How To Tell If A PS4 Controller Is Charging [EXPLAINED]

When you’re in the middle of a game, and the controller dies, all that effort seems wasted. Long-lasting battery power cannot prevent the inevitable. The PS4 games are long and require extreme concentration. A dead PS4 controller battery should not have to interfere with playing time if it’s charged correctly. Instead of giving up on the game in frustration, consider the charger’s needs. 

How To Tell If A PS4 Controller Is Charging 1 How To Tell If A PS4 Controller Is Charging [EXPLAINED]

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How Can You Tell If A PS4 Controller Is Charging?

A light bar will begin to blink once your PS4 controller starts to charge and regain power. It’s important to pay attention to the controller. Simply replacing the battery may not be enough for a lasting charge. Setting the PS4 to rest mode will help speed up the process while you wait.

Charging a controller is not difficult, but it can take a couple of tries. This can result from a poorly connected cable or a damaged charging port. Understanding which batteries are necessary is imperative to prevent a sudden stop in the middle of a game. 

Along with gaming expert John Robinson, PlayStation’s Hardware and Repairs team discusses how the PS4 controllers really work.

Their experience allows gamers to understand which controllers are compatible and how to use them. This is crucial for both competitive and recreational gaming.

Why Are PS4 Controllers Difficult To Charge?

PS4 Chargers are actually not more difficult to charge. They do, however, require certain batteries to work with the PlayStation

There are a few common challenges that the Hardware and Repairs support team is used to hearing. 

Which Controllers Are Compatible With a PS4?

There are multiple controllers that work with the PS4. Certain games require different controllers, so it will take a little research to find which one is compatible with the types of games you like to play. 

The PS4 Hardware and Repairs experts note that wireless controllers need to be connected via USB.

If you like to play a wide variety of games, the DualShock 4 is the one you want. High-end controllers allow gamers to adjust the dead zone and stick sensitivity. The hardware of a PS4 system helps players feel the game as well as play it. 

Common Hardware Issues

Game controllers of any type can have charging issues. This is not because the controller is old. There are multiple factors that come into play when trying to retain a charge and most of the time they can be easily solved without tech support.

Cable Connection

If the cable connection is not properly attached, this is an easy fix. Unlike internet connection, hardware connection simply involves screwing the cable back into the charging port. If the cable is already firmly inside the port, check the cord.

Cords that are damaged or frayed will not be able to charge the controller at a rate that is sustainable for use. Check the plastic coating of the cord for any chips in color. If the cord looks damaged, it probably is. 

How To Tell If A PS4 Controller Is Charging 1 1 How To Tell If A PS4 Controller Is Charging [EXPLAINED]

Charging Port

The charging port is a specific hardware piece designed on the charging station itself. Author and extreme gamer John Robinson recommends buying a new PS4 that includes all of the accessories. This way, the port is brand new and has not had time to accumulate dust. 

If the charging port is filled with gunk, the PS4 controller cable will not plug into the outlet even if it is able to fit. This can happen due to dust mites or bits of food. Buying a port second-hand is not recommended unless it’s still inside the package. 

Battery Life

The average life of a PS4 battery is anywhere from four to eight hours. If you’re an extreme gamer and like to play for multiple hours, the battery will need to be changed frequently. 

The 100mAh battery is much smaller than an AA battery. If you have trouble finding them in a convenience store, you can always purchase them online. Without this type of battery, the PS4 controller will not work.

How To Tell if a PS4 Controller Is Charging

Testing your controller before it runs out of juice is ideal. This way, you have some hard data to measure the life of a battery. 

To test a controller, first, connect it to the PS4. From here, you can check each controller button. This can help you distinguish a hardware issue from a software issue. 

Since most people use the DualShock 4 controller, you can use a micro USB cable for connection.

After clicking on the control panel, you should see a “Devices and Printers” option. A list of all peripheral devices that are properly connected will appear. This shows if you have properly set up the necessary hardware.

Checking the Charge Level

Check the screen to see how much juice is actually available in the battery. First hold the PS button down for approximately thirty seconds while the system is in “rest mode”. 

As the battery continues to charge, the light bar should blink orange.

You can remember the color by thinking about a stop light. It’s between “go” and “stop”. Once the battery is complete, the light turns off. On average, it takes two hours to fully charge a PS4 controller.

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Play?

Once the charge light is off, you are able to resume gaming. Once you turn the console on, it will be resumed to its natural power level. You know the console and controller are working when there is a solid orange light.

Although the charge can technically hold up to 8 hours of playing power, John Robinson finds it’s more likely to average 5 or 6 hours. 

The PS4 “blue light of death” will blink if there is a general fault error. This does not necessarily mean the PS4 is actually dead, but it does mean there is an absence of video and audio output. At this stage, the PS4 will likely shut off. 

The blue light of death on a controller means the connection between the console and the controller is lost.

The White Light of Death

If a bright white light fills the screen as soon as you turn on your PS4, this is known as the “white light of death”. 

Unlike the blue light of death, the white light of death is much less forgiving. You will need to have repairs handled by a professional to restore the PS4. Not all PlayStations will be able to be fixed. 

How To Save Power

There are a few tips that come in handy when trying to maximize the power of a PlayStation controller. Dimming the controller’s light bar is one.

A bright light bar provides little value to most gamers. Luckily you can considerably dim the light through the Sound/Devices menu. The camera is still fully functional with this setting and still recognizes the signal.

Turning off vibration can also save battery life. If you’re using a DualShock 4 controller, there is a speaker directly inside the device. To turn the volume and vibration down, go to the quick menu. If you want to cancel all controller vibration and volume, go to the Controllers option and disable player feedback.

For gamers who don’t have time to charge their controller, use a backup. If one controller is consistently on the controller, you can play for as long as you’d like. While there is no way to use the controller without a battery, this tactic will certainly work. 

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