How Long Do PS5 Controllers Last? [Answered!]

When the PS5 debuted in November of 2020, one of the biggest complaints that gamers had was that the PS5 Dual Sense controller didn’t seem to have a lot of battery life. 

Around the six-hour mark, people get a low battery indicator popping up on their screen.

Players will likely rush to plug it in and play from a fully charged backup controller.

But could this prompt be misleading? Could your controller actually have more battery life than what the screen is telling you? How are you supposed to know just how close to being fully drained your controller’s battery really is, and what can you do to prolong its life?

As an avid gamer myself, I had to look into this issue. 

I had gotten used to some lengthy battery life on the PS3 and even on the PS4, but I always felt that some games took more battery life from my controllers than others. 

And that seemed to hold true on the PS5 with the Dual Sense controller.

Now, I admit, I absolutely love the Dual Sense controller and think it is one of the better gamepads out there right now. 

Its haptic feedback is superb, and the adaptive triggers are downright genius. 

But the one sore spot for this controller is its battery life. 

Its battery life is nothing compared to that of the Xbox Series X controller, which lets you play-and-charge or use a couple of AA batteries.

For a while, it seems as though this controller can max out at 12 hours of battery life – a far cry from the woeful DualShock 4 controller indeed. 

However, as time goes on, it seems as though this battery drains faster and faster.

At the six-hour mark, you might see a warning that reads ‘Wireless Controller battery is low’.

Why is this interrupting your gaming? Is this really an indicator that your battery is draining more quickly than before? Let’s investigate.

How Long Do PS5 Controllers Last? [Answered!]

Your PS5 controller should have a battery life of about 12 hours. However, some video games seem to wear this lifespan down more. Some users might even see a warning pop up on their screen when just six hours into a game.

How long should your controller really be lasting? Mediocre battery life aside, what makes the PS5’s Dual Sense controllers so much better than the old DualShock 4 controllers? 

Is it possible to overcharge a PS5 controller? 

How might you be able to make your controller’s battery life last longer? 

And just how long should your PS5 itself last? Read on to learn more about the PS5’s controllers and how long their battery life should last.

What is the lifespan of the PS5?

Here’s the thing I often say about electronics: If you take care of them, they will take care of you. 

The PS5 should ideally last for years. 

Heck, I’ve made a PS1 last for 20 years and a PS3 last for over 10.

If that can be done on older PlayStations, then there is no reason why a well-cared-for PS5 shouldn’t last you at least a decade, if not longer. 

Even you avid gamers out there should be able to make these machines last a long time. 

Just be gentle with them, that’s all. (I’m looking at you, rage-quitters!)

Is the PS5 Dual Sense controller the best gamepad yet?

I’ll just put this out there for a second time – the PS5 Dual Sense controller is one of the best gamepads on the market right now. 

Even with a questionable battery life that can’t really rival that of the Xbox Series X’s controller, it has the better haptics and overall feel. 

Even for someone like me with arthritic fingers thank to years – and I do mean years – of working at a computer and video gaming, the controller feels comfortable in your hands.

How Long Do PS5 Controllers Last Answered How Long Do PS5 Controllers Last? [Answered!]

What is the battery life on the PS5 Dual Sense controller?

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty here. 

The PS5 Dual Sense controller has a battery that should last you for about 12 hours on a full charge. 

Some more demanding video games seem to reduce the battery life, but not by much.

And the warning that pops up for some folks around the six-hour mark could be misleading. 

You might see if come up but still get another couple hours of gaming time out of that controller. 

In fact, you should still be able to make it up to 10 hours of gameplay on that one controller before switching it out and letting it charge.

How long does it take for a PS5 controller to charge?

According to what Sony tells us, the PS5’s Dual Sense controller should charge from 0% on up to a full battery in just about three hours.

A faulty controller, however, will likely result in a longer charging time.

Can you overcharge PS5 controller?

It is impossible to overcharge a PS5 controller. This is due to the Dual Sense coming with a built-in protection chip. 

This means that, even if you leave the controller on the charger by accident overnight or while you are at work. 

The protection chip will ensure that charging stops once it reaches 100% so that no overcharging should ever occur.

How do I make my PS5 controller last longer?

If you want to get the longest lifespan from your Dual Sense controller, you can set your controller to turn off automatically. 

Go into the console’s main menu, then go to Settings > System > Power Saving.

You can adjust the Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off option to either After 10 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 60 Minutes, or Off. 

Of course, manually turning your controller off when not in use can also help.

Additionally, you can reduce the number of functions used by the controller, and keeping your controller charged up on a regular basis helps prolong battery life overall.

Closing Thoughts

Your PS5’s Dual Sense controllers should get you about 10-12 hours of gameplay on a single charge. 

You can tinker around with their settings to get more battery life, but this is about as good as it is going to get on the PS5.

Be sure to keep another controller charged up and ready to go for when you do need to plug your current controller in to recharge.

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