Sonos Arc Not Connecting To The TV: 7 Ways To Fix It!

Soundbars let us enjoy entertainment by offering enhanced sound and music effects. They make watching movies or music videos much better. Sonos Arcs are some of the best home entertainment sound systems available. They offer everything an entertainment fanatic would want, such as ease of connectivity to your TV, clear sound and effects, and many others. However, with all these features, you will not be able to enjoy your Sonos Arc if it cannot connect to your devices, especially your television.

Sonos Arc Not Connecting To The TV 2 1 Sonos Arc Not Connecting To The TV: 7 Ways To Fix It!

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Why won’t my Sonos Arc connect to my TV?

Some ways to troubleshoot why a Sonos Arc fails to connect to your TV are restarting both the device and the TV and checking if the TV’s audio settings are compatible with your Arc. Also, check the cable connection and restore your Sonos Arc to its factory settings.

There are several reasons your Sonos Arc fails to connect to your TV. However, before you start to figure out the problem, you need to try and troubleshoot and find out where or what exactly the problem is. Troubleshooting is an excellent way to fix the actual problem rather than working blindly.

Troubleshooting lets you know the problem and to what extent. You will then be able to find the fitting solution to your problem rather than trying different solutions, which might end up being costlier or even damage your devices or TV. Let’s look at a guide about Sonos Arc not connecting to TV: how to troubleshoot in seconds.

Power Issues

One of the most common reasons a Sonos Arc fails to connect to a TV is power problems with the Sonos devices.

Cable Issues

The primary way of connecting your Arc to the TV is through the use of a cable. A faulty or damaged cable is usually one of the main culprits.

Loose and Improper Cable Connection

There may be a loose power cable connection to your Sonos Arc or loose Ethernet cables to your router. Cable connection can affect how your Sonos connects to your Tv 

Out of Date TV or Sonos Software

Another reason your Sonos Arc may not be connecting to the TV might be outdated TV software. If this is the case, then your Sonos will not be able to connect until you upgrade the TV firmware to meet the requirements of your Sonos Arc.

Also, your Sonos might be using outdated software, which is incompatible with your TV, especially if you are using the latest models.

Improper Audio Setting

Sometimes, people may set their TV audio settings incorrectly, so the Sonos Arc cannot output the sound from your TV.

Damage to Sonos Arc or TV

Any damage to your TV or the Sonos Arc affects how these two devices function and connect.

Weak WiFi Connection

Your WiFi may have strength issues that prevent a smooth connection between your Sonos Arc and TV.

How to Fix Sonos Arc Failure to Connect to Your TV

Having looked at some of the common reasons for your Sonos not being able to connect to the TV, it is vital that we give you solutions to those common causes.

When applying these solutions, ensure you follow the instructions for the best outcome.

Power Issues

If you have determined that your Sonos Arc fails to connect to your TV because of power issues, below are some ways to solve this problem by power cycling your both devices.

Also, this should always be the first thing when troubleshooting the problem.

Resetting the Power on Sonos Arc

Start by powering off your Sonos Arc using its remote. After this, remove the Sonos’s power plug from the power socket or extension.

Wait for around five minutes, then connect the power cable to the sources and power on your Sonos Arc.

Resetting the Power On The TV

The steps for resetting your TV’s power are the same as those of your Sonos device. You will have to turn off the TV and adequately unplug the cable from the power source.

Wait for around 5 minutes before reconnecting the plug to a power source, then turn it on.

Please note that you should properly turn off the Sonos and TV before removing the power plug from a power source. Removing the power plug from a power source while the devices are still on may lead to problems or damage to your devices.

Also, waiting five minutes after unplugging the power source is crucial since it ensures all the power in the TV and Sonos adapters is discharged before you can reconnect them back to the power source.

Faulty Cable Issues

Check if a cable is faulty quickly by looking at it for any cuts or bends. You may also remove it and try to connect two other different devices to see if it works. After troubleshooting and thinking that your cable might be faulty, you may consider replacing it.

After replacing it, connect the new cable to the Sonos and TV as shown in the manuals of both devices.

Loose and Improper Cable Connection

One of the main things to troubleshoot is loose connections. A loose connection is common, especially if you move your Sonos or TV while they are still connected. 

Also, a loose connection may occur if you use a short cable that does not allow additional slack after connection. The cable is pulled from its connection with one of the devices and becomes loose.

In case of loose connections, you might apply pressure and push the cable into the Sonos and TV connectors. You may also pull out the cable and connect it back.

Improper connection can also occur when connecting the cable to your Sonos and TV for the first time or when you replace the cable for another. Ensure the HDMI cable you are using is connected to the “HDMI OUT” of your Sonos and “HDMI IN” of your TV.

You can look at the Sonos Arc manual to see how to properly connect the cable between your Sonos device and the TV.

Out of Date TV or Sonos Software

If either your TV or Sonos Arc is using outdated firmware, it might cause a connection problem between the two devices. This is because the device with outdated firmware does not meet the requirements of the other device. Luckily, the solution for this is straightforward; update the firmware of your devices, and everything should be fine.

Since many different TV and Sonos models are available, sharing a step-by-step update process might be challenging. However, this should not be a problem since you can easily find the instructions to update your TV and Sonos devices by looking for specific instructions on how to do so from their manufacturers.

One may find these instructions in the user manual that came with your device or search for them on the manufacturer’s websites.

Improper Audio Setting

You have to ensure you have the correct audio setting on your TV. You will not hear any sound from the Arc when you use audio settings incompatible with your Sonos Arc. This may cause you to think that the problem is with the connection, but that is far from it.

Even if the connection is okay, you will still not be able to hear sound from the Arc because it cannot process the format it receives from your TV. Audio settings ensure that your Sonos can output the sound from your TV device.

Ensure you know what sound format your Sonos device supports and choose those sound formats from the setting on your TV.

Damage to Sonos Arc or TV

If you have done proper troubleshooting of all the above issues and none of them has fixed your problem, then you might want to check if either your TV or Sonos Arc is damaged. The connectors on both devices are the best place to start looking for this. Check to see if any connector or its pins are damaged.

You may also try changing and using an alternative TV connector. Here, we mean that while Sonos comes with one HDMI port, most modern TVs come with 2 or 3. Try connecting the Sonos to a different HDMI port to see if that will solve the issue.

Fix WiFi

A Sonos Arc may have a compatibility issue with your router. Use an Ethernet cable to connect to the network directly. If it works, consider using a different router.

Fix your WiFi connection by diagnosing the router. Start by switching it off and on again. If the problem persists you can replace the damaged WiFi.

Consult Sonos Customer Support

Suppose you have tried all these solutions and none have helped you solve the problem. In that case, you can consider contacting the manufacturer or repair specialist to gain additional help with the Sonos Arc failure to connect to the TV.

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