of different functions and features to improve your home entertainment system, but how do your record TV with it? In the past, recording live TV always required you to have a DVR set up at home, but these devices are becoming less popular now that smart TVs have this feature built-in. However, some Samsung Smart TV owners are wondering how to enable the record setting on their devices. 

How Do I Record On My Samsung Smart TV 1 How Do I Record On My Samsung Smart TV? (Solved!)

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How Do I Record On My Samsung Smart TV? 

To instantly record on your Samsung Smart TV, press the ‘123’ button and hit the ‘Record’ button. To schedule a recording on your Samsung Smart TV, press ‘Home’, ‘Live TV’, ‘Schedule Manager’, ‘Add Recording’, select the channel you want to record, press ‘Settings’, and choose a recording time.

The ability to record live TV makes content so much more enjoyable and practical. Traditionally, we have always had to sit through commercials when watching TV and if your favorite show is on while you were away from home – then you are out of luck. 

You can watch TV when you want and without commercials when you record the content that you want to watch. Although some people do still use DVRs, these devices are starting to get replaced by Smart TVs.

Samsung has some of the most popular smart TVs on the market and they come equipped with so many features to simplify the way that you enjoy streaming and even recording live TV. With that being said, a lot of people are finding it hard to record on their Samsung Smart TV and when they do find the controls, the recording doesn’t save. To help you understand this further, we are going to take you through the process of how to record on your Samsung Smart TV.

After extensively researching Samsung Smart TVs, I have been able to gather enough information to determine how to record with these devices. My research has indicated that Samsung Smart TVs do not have built-in memory for storage, which is why you must utilize an external memory device to record content. 

What Do I Need to Record on my Samsung Smart TV?

How Do I Record On My Samsung Smart TV 1 1 How Do I Record On My Samsung Smart TV? (Solved!)

If you want to record on your Samsung Smart TV, you need to make sure that you have everything set up for it to work. Before you start recording, confirm that your Samsung Smart TV is set up to record live TV. 

For this to work, you must have a cable or satellite connection for receiving channels from a provider. In addition, you must have an external storage device. 

Your Samsung Smart TV needs to store the content that you record somewhere. Given that the TV does not have internal memory storage for your recordings, you must connect one first. The storage device that you connect to your Samsung TV must have USB 2.0 input compatibility. You can use one of the following external storage devices for this:

  • USB stick
  • External hard drive

Either of these devices will be ideal for storing your recordings, but you should make sure that you have enough memory beforehand. Recordings can take up quite a bit of space – especially if you plan on storing a lot of content. 

Although you should decide for yourself how much you actually need, I would recommend an external device that has at least 16 to 32GB of free space on it. However, if you plan on recording more than 50 hours of TV, then you should opt for a 128GB storage device (or more).

How to Record on a Samsung Smart TV

Now that you have an external storage device for your Samsung Smart TV, you need to connect it to your TV so that your recording can be saved. Your Samsung Smart TV will have a number of slots on the back of the device equipped with USB 2.0 connection inputs.

You must insert the storage device into one of the inputs. Once the device is inserted, you are all set to start recording. To record on your Samsung Smart TV, you need to press the ‘123’ button on your remote which is located towards the top left. 

The button should also have the colors red, yellow, green, and blue above the ‘123’ numbers. 

However, your Samsung Smart TV is equipped with more than just one record-setting. Depending on what you want your device to do, you can record live TV instantly or you can schedule a recording for later. 

How to Instantly Record on a Samsung Smart TV

If you are really enjoying what’s on and you want to save a recording of it for later, then you can save it to your device by instantly recording live TV. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Press ‘123’
  2. Wait for the remote image to appear on the screen
  3. Select the ‘Record’ button

As soon as you do this, your Samsung Smart TV will immediately start recording whatever is on and it will save it onto your external storage device.

How to Schedule a Recording on a Samsung Smart TV

What is really great about recording with your Samsung Smart TV is that you can actually schedule the feature to start whenever you want. 

This way you can watch all of your favorite shows without ever having to miss an episode – and you can do it without commercials!

Scheduling a recording requires a few more steps than doing it instantly but the process is still very straightforward. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Press ‘Home’ 
  2. Select ‘Live TV’
  3. Select ‘Schedule Manager’
  4. Select ‘Add Recording’ 
  5. Find the channel and program that you want to record
  6. Select ‘Settings’
  7. Set the recording time 

Once the time is set, your Samsung Smart TV will automatically start recording when your program starts.

How to Access Recordings on a Samsung Smart TV

After you recorded some content, you will need to access it in order to watch it. Given that the recordings are not being stored directly on your Samsung TV, you will need to open up your external storage device in the ‘Source’ menu. 

Make sure that the storage device is connected to your Samsung Smart TV and then press the ‘Source’ button on your remote. Look through the source options that are available and then select your storage device. 

Once you press on the storage device, you will see all of the recordings that you have saved on the device. You can watch any recording that you have saved simply by selecting it.

What Can I Record on my Samsung Smart TV?

The record feature on Samsung Smart TVs is a game-changer for watching TV, but it is important that you understand that you cannot record just anything. There are some limitations to the record feature given that you can only record live TV that is not encoded.

There are a number of copyright issues that dictate the legal terms of recording TV. To ensure that no laws are being broken, your Samsung Smart TV will prevent you from recording anything other than live cable and satellite TV.

With that being said, the record feature is not available when you are watching any pay-per-view channels, as well as any third-party applications. Content on these channels and through these services is encoded and your recording will be blocked.

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