Here’s How To Cancel Apple Music!

Apple Music is a massive app that many people use on a daily basis. Since Apple introduced it in 2015, the app has grown in popularity to now include over 70 million songs that you can listen to. You can find music from just about any genre and any musician. There are even playlists curated for you by professionals and 24/7 streaming. Apple Music can be listened to on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, or even on your Amazon Alexa Echo or Echo Dot device

Heck, you can even play it from your Apple Watch or in your vehicle if you use CarPlay. You get a free three-month trial just to see if you like it, but after that, you will be charged month by month for your membership.You get a lot of features, but it all comes at a price – a price that some people might not feel is justified.

After all, there are other music apps out there that can do a lot of the same things. You might still be on your free trial period and not really feeling it. But what if you are on a paid subscription and want to cancel your membership?

How Do I Cancel My Apple Music Subscription?

To cancel Apple Music via iOS or iPadOS, go to Settings > (Your Name) > Subscriptions. Click on the Apple Music subscription, then hit Cancel Subscription. Your membership will not stop until the end of the monthly billing cycle, so you can listen to music until then.

What can you do if you are trying to cancel from an Android device or a Mac? 

What about those who are on a Windows-based PC and need to cancel through iTunes? Can you cancel through Apple TV or on the web? We will go over all of that so that you can ensure that your Apple Music app subscription does, in fact, get canceled.

How do I cancel an Apple Music subscription on iPhone?

If you are on your iPhone or your iPad, you will need to go to Settings, look under where it says your name, then click on Subscriptions.Look for the Apple Music app entry, then tap on it. 

On the Edit Subscription screen, select the Cancel Subscription (or Free Trial if it hasn’t expired yet) button, then confirm that you wish to cancel your subscription.

Another way to cancel is to go directly into the Apple Music app itself.Once you are in, go to the Listen Now icon, then hit your profile icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

On your Account page, tap on Manage Subscription to cancel or simply modify your subscription to Apple Music.

Where To Cancel Apple Music 1 Here's How To Cancel Apple Music!

Canceling On an Android

Android users are able to use the Apple Music app, and since they can do this, it only stands to reason that they can cancel their subscription from their Android device. 

To do this, you need to go to the Apple Music app, then go to Listen Now. Click to open the three-dotted settings menu, then select Account. Choose Manage Subscription, then opt to Cancel Subscription.

For those who are subscribed through the Play store, you can go into the Google Play storefront to cancel your Apple Music subscription. 

Open up the hamburger menu located in the app, the select Subscriptions.This will show you all of your past and current subscriptions. Find the Apple Music entry, then hit the Remove link located next to it.

Canceling From a Mac

When Apple introduced macOS Catalina, they did away with the iTunes app. This means that canceling an Apple Music subscription has changed on the Mac.

If you are running Big Sur or Catalina, you need to click on the Apple icon, go to System Preferences, then select Apple ID. Find Media & Purchases on the sidebar and select it. 

Next to the Subscriptions, you will find a Manage button – click on it.This will show you your entire list of subscriptions. Scroll until you see Apple Music, then click Edit next to it. 

From there, click on Cancel Subscription. Confirm that you wish to cancel your subscription, then click Done.

It is also possible to go into the App Store, click on your account name, then click View Information (which might prompt you to enter your Apple ID). 

You can scroll down to the bottom of the screen, then look for the Manage section. Click on the Manage link next to Subscriptions. Click Edit, then Cancel Subscription. Click to confirm that you indeed want to cancel.

Using iTunes to Cancel

Those working on a Windows PC will need to cancel through iTunes. 

Open up the app, then go to Account > View My Account. Enter your Apple ID password, then look for the Manage link next to your subscriptions. Click Edit, then Cancel Subscription. You will be asked to confirm your cancelation. 

Canceling Through the Web

It is entirely possible to cancel through the Apple Music website. 

Even if you have a paid subscription, you will need to click on Try It Free.Hit Sign In in the pop-up window and enter your login details. After you sign in, click on your profile icon, then Settings. 

Look down for the Account Settings page, then click Manage in the Subscriptions section.Go to the Edit Your Subscription window, then click on Cancel Subscription. You will be asked to confirm your wish to cancel.

Canceling via Apple TV

Both the fourth-generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K have Apple Music on them, and you can choose to cancel that way. 

Turn the TV on, then go to Settings > Users and Accounts > (Your User Name) > Subscriptions > Apple Music Membership. 

From there, you can modify or cancel your Apple Music subscription.

Why I cant cancel my Apple Music subscription?

A few users have reported trouble finding the button to cancel their Apple Music subscription from their iPhones.

If you are on your iPhone and cannot find it, try one of the other cancelation methods. Note that, if your subscription is already canceled, then you might not see a cancelation button. 

If you don’t see a button at all and are still getting charged, get in touch with Apple to have a customer service representative help you troubleshoot the situation.

Can you cancel an Apple Music subscription anytime?

You can cancel your subscription to Apple Music whenever you want. 

You won’t be charged any extra fee for canceling. You will, however, still have access to the app until the end of your current billing cycle. 

After that, your membership will be fully canceled. Apple makes it easy to cancel your subscription whenever you need to, and if you ever want to add it back at a later time, you are welcome to do so.

Closing Thoughts

Canceling the Apple Music app is usually a straightforward thing that takes just a minute or two of your time. 

If the app isn’t meeting your needs or you want to try something else, go ahead and cancel anytime. You can always add a subscription again at a later time if you wish to do so.

Apple Music is an expansive app, but a paid subscription might not be in everyone’s budget or interest.If you have trouble canceling, try doing so from another device before contacting Apple for additional assistance.

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