How Long Do PS4 Controllers Take To Charge?

I love wireless game controllers, but I hate waiting for them to charge. 

I’m going to tell you how long it takes to charge a PS4 controller, and you’ll also learn many other fun facts about your wireless PS4 controller.

How Long Do PS4 Controllers Take To Charge?

While there may be differences based on your controller’s condition, your charger, and how much battery life needs to be charged, a PS4 controller generally needs two hours to charge. You can also use the controller while charging, but this may impact the overall charging time.

PS4 wireless controllers are great, but you might have a few questions about how long they take to charge and if it’s safe to use them while charging.

Read on to find out these answers and more.

Overall Charging Time

How long does it take to charge a PS4 controller from dead? When people ask about how long it takes to charge a controller, they usually want to know from zero percent battery up to a full charge.

While each controller will be slightly different based on numerous factors, the overall answer is that this will take about two hours.

Checking the Charge

While the overall answer is that a PS4 controller needs two hours to charge, it will likely be less than that in practice. 

That’s because most people start charging their controller when it’s about half depleted rather than completely dead.

How do you know if the PS4 controller is charging? There are two ways. 

The most accurate is turning on the PS4 console. 

If you are charging the controller via a USB cable, then you can check the battery power. 

Press the PlayStation button and it will show the current battery life.

If you are using a third-party charger or don’t want to turn on your console, then check the controller itself.

Every PS4 controller has a lightbar at the top. This light will softly blink orange as it is charging. 

The light will stop blinking once the controller is charged.

While this second method isn’t as precise, you can visually check the controller to see if it’s still charging.

Factors that Impact Charging

How Long Do PS4 Controllers Take To Charge How Long Do PS4 Controllers Take To Charge?

There are many factors that impact charging times. 

The biggest one is the current amount of battery power in your controller.

If it has a partial charge, then it may only take 60 to 90 minutes for the controller to finish.

Older controllers, or those with worn out batteries, may require extra time to charge. 

The charger can also impact charging times. 

An old cable might have a hard time passing on an adequate charge.

Third-party accessories can also be faster or slower depending on their purpose and quality.

I wouldn’t be too concerned unless charging takes more than three hours. 

This might indicate that something is wrong with the controller or charger.

Play with Charging Controller

Is it OK to use PS4 controller while charging? You might be worried about using a controller while it’s charging.

This makes sense because you don’t want to do harm to your controller.

The truth is that you can use a PS4 controller even while it’s charging. 

This might impact the charging time since the battery is being used, but it will still properly charge while you’re having fun.

If you notice that the battery is decreasing while you’re simultaneously playing and charging, then there is likely a problem with the charging cable.

Swap out for a better cable and this should correct the problem.

Battery Life

You probably also want to know how long a PS4 controller lasts once it’s fully charged. 

In general, a fully charged PS4 controller will last about four to eight hours before it’s dead.

While you might be able to get it close to eight hours, most people find that it lasts closer to four or six hours. 

This is especially true if you play more intense games. 

I’m sad that the charge doesn’t last that long, but thankfully it doesn’t take much time to charge the controller.

PS4 Battery and Charging Facts

I’m going to give you some fun facts about your PS4 controller’s battery. 

Some of these facts you would have never considered, so let me teach you a few things about your controller.

Annual Charge

You need to allow your PS4 controller to fully charge at least once a year to ensure it functions properly.

If you don’t, then it might have a hard time connecting with your console.

You probably never noticed this because you are consistently charging the controller, which ensures that it works correctly.

This could be an issue if you put the PS4 in storage, don’t use a specific controller for a long time or moved to a different console for the last year. 

You might notice that the controller isn’t connecting while charging.

If this is the case, then simply allow the controller to fully charge before trying to use it.

Efficient Temperatures

Your controller needs to be kept within a certain temperature range to properly function.

If it’s too hot or cold, then the battery might drain, the controller may respond slowly or it might even break at extreme temperatures.

The good news though is that the most efficient temperature range is room temperature. 

You should have no problem keeping your controller at the right temperature.

It functions best at 50°F to 86°F, or 10°C and 30°C.

Most homes are within this range, so this should never be a problem.

Charge in Rest Mode

You can charge your PS4 controllers with the console while it’s in rest mode. 

While the default settings may not allow you to do this, changing the settings is very simple.

Turn on the console and go to Settings.

This is done by pressing up at the main menu and selecting the toolbox icon. 

Then go to Power Save Settings and then Set Features Available in Rest Mode.

You will see an option labeled Supply Power to USB Ports. 

Make sure this is active. This ensures that the USB ports stay on even if the console is resting.

Battery Failure

Every battery eventually loses the ability to keep a charge.

This means that the device will stop working unless the battery is completely changed.

While this is awful, the good news is that PS4 controllers last a long time.

The internal battery should last around 10 to 15 years.

That means you won’t have to worry about your controller failing any time soon.

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