What Is Call Time On An iPhone? Answered!

iPhones are known to provide many advanced features, and call time is a helpful feature to take advantage of for people who struggle with their data usage. Rather than manually tracking individual call durations or times, features like call time make it easier for iPhone users. 

What Is Call Time On An iPhone 1 What Is Call Time On An iPhone? Answered!

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What does Call Time mean on an iPhone?

Call Time on iPhone tracks the total time spent on the phone making calls for the current and lifetime period on this device. It’s not the same as the call duration and instead relates to your minutes and data used on your phone plan. The current call time resets every billing period. 

In your cellular settings, there is a way to see the amount of data usage each app or feature uses. This includes your phone app, and call time is how the hours and minutes you spend on phone calls get tracked. This guide explains this feature in further detail and how it can be adjusted or reset.  

All details and information on how to perform specific actions related to call time below have been gathered directly from Apple. This is the most reliable article about call time with accurate instructions. 

What Is Call Time On iPhone?

Call Time is the total time spent on phone calls on your iPhone. This feature helps you track how much time you spend on phone calls. You can also see this data in the Settings area to stay on top of data usage and billing. 

Call time includes all incoming and outgoing calls but not any missed calls. It helps you track how much time you have spent on a call and how much you need to talk to someone before you hang up.

The metric is broken into two categories, including Current Period and Lifetime. Both are explained in detail below. 

Current Period

When you are viewing your iPhone call time, there are two key metrics you’ll notice. The first is the Current Period call time. 

This represents the total time spent on phone calls for the current billing period. This depends on your phone carrier and how your plan is designed. 


The Lifetime call time period shows your entire call history since the initial iPhone setup. The only way to reset this number back to zero requires a complete reset or restoring the device to factory settings. 

How Do You See The Total Call Time On iPhone?

The total call time on iPhone is a feature that will show the amount of time you have been talking on your iPhone. It will be updated automatically as calls are made and received.

But how it displays on your device can vary based on your phone carrier and phone plan details. For example, T-Mobile users with unlimited data and calling won’t see a detailed breakdown of the Current Period and Lifetime.

To access this area of your iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular > Call Time. There should be two statistics, Current Period and Lifetime, with a Reset Statistics button underneath both. 

What’s The Difference Between Call Time & Call Duration On iPhone?

What Is Call Time On An iPhone 1 1 What Is Call Time On An iPhone? Answered!

While call time and call duration may sound the same, they indicate different things on your iPhone. Understanding the difference can help you know your phone bills better to keep your minutes and data usage in check. 

Call Time

Call time is different from call duration because it tracks the cumulative usage of your phone app instead of tracking the time on one call. It will monitor the total call time during a billing period and all time. 

Call Duration

Call duration is the length of a phone conversation where both parties are engaged in conversation. 

This includes when the phone rings when you answer it, when you are connected on the line, and when the other party hangs up.

To see the duration of an individual call, go to the Phone app. Inside this app, locate the call you made and click the small “i” button. This will show the complete details of the phone call, including the call duration.

How Can You Reset Call Time On iPhone?

If you want to reset the call time on your iPhone, it can be done in a few simple steps. First, go to Settings > Cellular > Call Time. Once you locate the Call Time section in the settings, there is a big Reset Statistics button. 

Tap this button, and your mobile data and Current Call Time will be set back to zero. However, the Lifetime Call Time will remain unchanged. This would require a more advanced iPhone reset. 

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone to reset your device to factory settings. This will provide you with multiple options, like Reset or Erase All Content and Settings. 

Both will work and accomplish what you are looking to do. However, if you were to back up your phone again, it would import the Lifetime call time from that iPhone backup. 

This is important to remember because that statistic follows you unless you start a new iPhone fresh with no backups or previous data tracked. 

How To Reset Lifetime Call Time On iPhone

Resetting the lifetime call time on your iPhone requires a few more steps because this tracks overall usage on the device or sim. Resetting the statistics or even the device isn’t enough. 

Delete iPhone Backup

First, you’ll need to get rid of your iPhone backup or put it on a different device. If you did a full reset and then used the same backup, it would restore your lifetime call time to the current figure because it tracks the device. 

Reset Statistics And Settings

Once you have removed the backup or moved it, you can reset the statistics. This isn’t necessary if you do a complete reset, but it’s a quick step that many choose to do. 

Next, you can go to the settings and restore the device back to factory defaults. This will bring you back to the iPhone setup page

Restart New iPhone

When you reach the iPhone setup page, you must set this device up like a brand new iPhone without using any backups from previous devices. 

What Happens When You Reset Call Time On iPhone?

When you reset the call time, it will be back to zero. This includes all tracked call times, but not everything gets reset. For example, your mobile data usage and Current call time get erased, but the Lifetime does not. 

You should also not expect any time of storage space or data removal to happen when using the Reset Statistics feature. This is because Lifetime represents the total time on this current phone or sim. 

Do You Reset Call Time By Erasing Phone Calls?

The Call Time feature on your iPhone is a great way to track how much time you spend on phone calls. But what if you erase all the calls from your phone?

Unfortunately, this will not cause the call time to fluctuate in any way. The calls have already been tracked and completed, so deleting them does not have any impact on this feature. 

If you would still like to erase your iPhone call history, go to Phone > Recents > Edit. After tapping edit, you will see a red button to the left of individual calls. 

Clicking this will give you the option to delete calls one by one. If you want to clear your entire history, go to Phone > Recents > Edit > Clear > Clear All Recents. 

Key Takeaways

  • One of the most important factors impacting your call time is the strength of your signal. 
  • Another factor is the number of bars you have. The more bars you have, the more power your phone will use. 
  • The type of call you are making can also affect call time. For example, a voice call will use less battery power than a video call. 
  • Finally, the size of your phone’s battery will also affect how long your calls last. If you have a larger battery, you will be able to talk for longer before having to recharge.
  •  However, if you have a smaller battery, you may find that your calls are cut short due to a lack of power.

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