Are There Paddles On The PS5 Controller?

The PS4 controller was such a milestone in the world of PlayStation. This controller featured back paddles, and many wondered if the PS5 would follow suit.

ps5 controller paddles 1 Are There Paddles On The PS5 Controller?

Are There Paddles On The PS5 Controller?

Unfortunately, the PS5 controller won’t feature the back paddles seen on the PS4. Sony omitted these for two reasons: ease of use and economics. However, you can find the back paddles on the newly released PS5 ‘Edge’ controller.

We spoke with expert gamers and game developers about adding back paddles to controllers. There were mixed reactions in the gaming world when PS4 featured the add-ons. And the same is happening with the back paddles missing on the PS5 controller.

Why Doesn’t the PS5 Controller Have Back Paddles?

The PS4 back paddles were an amazing addition, and gamers everywhere rejoiced. Unfortunately, the sun has set early for this amazing feature. It seems the PS5 controller won’t feature those delightful back paddle buttons.

So, what are the reasons behind this omission?

There are two main reasons why the PS5 controller won’t have paddles. These reasons include the following:

Ease of Use

ps5 controller paddles 1 1 Are There Paddles On The PS5 Controller?

Sony has opted not to add the back-paddle buttons for ease of use. Their main focus has been on the ergonomics of the beautiful PS5 controller.

Many gamers had a wonderful time knowing the additional back button was on the controller. However, some didn’t like the addition at all. They were the voice of the many that Sony chose to heed.

Some gamers enjoy the PlayStation because it helps time pass by. However, some hardcore gamers set aside hours in a day for gaming. Some have gone as far as earning a living from gaming and take it quite seriously.

Hardcore gamers take time to adjust to new features and add-ons on controllers. Having back paddles on the controller was proving a hard thing to digest. They had to master using the controller and include the back paddles in the process.

A gamer, who has spent hours mastering their moves, has a print on their brain on the four actions to take. They even know the motions to make to get the best outcome out of a game. This meant having an additional back paddle on the right or left was adding complexity.

The actions had to increase to 6, whereas there were only 4. Plus, the placing of the back paddles was off on the PS4. Usually, the exact location is where your fingers are for the best grip.

If you are engrossed in a game’s heat and hold on too tight, you can activate the paddle by mistake. Imagine how infuriating that can be and a disaster for the progress you make.

While practice can make perfect, many novice and hardcore gamers weren’t pleased with the back paddles. The additional complexity was becoming more of a nuisance.


Now, if you took the time to master the new controller on the PS4, you might have enjoyed it better. Many say it, in fact, improves the game.

However, this all came at a cost. A controller with the additional back paddles and one without can’t be the same price. Usually, the one with back paddles would cost more.

Since the PS5 controller is set to be the most advanced of all controllers, this can be an issue. There are a lot of new techs that are on the DualSense controller. This includes high-precision haptic feedback and next-generation force feedback.

Advances are promising, but they don’t come for free. The new tech means the PS5 controllers will cost more. You might have to pay upwards of $70. Having more features means you have to pay more for the PS5.

This explains why Sony saw it was better to remove the back paddles. It made more economic sense for them.

ps5 controller paddles 2 Are There Paddles On The PS5 Controller?

Does the PS5 ‘Edge’ Controller Have Back Paddles?

Yes, the new PS5 ‘Edge’ Controller does have back paddles. However, you can end up paying $200 for this additional feature.

Back paddles are a great feature that enables fine-tuning stick sensitivity. But this ability means you end up paying $130 more.

So, what’s so great about the PlayStation ‘Edge’ controller?

This new controller has that classic layout you find on the standard PS5 controller. However, you will find additional buttons underneath the joysticks that you can use. These are the back paddles, and they enable you to switch between control profiles.

There’s better stick sensitivity mapping, thanks to the swappable stick caPS and modules. You can use them to adjust dead trigger zones.

In addition, you can purchase and add a pair of customizable back buttons when you get the ‘Edge’ controller. On top of that, you get a cool braided USB cable with a lock-capable housing. And, there’s a case to store this cable.

There are two sets of back paddle buttons that you can use on the ‘Edge’ controller. And for that, you have to pay $200. This is a steep climb from the $70 for standard PS5 controllers. These are quite impressive and feature cool tech, but only miss the back paddles on the ‘Edge.’

The PS5 ‘Edge’ is a response to the Xbox Elite Series 2. You can see many features on the PS5 ‘Edge’ that you see on the Xbox controller. For example, adjustable stick caPS, back paddle buttons, remappable buttons, a carrying case, and savable profiles.

But, if you opt for the PS5 ‘Edge,’ you have one cooler feature. This is the ability to replace each stick module. The stick modules are on each controller that you purchase.

The controller even includes a carrying case where you can store your cables. Still, the design and features on a standard PS5 are on the PS5 ‘Edge’ controller. Only the back paddles are missing.

The DualSense wireless controller is for any person who enjoys using back paddles. There are cool features to enjoy if you can afford to pay the additional price.

Key Takeaways

  • The standard PS5 controller won’t feature back paddles.
  • The PS4 controller was the first to have paddles.
  • Back paddles are present on the PS5 ‘Edge’ controller.
  • There were mixed reactions to adding and omitting back paddles on controllers.

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