My iPad Won’t Come On – Do This First!

iPads are amazing for binge-watching your favorite show, reading a good book, playing games, or even getting some work done. 

The only time iPads aren’t fun is when they’re refusing to turn on, no matter how many times you’ve pressed that on the button. 

It just won’t budge. 

But there’s no need to worry because I’ve got a few solutions that can help you out. 

Why won’t my iPad turn on?

Your iPad may have trouble turning on due to a dead battery, software damage, or screen damage. The solutions you can try for fixing it are charging the battery, doing a hard reset, checking your charger, contacting Apple Support, or booking an appointment to get your iPad looked at if all else fails. 

If you aren’t too sure on how to go about trying these solutions, then you’ll find some helpful info below. 

Why Your iPad Won’t Turn On

If you don’t know the first thing about technology, then you may be at a loss trying to figure out why your iPad is so reluctant to turn on. 

There are common issues that could be causing the problem. 

Here are a few: 

1. Dead Battery

The most common reason an iPad fails to turn on is a dead battery. People often overlook this. But, the good news for this issue is that it is easily fixed by just charging it. 

Find your charger and get your iPad plugged in. 

Give it a few minutes to start back up. If it still doesn’t turn on, you may have a more serious issue that will require a bit more work. 

2. Damaged Software

If your iPad is being stubborn, a reason for it is an issue with the software or hardware. This issue isn’t as easy to fix as a dead battery, but here are some solutions to help you get back to using your iPad. 

There could also be a manufacturer error that has caused it to become lifeless. 

If your iPad has not turned on even when you plugged it into the charger, then software damage could be the problem.

It may cause the need for professional help. 

3. Damaged or Frozen Screen

Not all iPads are waterproof

So, if you were lounging by the pool and dropped your iPad in the water, this could be a good reason why it’s not turning back on. 

Dropping it on the floor can also cause damage to the entire thing or the screen. 

Typically, it will either freeze on what the display was showing or go black. 

What to Do

My iPad Wont Come On Do This First 1 My iPad Won’t Come On - Do This First!

Not all hope is lost! If you’ve got some problems, I have some solutions that should relieve you of your frustration and help your iPad finally get back to working again. 

1. Charge the Battery

I know this may sound obvious, but some people do forget to charge their devices! 

Grab your cable and plug in your device. 

Make sure you leave it plugged in for a few minutes since it may take a while for it to come back to life. 

If the problem was a dead battery, it should come back on within 10 or 15 minutes. 

Sometimes, it may take up to an hour for it to turn back on from a charge, so you will want to be patient. 

Try these few solutions if charging the battery doesn’t get it to turn back on. 

2. Do a Hard Reset

If charging your iPad was a complete failure, then here’s another solution for you: do a hard reset

Apple suggests users do this if the screen is black or frozen. 

The way you perform a hard reset depends on whether your iPad has a home button or not. 

For iPads with a home button: 

  • Locate the home button and top button 
  • Press both of them at the same time until the Apple logo appears 

That one is pretty easy. 

However, if you have an iPad without a home button, you’ll be pressing different buttons. 

  • Press and release the top volume button 
  • Press and release the bottom volume button 
  • Press the power button and hold it for a while until it comes on

If doing a hard reset doesn’t work, I’ve got a couple more hopeful solutions for you. 

3. Check Your iPad Charger

If your iPad isn’t turning on and you had it plugged in all night, there may be a problem with your charger. 

One way to know if your iPad charger is the culprit is to plug it into your iPad and see if it charges at all. 

If it doesn’t, then you know you may have a problem with it. 

Head to your local store and grab a new charger. 

A new charger should be able to get your iPad back on, but if it doesn’t, you may need to try something else. 

4. Contact Apple Support

Leaving it to the professionals could be the better way to go if everything else you’ve tried hasn’t worked. 

There may be a deeper reason your iPad won’t turn on, like a software or hardware issue. 

You can contact Apple through email, chat, or over the phone. 

They should be able to help you troubleshoot your iPad or give you the next steps that you need to take. 

5. Go to a Pro

If Apple Support doesn’t seem to be solving your issue either, consider checking out local tech repair shops or Apple stores. 

Bringing your device to a professional can allow them to look at it face to face and tinker with it if necessary. 

And while it may cost you some money, you’ll be back to watching your favorite movies or playing games in no time! 

The Bottom Line

iPads can be annoyingly problematic but so entertaining at the same time. If they are working properly, then you’re getting your money’s worth. 

But if you’re staring at a black screen wondering what is going on, then it’s not as fun at all. 

Luckily there are some easy solutions that can help you out. 

Try charging it and if that doesn’t seem to work, check your charger or do a hard reset. 

If that somehow doesn’t work either, you’ve probably got a hardware issue going on that should be addressed with a professional. 

Book an appointment or get on the phone with Apple support.

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