Is My iPad Mini Too Old To Update?

Like all things, our iPads need to be taken care of in the best way possible.

So, to take care of our devices, sometimes they need to be updated. 

Unfortunately, sometimes our devices cannot handle the new updates, so the older models cannot take the update very well.

Is My iPad Mini Too Old To Update?

If the iPad Mini is more than 3 years old, then it will not take any further updates to its software if it has been updated as far as it can. This happens because the older models of iPads cannot handle the amount of RAM, or short-term device memory, that is needed for the new update to function.

Apple takes pride in its software, so updating it often is a must. 

When sending an update to the older models, the older Minis do not take well to the newer updates.

But why does this happen?

Why Do iPad Minis not Take Well to Updates?

Any type of technology can become outdated, and will often get left behind.

Every time Apple comes out with a new update, the older iPad Minis get a little bit further behind in the race of technological evolution. 

As the newer models come out and the new updates become better, the older models of iPads are not able to handle the fast speeds or processing speeds needed to keep up with the new updates.

Very slowly the Mini iPads will get more outdated and systematics stop working as the newer things get more and more advanced. 

Apple, and many other companies, have slowly been stopping the upgrades of the old Mini iPads as the software is not compatible with the newer models.

The iPads get outdated because of newer models and technological advancements.

How to Determine if iPad Mini is Too Old to Update

As Apple comes out with new updates, they will add the incompatible iPad Minis to this list. 

With a few of the oldest being the iPad Air, Minis 2, 3, and several other Mini iPads, these do not support the latest iOS technology. 

Many times, it is easy to notice that the devices will not work as well as they could, at that point, check for a possible update in the settings menu.

Often times if there is an update waiting there, it will tell you if your device is compatible or not.

While it may be too old to update, it may not be at its best, because of malware. 

Sometimes viruses can be downloaded onto the devices, causing slow speeds, bad graphics, or causing it to not work at all. 

If a Mini iPad is not taking an update, you can take it to almost any electronic repair store and get it checked for malware. 

If it does have those nasty internet bugs inside it, the techs at these shops should be able to easily wipe all the malware out of the device.

Is My iPad Mini Too Old To Update 1 Is My iPad Mini Too Old To Update?

Can I Still Use an Outdated iPad Mini?

While the device may be outdated, that does not mean that it is useless. 

There are many things that can be done with the older iPad Minis.

While they may not be able to hold the new updates, they can still be used as a sleep assistant.

Using it as an alarm clock is useful. 

Using it to listen to music or sleep meditations can be fun as well as restful.

Use it in the kitchen. Look up recipes or cooking videos and have it right there while cooking. 

Download a phone app onto it so that grandma can chat while cooking dinner from one of her recipes.

Or, turn it into a smart home computer for your kitchen.

Entertainment can be a good way to use it. When going for a drive, give it to a passenger so they can help with directions or play games on it while running errands.

If wanted, it is possible to watch movies on it while you are winding down from a stressful workday.

ick off your shoes and enjoy a movie right in the palm of your hands.

Security can also be done on these older models. 

Security cameras can send all activity or video to the iPad so it is easy to know what is going on around the house. 

Or put it to amazing use, and use it as a camera in a baby’s room, to make sure that they are safe and comfy.

Should I replace my iPad Mini?

It has been recommended to replace iPads every 3-5 years, to keep the highest speeds, graphics, and memory needed to run all systems and programs to full effect.

Although this is not always necessary to replace the iPad Mini, it can be helpful. 

Before replacing Mini iPads, make sure to see if there is any malware or viruses that have been downloaded as this may slow the programs and processing systems.

iPad minis should be replaced if they stop working, run out of battery quickly, if they have malware, if they don’t turn on, if the screen is too cracked to use, or if it no longer accepts passwords. 

Many times, the iPad Mini will live a long life but needs to be replaced every once in a while.

When disposing of the iPad Minis, finding the right place to dispose of them can be difficult. 

If there is an E-waste facility around, taking it there can be helpful for the environment.

People also recycle their iPads. If you do not know what to do with it, you can call a local public works department and they can tell you how to properly dispose of it. 

Even more people will take their broken iPad and bring them directly to an Apple store so that they can be used as extra parts, or they can be recycled for free.

Many things can be done with Mini iPads even if they are outdated. Take care of them with helpful updates and replace them if need be. 

Whether you upgrade or not, it will be useful to you. 

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