Finding Pre-ordered Games on PS5: A Simple Guide

As the gaming world evolves, securing the latest titles before their release has become a coveted advantage. With the PlayStation 5 (PS5) at the forefront of gaming innovation, enthusiasts are diving into the realm of preordered games. 

where are ps5 preorders 1 Finding Pre-ordered Games on PS5: A Simple Guide

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Where are my preordered PS5 games?

To find preordered PS5 games, log in to your PSN account on the official PlayStation site, access “My Orders” to view your list, and on your console, choose “My Orders” under your profile. Enable automatic downloads via your game library. Receive pre-order notifications via email and modify payment methods before release for a seamless experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we navigate the intricate terrain of PS5 preordered games, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge to effortlessly manage your preorders. From tracing your coveted titles to understanding payment methods, we’re your authoritative source for harnessing the power of PS5 preordered gaming. Delve in, empower yourself, and maximize your gaming experience like never before.

Our dedicated team, boasting years of experience in the gaming industry, ensures that all the information we provide is both accurate and current. This commitment guarantees that our readers receive trusted and reliable insights.

Steps to Find Your Pre-ordered Games on PS5

  1. Log in to PSN Account: Begin by logging into your PSN account on the official PlayStation site.
  2. Access “My Orders”: Navigate to the “my orders” section. Here, you’ll see a list of the games you’ve pre-ordered.
  3. Check for Released Games: Some games might already be available for download and installation if they’ve been released.

Using Your Reference Number and Email

When searching for a specific pre-ordered game, you might need the order’s reference number and the email address associated with it.

  • On your PS5 console, go to your profile account and choose “my orders.
  • Remember, it’s crucial to sign into your PSN network via the official PlayStation site, as they manage all order-related matters.

Automatic Downloads for Pre-ordered Games

where are ps5 preorders 1 1 Finding Pre-ordered Games on PS5: A Simple Guide

When a pre-ordered game becomes available on your PS5, PlayStation will alert you about its release. However, it won’t download automatically.

  • Want automatic downloads? There’s a way to set it up on your console. Navigate to the game library from the home page and select the pre-ordered game title.
  • Look for the timer indicating the game’s release date. Within this section, you’ll find a list of all your pre-ordered games.
  • Ensure that the “automatic download” option is enabled by verifying the checkbox next to the game content is marked.

So, now you know! Pre-ordering games on PS5 ensures you get access as soon as they launch, and with these steps, managing them is a breeze.

If you want to stop the automatic download function, press the checkbox to clear it. Apart from the automatic downloads, the following are other tips you should be familiar with when finding pre-ordered games on PS5:

Understanding Pre-order Notifications and Payment on PS5

Pre-order Reminders from Direct PlayStation:

  • Email Notifications: Depending on your pre-order reservation, you’ll receive email reminders approximately 10 days before the game’s release date. This serves as a heads-up that Direct PlayStation will deduct the game’s cost from your PS account.
  • Changing Your Mind: If, after receiving the reminder, you decide against the pre-order, no worries! You can cancel your reservation up until it enters the delivery phase. This typically begins around 5 to 6 days before the game’s release date.

Make sure you’re well-acquainted with these reminders and notifications to manage your pre-orders effectively on PS5.

Managing Pre-order Payments

When your game gets released, here’s how the payment process works:

  • Payment Notification: PlayStation will inform you of the upcoming charge for the game directly from your PS account.
  • Payment Flexibility: Not comfortable with the default payment method? Direct PlayStation offers flexibility. Up to 6 days before the game’s release, you can modify your payment method. Simply access the ‘order modification’ section in your order details.
  • Update Your Details: After adjusting your payment preference, always double-check and update your mailing address. Ensure it’s accurate before relaying it to Direct PlayStation.

Staying on top of these reminders and understanding the payment methods will streamline your pre-ordering experience on PS5.

