Are iPad Pros Waterproof?

Apple products have now been around for several decades and they have made great strides to improve their designs and advancements.

Some of the newer products on the line include the iPad Pros, which have larger displays and can even be used as a laptop to a certain degree. 

With this many technological advancements, is it possible that the Pro could be waterproof as well?

Are iPad Pros Waterproof?

iPad Pros are not waterproof. Most Apple products are water-resistant; however, water-resistant and waterproof are not synonymous. A sprinkle of water isn’t going to hurt an iPad Pro, and there are ways to protect it against moisture. It is best to avoid exposing the iPad Pro to water altogether.

If you are a brand-new iPad owner, you might be a little disappointed to learn that, while it has many great qualities, the iPad Pro is not waterproof. 

So, if a glass of water should get spilled on the screen or you drop it into a puddle by accident, you might want to know a few things. 

If you act quickly, you could probably salvage your iPad rather than have to throw it out. 

Wet iPad: What Should You Do?

You are likely to get your iPad Pro wet at some point, and if you do, it likely won’t cause any major damage.

However, if you were to submerge your iPad fully, this would likely cause a fair number of problems.

If this happens, don’t panic, because if you quickly find a solution, there might be hope for your device. 

Here’s what you do.

If your iPad Pro becomes fully submerged in water (or even if the vital components alone are exposed) immediately shut it down. 

Trying to force an iPad to work when there’s who knows how much water in the system is just a bad idea. 

If you suspect the inner workings have gotten wet, turn it off!

Dry the device off as well as you can and turn it upright so the water will drain out completely. 

Dry it off every time water comes out.

If it continues to drain, that’s good! It hopefully means all the water is working its way out. 

Fill a container with uncooked rice and place your tablet, again, in an upright position in the rice. 

Let it sit like that for a few days or so.

Why the rice? Rice is an extremely absorbent grain.

The rice will help absorb all the water out of your iPad’s system, allowing the electrical circuits to function as normal.

You might be surprised at how helpful this step is, so don’t skip it! 

Repair or Replace?

So your iPad has gotten wet, and now you’re worried it’s going to quit on you. 

The big question that you’re probably asking yourself is, “Should I take it in and get it fixed, or should I just get a new one?” Well, this depends somewhat on the kind of damage and the amount of moisture the iPad was exposed to. 

What this decision really comes down to is your better judgment. 

If you want to put up the extra effort of getting it fixed, that’s completely up to you, though you should know that it’s going to be a bit of a gamble and you might end up paying somewhat dearly for it.

Given past experience, it’s safe to say that a lot of Apple employees are friendly and quite helpful.

If there is an Apple store near you, take your device in and have an IT or repair specialist take a look at it. 

You might have to make an appointment for this, which can be done on the Apple website

Simply select the support icon at the top and then click Apple repair.

This is all fine and good, but you should consider the possibility that they won’t be able to fix it. 

You’ll then end up having to pay a hundred or more bucks for the labor cost, and that’s a hundred or more bucks that you probably don’t want to waste. 

However, if you think your iPad Pro is worth saving, give it a shot. 

No use spending money on a new iPad if you’ve got a good one already!

Sometimes, an iPad is far gone enough that you might need to give up and buy another one.

If you’re not interested in spending a whopping amount of money on a new device, then the last place you want to buy one is on the Apple site.

Buy a used one on Amazon, Wish, or someplace else.

Are iPad Pros Waterproof 1 1 Are iPad Pros Waterproof?

Protecting Your iPad

Whether you’ve gone and gotten a new iPad or managed to repair your old one, taking protective measures is never a bad idea.

If you are frequently concerned about your iPad suffering from water damage or any other kind of damage for that matter, there is something you can do about it. 

First, of course, there are plenty of iPad cases out there that might serve you well.

Most cases have openings for plugins and speakers, but some have little flaps that you can close over these openings, so nothing gets inside. 

Not only is this a great way to protect your iPad’s inner workings, but it will also keep it fairly clean. 

You can also buy screen protection from just about any technology store or off Amazon. 

This will give your device some added water resistance.

You can also look into buying AppleCare+.

When you purchased your iPad Pro, it likely came with a limited warranty from Apple

Buying AppleCare+ will extend the warranty as well as provide you with several benefits such as more coverage.

You’ll have things like theft and loss care, battery service coverage, repair costs, and priority support access available to you. 

All this and more are available with AppleCare+! You might want to consider investing if you’d like some extra security where your device is concerned. 

Plus, if your iPad were to suffer any serious damage, you would likely be able to get it into an expert who can help you out promptly.

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