Can I Use A PS5 Controller On An Xbox Series X Or S?

If you enjoy using a PlayStation 5 controller, I can tell you how to use a PS5 controller with an Xbox Series X or S.

Can I Use A PS5 Controller On An Xbox Series X Or S Can I Use A PS5 Controller On An Xbox Series X Or S?

Can I Use A PS5 Controller On An Xbox Series X Or S?

You can use a PS5 controller with an Xbox Series X or S by using a special adapter like the Brook Wingman XB Converter. The adapter can convert the controller’s wireless signal to make it compatible with an Xbox. You can also use Xbox Game Pass to play Xbox games with a PS5 controller.

The PlayStation 5 controller is one of the most comfortable and effective controllers I use to play video games. Since I also game on other platforms like the Xbox, I’ll sometimes prefer using a PS5 controller to play certain Xbox games. Thankfully, there are ways for a PS5 controller to be connected to an Xbox Series X or S through wired and wireless methods.

Why Should I Use A PS5 Controller To Play Xbox Games?

The PS5 DualSense game controller is a highly-advanced controller with an intuitive design that could make gaming easier and more enjoyable.

Some of its outstanding features include motion sensors, solid battery life, quick charging times, haptic feedback, and a built-in microphone and speaker.

All of these features combine to create a robust interactive gaming experience compared to other game controllers.

However, picking the right controller is a largely personal choice where factors such as the size and placement of buttons may come into play.

How To Connect A PlayStation 5 Controller To An Xbox Series X Or S

Can I Use A PS5 Controller On An Xbox Series X Or S 1 Can I Use A PS5 Controller On An Xbox Series X Or S?

Below are common and simple ways you can connect a PlayStation 5 game controller to an Xbox Series X or S.

Since Xbox does not officially support the use of PlayStation controllers, these methods may not be effective in the future. In the meantime, you should take advantage of one of these connection methods if you enjoy gaming with a PS5 controller.

Regardless of how you connect your contrsoller, you should consider adjusting the controller settings to configure them in a way that suits your needs.

Use A Wireless Controller Adapter

The main way for me to connect my PlayStation controller to an Xbox is to use a special adapter that can make the controller’s wireless signal compatible with the Xbox.

One of the most popular adapters to make a PlayStation controller work with an Xbox is the Wingman XB made by a company called Brook.

This adapter not only allows a PS5 controller to be used with an Xbox Series X or S, it can be used with other PlayStation controllers and Xbox consoles.

The steps involved with using a controller adapter may vary depending on the particular adapter, but the steps will mostly be very simple and take less than a few minutes to complete.

You should keep in mind that there are no official methods to connect a PlayStation controller to an Xbox, so the Wingman XB adapter or any other devices may not work in the future.

Use Xbox Game Pass On A Computer or Phone

Xbox Game Pass is a popular subscription service that can be used to play Xbox games on non-Xbox devices such as a computer or phone.

The Xbox Game Pass app can be downloaded and installed on a wide array of devices since it’s available for the Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Xbox Game Pass can even be loaded without the app by using a compatible web browser.

To use a PS5 controller to play Xbox games, you would simply add your PS5 controller to the platform you use to load Game Pass.

One of the easiest ways to add a PS5 controller to a computer or phone would be to connect it wirelessly with a Bluetooth connection.

Follow these general steps to wirelessly connect a PS5 controller to a Bluetooth-enabled device:

  • Open the Bluetooth device list on your PC or phone.
  • On the PS5 controller, press and hold the PS and Share buttons at the same time.
  • Wait until the perimeter light of the touchpad flashes the color blue.
  • In the list of detected Bluetooth devices, choose “Wireless Controller” and wait for the controller connection to be confirmed.

What Are The Downsides Of Using A PS5 Controller On Xbox?

Can I Use A PS5 Controller On An Xbox Series X Or S 2 Can I Use A PS5 Controller On An Xbox Series X Or S?

You should understand that certain Xbox games may not benefit much or at all from being played with a PlayStation 5 controller.

A downside to using a PS5 controller is you have to relearn controls for some games or certain buttons may not be as easy as intuitive for the gameplay.

When Xbox games are developed, many of the controls and gameplay features are developed with the native game controller in mind. However, most game controllers can be customized to let you adjust the controller settings for particular games.

Can I Use An Xbox Series X Or S Controller With A PS5?

When it comes to connecting an Xbox controller to a PlayStation 5, there are no reliable ways to do that through official or unofficial means.

The fact an Xbox controller cannot be connected to a PlayStation 5 gives you a general idea about the exclusivity of gaming products.

Gaming companies may look to maximize their profits by making their controllers exclusive to their platform.

Though some gaming platforms may allow for adapters and workarounds to be used to connect third-party controllers, there’s no guarantee those methods will always work.

Game console companies may try to restrict the use of their platform’s controllers so consumers will be more likely to buy their official controllers.

Key Takeaways

  • A PS5 controller is an excellent controller to play video games on a PlayStation or Xbox.
  • A special adapter can be used to convert the PS5 controller signal to work with an Xbox.
  • You can use Xbox Game Pass to play Xbox games on a computer with a PS5 controller.

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