7 Reasons Your Samsung TV Screen Goes Black Randomly

Imagine settling into your cozy sofa for a movie night, only to be thwarted by your Samsung TV screen mysteriously going black at random intervals – a frustratingly common issue for many users. Unravel the threads of this perplexing problem with us as we delve deep into the hidden realms of TV technology, ensuring your future viewing is nothing but clear, uninterrupted visual joy.

Reasons Your Samsung TV Screen Goes Black Randomly 1 1 7 Reasons Your Samsung TV Screen Goes Black Randomly

Why does my Samsung TV go black randomly?

If your Samsung TV screen goes black randomly, you should check the power supply, check the sleep mode or power saver settings, try using a different input, reboot the TV, or execute a firmware update. If none of these work, consider a factory reset or replacement TV. 

Samsung TVs are known for their outstanding quality and reliability. However, there are some cases where the screen goes black randomly. This is usually caused by various reasons that require testing to determine the right solution. 

This guide provides ways to fix the issue so you can solve it immediately.

All TVs are a bit different in how they operate and how they are designed. Samsung TVs require a different approach when the screen goes black randomly, and we have tested each solution listed in this guide to ensure it can work. 

Samsung TV Screen Goes Black Randomly? [SOLVED]

Samsung TVs are known for their excellent picture quality, but sometimes it can be a pain to deal with the screen going black randomly. Various factors can cause this issue, so it is essential to troubleshoot them one at a time.

You should think about what triggers the TV to go black, or is it completely random. Sometimes, you can identify the problem by noticing when it happens. 

For example, if it happens after watching TV for an hour or two, you could have sleep mode activated. More times than not, the solution to stop this from happening is a simple one. 

You should also think about how many devices you have connected to the TV. This is especially true if it has Bluetooth and you use Airpods and streaming devices with it. 

7 Ways To Fix Samsung TV Screen That Randomly Goes Black

A Samsung TV’s screen might go black randomly due to a faulty power supply unit or a worn-out motherboard. Many reasons cause the issue, and each one has a slightly different solution.

Below you will find seven of the most effective ways to fix a Samsung TV that randomly experiences a black screen. Try each of them until you can fix the problem. 

1. Check & Replace Your Power Supply

You should always start by checking the cables and your direct power source for the TV. More times than not, you can trace by the random black screen to a loose cord that comes unplugged. 

If this is the case, replace the power supply. You should also test the cords on a different TV to see whether they are the problem or if it is the actual TV giving you issues. 

2. Check Your Power Saver Or Sleep Timer Mode

Another potential solution to fixing the random black screen occurrence is by heading into the settings. Here you will see power saver mode and sleep time settings.

Open both of these to see whether they are turned on. It is not uncommon for the power saver to kick in while using the TV or sleep mode to activate at the wrong time. 

By turning these off, you can test whether this was the cause of the random black screen occurring on your Samsung TV. 

3. Try A New Input

Many TVs have multiple inputs, including a few HDMI ports. Try switching to a different input to see if this solves the problem.

If you notice that the screen comes back on, there is likely an issue with whatever input was giving you the black screen. 

4. Perform A Firmware Update

Check if there are any updates available for your model of Samsung TV by going to the settings area. Letting your TV get outdated can cause many problems, including the random black screen. 

Once you update the firmware to the most recent release, you should see the screen work again, improving speeds and TV performance. 

Reasons Your Samsung TV Screen Goes Black Randomly 7 Reasons Your Samsung TV Screen Goes Black Randomly

5. Do A TV Reboot

A TV reboot is also referred to as a soft reset. This does not remove apps from your Samsung, information, or data and sometimes can be exactly what you need to fix the device. 

To do so, you unplug the device and wait 30 seconds. This will wipe out the power, and after plugging it back in, you should see the screen working again. 

6. Restore TV To Factory Settings

Restoring your TV to factory settings should fix some problems that are related to the screen. Consider this your last effort to try and fix the TV before getting a new one. 

This process will erase all of your data on the TV, so make sure that you back up anything important first. 

7. Replace TV

If you have tried all of these fixes and failed to see any positive results, it might be time to replace the TV. 

You could also try bringing it to a technician first but depending on the issue, and it could be cheaper to replace your Samsung TV rather than pay to repair it. 

What Causes Samsung TV Screen To Randomly Go Black?

Samsung TVs are one of the best on the market but have a few quirks. One of them is that the screen can randomly go black. 

A power surge or power outage usually causes this, but there are other reasons as well.

Loose Power Connections

The most common cause of a Samsung TV screen randomly going black is loose power connections or cables. When these are loose, they tend to provide a weak power source.

This causes the TV screen to cut out often. Always check how old your cables are and whether they work on other devices. If not, the time to replace them is now. 

Software Or Firmware Issue

Another common cause of a black screen is software or firmware issues. These are caused by bugs in the operating system that manage the TV’s display or glitches in the software update process.

It also can be much simpler too. Your firmware could be outdated, or your OS could use a refresh depending on your TV is age. 

Incorrect Settings

Check the settings in your TV to ensure everything looks right. This includes items like sleep timers, power saver mode, and automatic updates. 

Hardware Failure

If nothing works, it could mean you have experienced an internal hardware failure on your device. This requires a professional technician to fix the TV, or a new replacement TV is needed. 

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Why Does Samsung TV Screen Go Black But Still Have Sound?

Identifying the cause of this can be tricky, but there is a solution that will work to restore the TV’s picture. 

First, you should turn the TV off and unplug the cord from the wall socket. Allow it to remain unplugged for a few minutes. 

With the TV unplugged, hold down the power button on the front or side of your machine for 30 seconds. This initiates internal troubleshooting that helps restore the TV picture. 

After counting to 30, release the power button. Now you can plug the TV back into the wall socket and try powering it on. 

If this solution is unsuccessful, you may be forced to initiate a factory reset. This can be done by using a pin to click the reset button found at the back of the TV.

You will lose all of your information and data on the TV, but it should get your screen working again. If not, this means a technician must repair or replace the TV. 

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