How do I reset my AirPods?

Airpods, over time, can stop responding or have troubles when pairing with your devices. This might call for a factory reset of your AirPods to address the issue. I did a little research and a guide that will take you through the steps to perform a factory reset on your AirPods.


How Do I Reset My Airpods?

To reset your AirPods, put them in the charging case, close it for 30 seconds, then open it. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the “i” next to AirPods, choose “Forget This Device.” Open the case, press and hold the setup button until the light flashes white. Repair them with your iPhone.

How Do I Reset My Airpods to Sell

If you want to sell your Airpods, you can unpair and reset them. Unpairing is not limited to iPhone and iOS users only. You can unpair your AirPods from any of your devices.

This will make the earbuds act as new. You replicate the same steps on whichever hardware you own. Here are a few steps to make sure you reset them in the right way:

1. Always ensure that the AirPods are in their case. The lid of the case should also be closed.

2. Give it about one minute then you can open the lid of the case

3. Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings. You can easily access this by navigating to the Settings app and selecting Bluetooth.

4. Navigate to the list of paired devices. Locate your AirPods and select the “i” that is next to them.

5. Select “Forget This Device” to unpair the AirPods from the device.

6. Having the lid open, press the small button located at the back of the case. If you hold it down for about 15 seconds, you will see the case status blinking an amber color. You should then release the button.

7. With the lid still open, you can bring your AirPods close to the device to repair them.

Your AirPods can be unpaired from your device whether they are currently connected or not. The earbuds will be removed from your Apple account.

What Does the Light on the Airpods Mean?

The Airpods feature a status light at the top of the compartment. It is underneath the lid if you are using the wired charging case. For the wireless charging case, the LED is on the outside front of the case.

Specific combinations of the lights convey different messages and issues. This depends on the location of your AirPods at the time. Before resetting, you must understand the meaning of the different lights.

The LED status tells you how much of charge is left on your AirPods. Green lighting is associated with healthy battery life. The Airpods have enough battery life for regular use. However, if you see a green light and the Airpods are not in the case, you only have one remaining charge.

Although you cannot see the battery percentage, the status lights convey the same message and effectively. To find out the actual percentage life of your Airpods, you can open your Airpod case and check it out from your iPhone.

If the amber light is flashing, it indicates that there is an error. This might be within one or more of your devices. It is commonly associated with an error in the server connection. You need to reset your AirPods and try again.

On the other hand, a white flashing light indicates that the Airpod is ready to pair. It can connect to your Apple devices. If there is no light when the AirPods are in the case, it means that the charge has been completely depleted and needs to be charged.

When Might You Need to Reset Your Airpods?

For an extended period, Apple was using Earpods as their primary earbuds. With the advancements in technology, it was only a matter of time before a wireless solution was introduced to the market. Since their launch, they’ve had a greater reach compared to Earpods.

The fact that they are wireless made it easier for them to cement a place in society. AirPods implement a syncing feature in their functionality. This can, at times, be a demerit and can necessitate resetting. This is especially the case if they are connected across multiple devices.

You might think resetting your Airpods is not necessary. The steps are applicable to any generation of AirPods. This can be Airpods, Airpods Pro, or Airpods Max.

Most of the issues emerge from syncing. Once you open the lid of your AirPods case, they should automatically connect to the nearest device. Sometimes, this is not the case. Syncing to a new device is at times, annoying.

For iPhone users, the Airpods manage the gadget you should sync to. This is based on use. At times the syncing is not accomplished. The best solution in such a case is to reset your AirPods.

With your Airpods, you can experience some issues with connectivity. The most common solution is to reset the AirPods. This makes them perform at best and makes them seem new.

Another issue is when the Airpods won’t charge. The power management firmware might be malfunctioning. A quick reset might be the solution, and the AirPods will be working again.

The power management firmware might also be malfunctioning, causing the batteries to drain so fast. Each Airpod has a small battery in the stem. Resetting might help if you feel like they are draining too rapidly.

Another reason is if you’ve just sold or gifted someone your AirPods. The other party must reset them for them to sync with their devices. The AirPods might begin acting up after a few years of use. Most of the devices associated with Bluetooth are prone to errors. This is because of the wireless nature.

How To Repair Your AirPods

Reconnecting your AirPods back is the easier part. This is due to the inclusion of the H1 or the W1 chip. When you open the lid of the Airpod case near one of your devices, it should automatically display a pop-up menu. You then tap “Connect” to pair the AirPods.

This is not the case for Android smartphones or Windows PC. You must open the AirPods case and press and hold the Airpod’s setup button. You should hold onto it until the status light starts blinking. You then connect to the device’s Bluetooth menu like any other accessory.

What Are Other Applications To Use

When using your Mac, you can use other applications to ensure you have a smooth time. When you put your AirPods in, they should automatically pair to your Mac. The process can sometimes be fussy. A better alternative can be Touthfairy for your Mac.

The application takes your Mac Bluetooth menu options a bit further. The application allows you to add a menu bar, specifically for your AirPods. This comes along with a dedicated icon of your choice. This makes pairing to your Airpods only a click away. You no longer need to go through your settings menu to pair to your AirPods.

Toothfairy also works with other accessories that can be linked via Bluetooth. The application essentially allows you to create shortcuts that you can use to pair to your devices.

The sound quality on the Airpods is top-notch. You can take a greater step and stabilize the sound quality. Most of us prefer that the Mac comes with an in-built equalizer. This can be achieved by Boom 3d application.

The application allows you to simulate 3D sound straight from your Mac. There is no need to have a room full of speakers. With Boom 3D application, you can create virtual settings that emulate the room of speakers.

The application also allows for advanced equalizer settings. You can even set the settings according to the music genre that you are listening to. It allows for fine-tuning just like in your iPhone. Boom 3D has volume controls that can be restricted to each app independently.

This is helpful for video players that are always at maximum volume for no reason. It also caters to annoying pop-ups. They are interruptive and are dining, especially when listening to music.

Closing Thoughts

Resetting your AirPods is as simple as pairing them. It is a feature that Apple made simple and excels at it. Even though you might encounter annoying issues, resetting is a quick solution that is relatively simpler.

Dealing with any Bluetooth peripheral can cause a significant headache. The convenience of the Airpods is unrivaled. They last for long hours on a single charge. The popularity that comes with it is well deserved.

Airpods, on the other hand, when incorporated with Macs, are not as swift. The Mac settings are not as broad compared to the iPhone settings. I must mention that when dealing with Mac, you will face a more challenging experience.

Despite this, AirPods are relatively easy to use. Repairing and resetting them is even simpler. Wiping them to be effective might take only a couple of minutes. It, however, solves many bugs that tend to plague the Airpods.

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