Understanding Pre-order Charging on PlayStation

where are ps5 preorders 2 Finding Pre-ordered Games on PS5: A Simple Guide

When you place a pre-order and the game is ready to be shipped, here’s what you can expect from Direct PlayStation:

  • Immediate Charges: Once your game is ready for dispatch, Direct PlayStation will charge the applicable amount from your credit account.
  • Pre-authorization: After you’ve placed a pre-order, the system pre-authorizes the projected cost for all games in your cart. This isn’t an immediate charge, but rather a temporary hold to ensure the funds are available.
  • Deduction Timeline: If a pre-authorization is made, Direct PlayStation provides an 8-day window to charge the pre-authorized amount. The exact process may vary based on the available funds in your account and your chosen payment method.

Using a Credit Card for Payment:

For those opting to pay via credit card:

  • Active Status: Ensure your credit card is active and hasn’t expired. It’s essential to check this around 5 to 7 days before the game’s release.
  • Avoiding Cancellations: Ensuring your card’s active status is crucial to prevent any unexpected pre-order cancellations due to payment issues.

Being informed about the charging process helps you manage your finances efficiently while waiting for your eagerly anticipated games.

The Perks of Pre-ordering Games on PS5

Embracing the Digital Age:

  • The Old Days: Remember when game releases meant standing in long queues, eagerly awaiting your turn? Those days of visiting physical stores due to the high demand for popular titles often meant spending hours just to secure a copy.
  • The Digital Revolution: Thanks to digital gaming consoles and the PlayStation Store, the process has transformed. Now, gamers can easily place orders and pre-orders online, bypassing those physical store visits altogether.
  • Instant Gratification: With your game pre-ordered, the moment it releases, you can immediately download it. Dive right in and connect with friends for a competitive edge or simply to amplify the fun.

Incentives for Loyalty:

  • Rewards for Early Birds: PlayStation acknowledges the dedication of its gamer community. Pre-ordering certain titles might land you attractive discounts. The earlier you commit to a pre-order, the heftier the discount might be.
  • Consider the Game’s Lifecycle: It’s worth noting that newer titles tend to carry a premium price tag initially. However, as time goes on and more people have made their orders, the price often decreases.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: There’s something extra for the collectors out there! PlayStation occasionally offers exclusive pre-order bonuses. These can range from unique in-game weaponry to extravagant real-life figurines, ensuring that early supporters get something special.

Pre-ordering on PS5 doesn’t just guarantee you a game. It offers a seamless digital experience, potential savings, and exclusive perks that add value to your gaming journey.

Potential Downsides of Pre-ordering Games on PS5

where are ps5 preorders 3 Finding Pre-ordered Games on PS5: A Simple Guide

The Threat of Malware:

  • The Rush to Release: The competitive nature of the gaming industry often pushes developers to release titles swiftly. Sometimes, in a rush to meet deadlines and appease eager fans, there might not be ample time to perfect the game.
  • Bugs and Imperfections: A hasty release can lead to games that are ridden with bugs. Some of these glitches, while often unintentional, can leave vulnerabilities that malicious software could exploit.
  • Be Informed: Before initiating a game download, it’s crucial for players to do their homework. Research and look for user feedback about the title you’ve pre-ordered. Are there any reported issues or bugs? Being informed can help mitigate potential risks.

While the PS5 offers numerous benefits and the allure of early access through pre-orders, gamers should always approach downloads with caution, ensuring they get the best and safest experience possible.


In conclusion, the process of finding and managing pre-ordered games on PS5 has been simplified with these insights. From tracking pre-orders through your PSN account on the official PlayStation site to understanding the nuances of payment methods and notifications, you’re empowered to make informed decisions. The digital era has ushered in a new era of convenience, enabling instant downloads and granting access to exclusive bonuses for early birds.

However, it’s essential to tread carefully in the world of pre-orders. While the benefits are numerous, the potential for glitches and vulnerabilities due to rushed releases exists. Research and user feedback play a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless gaming experience. As you embark on your pre-ordering journey, armed with knowledge about the process and potential pitfalls, you’ll make the most of the exciting opportunities the PS5 has to offer.

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