How Long Does It Take To Charge A PS5 Controller? 6 Factors

Trying to figure out how long it will take to charge your PS5 controller will be easy once you know its charging capabilities and what may be limiting them. It can be so annoying to sit down, ready to engage with your favorite game (solo or with friends), and realize one or more of your controllers are not charged. You get past being mad at yourself for not putting them back on the dock, but now you want to know – how long is it going to take before charging is complete? And…is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

How Long Does It Take To Charge A PS5 Controller 1 1 How Long Does It Take To Charge A PS5 Controller? 6 Factors

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How Long Does It Take To Charge A PS5 Controller?

It takes about three hours for a PS5 controller to go from completely dead to fully charged, but there are several factors that will affect this:

  • the charging cable
  • the USB port
  • the batteries 
  • any internal issue
  • how you last docked it
  • the controller itself  

When you are a gamer, and you’re ready to game, it can be really frustrating when your equipment isn’t working properly. You spend a good amount of time and money setting up your system and expect it to be ready to roll when you are ready to play. If you want to maximize your PS5 controller’s charging capabilities, I’ve got the solutions for you.

I like to game and try hard to make sure my system is set up correctly when I want it to be working at peak performance.

Knowing its charge time and how to maximize that is important to me. Take advantage of my own research to know how long it takes for your  PS5 controller to be fully charged and what steps to take when it isn’t.

How Long Does it Take for My PS5 Controller to Be Charged?

The PS5 controllers are made for long use and to be ready to go when you are. PS5 controllers can hold a charge for up to 12 hours when functioning properly. 

The following are some common areas that factor into your PS5 being able to charge to its optimal ability:

How Long Does It Take To Charge A PS5 Controller How Long Does It Take To Charge A PS5 Controller? 6 Factors

1. The Charging Cable

Your PS5 needs to have a reliable and healthy source from which it pulls its power to recharge correctly. If you have a charging cable that is either not working correctly or is not designed for your PS5, this can lead to your controller either not charging, or not being able to charge fully.

When in doubt, the best way to check a charging cable is to hook it up to another device in your home. Plug your charging cable into your phone, a speaker, or another device that you charge frequently. 

If the device is not charging, you know the problem is your cable, and not your controller’s inability to hold a charge.

2. The USB Port

As with a faulty charging cable, you will sometimes find that a USB port is no longer working properly. 

We expect our devices and their parts to function properly, and a USB port is no exception to this. However, sometimes one will stop working well, either because of age, damage, or misuse.

If your PS5 controller isn’t charging or isn’t charging to the level that it should, try to check the USB port in the device to which you are connecting it. It may have nothing to do with your controller, but everything to do with where you are plugging it in.

Plug your PS5 controller into a different USB port and see if it fully charges from that source. If it does, you know the problem lies outside of the controller and you need to troubleshoot what is wrong with your USB port instead.

3. The Batteries

Even though you are trying to figure out how long your PS5 controller should take to charge, you may also want to look into how long its batteries are meant to last to help you determine the optimal charge life.

Though this controller’s batteries are meant to last for years, that doesn’t mean that sometime you may get a faulty one, or that they could become damaged. 

Checking to make sure your batteries are still in great shape and don’t need to be replaced can also make a difference in whether or not your controller is staying charged as long as it is intended to.

4. Any Internal Issues

Your PS5 may not hold a charge as long if there has been some sort of damage to it. 

If any sort of liquid has been spilled on it while being used, or while being charged, or if someone has damaged it by throwing it, sitting on it, or leaving it somewhere that allowed it to be affected by outside elements, the controller’s time to charge could be greatly affected.

Even if you identify one of these situations as being the reason your PS5 may not be charging as well as it could, you may not be able to do anything about it.

Once a PS5 is internally damaged, it may need the help of a certified repair person to get it back to being able to charge at its fullest capability.

5. How You Last Docked It

If you are wondering how long it takes to charge your PS5 controller, it may be because you’re worried it’s not charging at the level you thought it could, or maybe it’s just not charging the way it used to.

One solution to your problem is going to sound silly…but it happens all the time. 

Just like any device we are used to, we almost go on auto-pilot when we are taking care of them. Your PS5 controller is no different.

Before you spend too much time trying to figure out how long it should take to charge your controller, think about the last time you docked it to charge. Did you do it properly?

I know this may sound like a silly question…but it’s easy to finish a gaming session, stick our controllers back in their docking station, and not think twice as to whether or not they are being properly charged.

If you are curious about the time it takes to charge your controller, try re-docking it for the appropriate amount of time. Be careful, and make sure you place it in its dock appropriately.

You may come back to it and be surprised at how well it is now charging!

6. The Controller Itself

This is probably the most frustrating – and hopefully – last reason you may be asking yourself how long does it take for your PS5 controller to charge. I am hoping you found another solution before you land on this one.

If your device has you scratching your head as to the length of its charge –  after you’ve thought through all the above options – it may just be that the controller itself is not working correctly and can’t seem to hold a charge in the way it is supposed to.

At this point, you may need to take it to a certified repair shop or reach out to SONY. Oftentimes, your controller may still be under warranty, depending on the age of the device. If you are questioning your controller’s charge and nothing else has worked, this may be the best route to go just to make sure there isn’t something else at play.

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