TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting? [DO THIS FIRST]

You are trying to enjoy your favorite TV show, but the TCL Roku TV keeps restarting. Finding a solution can be frustrating, but you shouldn’t worry. Nothing can ruin a night of watching movies with the family like a TCL Roku TV that keeps restarting randomly. Luckily, you have a few different options to fix the problem. 

TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting 1 TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting? [DO THIS FIRST]

Why does my TCL Roku TV keep restarting?

Start by checking for any available firmware updates on your TCL Roku TV and make sure that you have the latest firmware installed. If you are still having problems after updating the firmware and checking the cables and power source, try resetting your TCL Roku TV back to factory settings.

It is necessary to identify what might be causing your TCL Roku TV to restart before fixing the problem. It could be overheating, bad apps, weak cable connections, or pending firmware updates. This guide will show you how to fix the problem and what works best. 

These methods have been tested on different year and model numbers for the TCL Roku TVs. They work well and are effective in fixing the random restarting issue. 

TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting? [DO THIS FIRST]

The TCL Roku TV is a popular smart TV with a built-in Roku streaming device. It is designed to be one of the top-selling TVs on the market.

However, some have reported that their TCL Roku TV keeps restarting. If you are experiencing this problem, you should keep reading to learn about a few potential ways to fix the issue. 

A TV restarting on its own can signify many different things. It could be that the TV is overheating, or it could be something as simple as a power outage or a bad cable connection. 

It is also possible that the problem may lie within the TV’s firmware. We recommend checking for any available updates first. 

This can also happen if you have recently updated your TV’s firmware and it has not been correctly installed. This is one of a few different ways to troubleshoot your Roku TV

After trying this, we have mentioned other solutions below. If these are unsuccessful, we recommend resetting your TV to factory settings and reinstalling the latest firmware update.

4 Ways To Fix TCL Roku TV That Keeps Restarting

Many TCL Roku TV owners have been complaining about their TVs restarting themselves, and they are not sure what the problem is. The most common causes of this issue are the cables, power supply, and firmware updates.

We have discovered a few ways to fix a TCL Roku TV that keeps restarting. You should try updating the firmware first. But if this isn’t the problem, you will find more solutions to consider below. 

TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting 1 1 TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting? [DO THIS FIRST]

1. Update The TV’s Firmware

If your TV keeps restarting randomly, the first step is to update your TCL Roku TV’s firmware. To do this, go into the settings and look for System Update. Clicking this will check for updates and download them. 

This will fix several issues with your TV, and if the firmware update doesn’t fix the problem, you should try the next step as an alternative fix. 

2. Try A Hard Restart Of The TV

To do a hard restart, go into the Settings. Then click the right arrow to enter the System settings. 

Next, click Power. This will open a menu of options where you will see System Restart. Click the Restart button and let the hard restart fix your TV’s problems. 

3. Check Or Replace Your Power Supply

If you turn on your TCL Roku TV and start to restart randomly, this may be caused by a faulty or loose wire inside the TV.

To fix this issue, first, check if any wires are loose or disconnected at the back of the TV set. You can also test the cables on a different TV to see if the problem occurs again. 

4. Perform A Factory Reset On The TV

A factory reset can be performed in the settings menu or manually. But remember, this will wipe the memory of your TV too.

This means you will need to download your apps again and reconnect the WiFi once it reboots. You should only consider this a last resort fix if nothing else works.

What Causes TCL Roku TV To Keep Restarting?

The TCL Roku TV is a smart TV with an inbuilt streaming service. It is one of the most popular brands of smart TVs in the market.

However, some users have reported that their TCL Roku TV keeps restarting. Below are the most common causes why this problem happens. 

Too Much Heat

TCL Roku TVs emit heat when they are on, and they need to be appropriately ventilated to keep them from overheating.

Poor ventilation can cause the TV to keep restarting unexpectedly because the heat buildup will eventually cause too much pressure on the machine, which will trigger a restart.

Always clean the vents if you notice too much heat happening. 

Bad Apps

Bad apps or apps that need updates can trigger TV restarts too. It will occur when you try to open the app.

When clicking on the app, it will act like it will open but fail. A force quit will occur, and the TV will turn off. 

Fortunately, you can fix this problem, and it is pretty simple to repair to make sure your TCL Roku TV runs appropriately in the future. You can also set apps to update to avoid this automatically. 

Loose Or Weak Cable Connections

The HDMI cable might be loose or damaged. In that case, you should replace it with a new one or try to see if it works on a different TV.

The power supply is another possible cause of this problem. Any weak or loose cable connections can be why your TV is constantly restarting. 

Software Or Firmware Problems

If your TCL Roku TV keeps restarting unexpectedly when you are using it, there might be a problem with the software or firmware.

The device may have been infected by malware and has become unstable. Or you simply could need to perform an update. 

Why Does TCL Roku TV Keep Restarting When Opening Apps?

One common problem people are reporting is that their TCL Roku TV keeps restarting when they open apps on their TV. 

This means whenever the user clicks on a specific app, it rejects them from using the app, and the TV turns off. Try these steps to fix it. 

Update App

The first thing you should look for is any available updates for your apps. While your settings should be automatic, turning that off will require you to do manual updates.

Head over to the Streaming Channels area and into the app store. Once you get there, you will be able to click on apps to see if an update is available. 

You can check if the apps that cause a restart have an update available. Click Update and allow some time for all outdated apps to download updates. 

Once the downloads finish, try opening the apps again. If the problem persists, you can try something different. 

Uninstall & Install App

If you are experiencing an issue with your TCL Roku TV, it is possible that the problem can be fixed by simply uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

This is a simple process and will only take a few minutes of your time. You can click on the app in the settings and press the uninstall button. 

Wait a few minutes and download the app again. When you do this, it will download the app with the latest updates. 

Is There A Reset Button On A TCL TV?

Factory reset is used when there are errors with the TV, and it cannot be fixed without removing all of your data. This is also done when you sell or give away your TV to someone else.

To perform a factory reset, start by unplugging the power cord from the back of your TV. The next step would be to remove the back cover and locate the small button on the back of your TV.

This button can only be seen when you have removed the cover from your TV, and it is located between two vertical lines in black ink. The last step would be to push this button with the pin and plug in the TV again. 

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