Where Can I Get My Apple Watch Screen Fixed?

Your Apple Watch is a remarkable addition to your daily carry, helping to keep you informed on so many levels.

Unfortunately, the face of the watch is prone to damage of various kinds that makes the watch all but useless. 

When this damage occurs, you start searching for the answer to how you can get your Apple Watch screen fixed.

Where Can I Get My Apple Watch Screen Fixed?

If your Apple Watch screen gets cracked or breaks, you can always take it to Apple, either the physical store or you can mail it in to them. That, or you can take it to a local authorized service provider, like Best Buy or uBreakiFix.

There are certainly some pros and cons to each option.

Consider the experience each offers along with the various issues you may experience with your Apple Watch screen.

How To Get Your Apple Watch Screen Fixed

There are several options for repairing various issues with your Apple Watch. 

What you’re experiencing may help you determine the best course of action, getting you the best solution most quickly.

Apple Genius Repairs

The first stop for almost any Apple-related repair, including Apple Watch, are the Apple Geniuses.

You can start by seeking online help at https://getsupport.apple.com.

From there, you will have the option to troubleshoot your issue through text or a phone call. 

If your watch requires physical repair, you’ll send it in for repairs.

Mail-In Apple Service

All physical repairs sought directly through Apple are conducted through mail-in service.

While the Genius Bar may help with some troubleshooting, they will not conduct any actual repairs.

If you have Apple Care+ for your watch, there is a service fee that comes with repairs.

For the basic Apple Watch or Nike+ model, repairs are $69. 

The Hermes and Edition models are $79 for repairs.

Generally speaking, sending your watch in for repair will take between 5 and 10 business days to complete and receive back. 

There are options for express service, in which case Apple sends you a replacement watch before you send yours in for repairs.

This ensures you don’t have to go without a watch for any length of time.

Local Authorized Service Providers

If you prefer in-person service, you may want to consider a local Apple-certified service provider.

One popular option is Best Buy, where you can take your watch and talk with a technician in person. 

Depending on the problem with your Apple Watch screen, it could take up to five business days to complete the repair. 

Repairs through Best Buy are competitive to what you’d pay through Apple directly. 

If you have Apple Care+, you can have your repairs completed through your local Best Buy store.

In addition to Best Buy, there are smaller repair shops such as CPR or uBreakiFix, along with a host of local or regional chains.

These local providers may be able to quickly complete repairs on-site.

Screen Problems You May Encounter With Your Apple Watch

The screen is the most important part of your Apple Watch, without it, you cannot use your watch at all. 

Physical damage is not the only issue you may experience, and which issue you experience may change how you approach resolving it.

Cracked Screens

One of the challenges of early Apple Watch models was the fragility of the screen. 

Bump or drop your watch, and you could very well end up with a cracked, chipped, or shattered screen.

The best way to solve this is through one of the Apple Authorized service providers, or through Apple Directly. 

If your watch is covered by Apple Care+, this repair will run you between $69 and $79, depending on your watch’s model.

You’ll have to send in a watch with a physically damaged screen if you want Apple to conduct the repair.

Best Buy stores will complete the repair in-store, but you’ll have to wait for the appropriate parts to arrive to complete the repair.

Dead Pixels

Beyond physically damaged screens, your watch may have dead pixels.

These are individual pixels on the face of the watch that either are a single color and don’t change, or are completely dead all the time.

One of the best ways to test for dead pixels is to turn on the flashlight feature and look for anything unusual.

Dead pixels are caused by anything from a software glitch to a problem with the hardware.

Start by restarting your phone, then make sure your watchOS is up-to-date. 

Next, try changing your watch face to ensure it’s not an issue with the face itself. 

Finally, adjust the brightness to see if that corrects the problematic pixels. 

If none of that works, then you’ll want to have it looked at by a professional repair technician.

Dim Screens

Another common complaint with Apple Watch screens is when the screen is too dim in a bright setting.

Fortunately, this is an easy fix, with only a small percentage needing actual repair.

The causes of a dim Apple Watch screen include:

  • Brightness setting
  • Ambient light sensor glitch
  • Outdated watchOS or iOS
  • Overheated watch
  • Always On feature glitch

While some hardware issues may result in dim screens, it’s a small portion of these issues.

Start by checking to make sure your watchOS is updated, and the settings are appropriate. 

If all else fails, try unpairing your watch from your phone, and resetting it.


The software on your Apple Watch can also give problems with the screen. 

This may cause things dead pixels, a dim screen, or even non-responsiveness to touch. 

These glitches can come from the watchOS itself, or from any number of apps you have installed.

If you suspect a glitch is causing your screen issue, here’s what you can try:

  • Check for watchOS updates.
  • Restart your watch.
  • Unpair your watch and set it up again.
  • Take it into a local repair shop for diagnostics.

Preventing Screen Damage

You want to do all you can to prevent damage to your screen, rather than finding ways to solve it once it happens. 

The best way to prevent physical damage is to get either a screen protector, like the LK Screen Protector.

Or a full rugged case to provide drop protection, like the Spine Rugged Armor Protector.

Aside from protecting your watch screen from scratches, bumps, and falls, be sure to take care of the software side as well. 

eat is bad for all electronics, so be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight while it’s charging or on extremely hot days. 

Keep the watchOS updated, including any apps you have on your watch, preventing many glitch issues.

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