Is The iPad Mini Worth Getting?

With Apple’s many products floating around the market, there are a lot of different devices to choose from.

Ranging from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac there are a lot of good choices. 

But when it comes to the iPad mini is it really worth getting?

Is The iPad Mini Worth Getting?

The iPad Mini is worth getting if a small device is needed. The latest version has a 10-hour battery life, Center Stage features, and 5G speeds. The iPad mini combines features from the iPad Air and Pro. However, it costs $500. It is a small but powerful machine.

The iPad mini is a great device with many features that still need to be learned. 

This article will go through reviews to hopefully show that the iPad Mini is worth the price to buy.

What Buyers Are Saying About The iPad Mini

Customer ratings are important so let’s look at what they are saying.

Best Features

Overall, the response to the iPad Mini has been great, and the 2021 iPad mini (6th generation) has all the newest bells and whistles that, for the most part, users have been loving.


First, let’s talk about the size. 

Apple marketed the iPad Mini towards doctors and pilots, and the size is in between an iPhone and a standard-sized iPad is fitting for these situations.

But even if you aren’t a pilot flying through the air or a doctor saving people’s lives, you might like using the iPad mini instead of your phone or laptop.

Because it is slightly bigger than an iPhone, you don’t have to hold it so close to your face when scrolling through Instagram, yet you don’t have to haul around your laptop to watch your favorite TV show. 

If the size isn’t important to you, you honestly might be better off with just a regular-sized iPad.

Touch ID

One of the biggest changes that have been made to the 2021 iPad mini is that the Touch ID has been moved to the sleep/wake button. 

You unlock the device by resting your finger on the button. 

Face masks have basically ruined Face ID making this feature a huge hit with buyers. 

Face ID had its own glitches before the pandemic, and the new Touch ID solves those problems.


Without a round Touch ID button taking up space on the border of the phone, the display on the iPad mini goes almost to the edge of the device, utilizing the maximum display capacity. 

Users say there is still enough border or bezel to hold it in your hand without covering too much of the screen.

Users love that this device is still big enough to watch movies on. 

This device also allows you to use the full screen without too much of that black background.

Sleek Design

Consumers have been a fan of the sleek, thin, and light design of the iPad mini.

Like the iPad Pro and Air, the iPad Mini has the more squared look rather than rounded edges.

It comes in four colors – Space Grey, Pink, Purple, and Starlight.

The Space Grey and the Start Light are pretty tried and true, making them the most popular colors.

The pink has a resemblance to the Rose Gold iPhone color and is pretty subtle. 

The purple on the other hand is pretty bold and fun.

Is The iPad Mini Worth Getting 1 Is The iPad Mini Worth Getting?

Worst Features

While the iPad mini is a great product, buyers have made some functionality complaints. 

Most of these issues come from expecting a mini device to function like a full-sized one, which just isn’t realistic.

Display Quality

One criticism users have is the display. 

Yes, the edge-to-edge screen is wonderful, but the quality isn’t quite top of the line.

The new M1 Pro Max Macbook and the Pro Max iPhone 13 have incredible displays. 

Don’t expect that on the mini.

Because of this new size, it seems Apple is still working out some minor kinks in the size of the display because some things are cut off or just not sized correctly.


The screen is pretty good, but rumor has it that it’s not that bright.

This might not be a huge issue if you are planning on using the iPad mini in your office or from your couch, but if you were hoping to use it outside, you might not be too happy. 

Even users that use their mini mostly indoors report keeping the screen brightness up all the way all the time. 

This is important to consider in terms of battery life, which brings us to our next point.

Battery Life

The battery life isn’t outstanding, which is to be expected for this size of device. 

The specs say that the mini should get 10 hours of battery use before plugging in which is standard for most of the iPad models. 

Some users mention that they would exchange some of the thinness for slightly better battery life. 

But again, if users are comparing the iPad mini to devices like the M1 Pro Max Macbook and the Pro Max iPhone 13, they will probably be disappointed.

Touch ID

While the Touch ID seems to be getting a generally good user response, some people aren’t a fan of using the button as Touch ID because if you apply too much pressure while trying to open the device, it locks it instead.

Another complaint with this feature is that after resting your finger on the Touch ID button, you still have to swipe up, which is annoyingly repetitive. 

This feature might just ultimately come down to personal preference.

Other Complaints

As with all of the other iPad models, there is no support for multiuser accounts, which seems ridiculous for such a costly product.

Not surprisingly, there is no headphone jack, only Bluetooth headphones are compatible with the iPad mini. 

This might not be a big issue for many buyers, but it definitely deters consumers who were thinking the iPad mini would be great for kids.

iPad Mini Pricing

The Wi-Fi models of iPad mini are available with a starting price of $499 and the comparable iPad Pro 12.9 inch starts at $1,099.

Of course, pricing varies depending on storage size as with all Apple products.

It is important to note that the mini is not just a small iPad.

Don’t think that you will save yourself some money and just get the iPad mini rather than a 12 inch. 

In this case, smaller does not equal cheaper. However, this is the best iPad Apple could possibly make at this size. 

The base model of the iPad mini will be the absolute best technology, so if you don’t want to compromise on technical features, this is the product for you.

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