Can You Change the Apple Watch Ringtone?

Generic ringtones are the bane of every smartphone and smartwatch owner’s existence, it seems. I know that my Golden Girls theme song makes waves whenever I receive a call. 

It makes people smile, and they comment on how much they also love the show.

It makes my iPhone feel a little more unique, a little more… me.

If you can change your ringtone on your phone, can you also do it on your Apple Watch

Or are you stuck with the bland ringtone that comes as the default? 

How are you supposed to customize the Apple Watch to make it feel – and sound – like your own? Will you just have to put up with your watch sounding the same as everyone else’s when a notification goes off or a call comes in?

Can You Change the Apple Watch Ringtone Can You Change the Apple Watch Ringtone?

Can You Change the Apple Watch Ringtone?

You cannot customize your ringtone to anything you want on the Apple Watch. You can switch from a select list of standard ringtone options that come with the watch. You cannot even mirror ringtones from the iPhone to which you have the Apple Watch paired.

Apple could do a lot more to make the Apple Watch more customizable. 

The truth of the matter here is that the Apple Watch does not have all the same ringtone capabilities or haptics as the iPhone. 

Now into the seventh generation, it seems as though this would be something Apple would have already tackled on the Apple Watch. 

Part of the glory of smart device ownerships is being able to customize your experience.

So why is Apple so darned hesitant to give the Apple Watch customizable ringtone options? 

Why, oh why, can’t I set the Golden Girls theme song as my ringtone for the Apple Watch? Well, allow me to explain a few things about ringtones and the Apple Watch.

Can I change my Apple Watch’s annoying ringtone?

Sorry, but you can only change the Apple Watch’s ringtone to one of its select presets. 

You cannot customize your own ringtone as you can on the iPhone. 

You can change from the factory-set default to another preset, but that is about it. 

Apple has yet to include an option for ringtone customization on the Apple Watch, which is rather puzzling given that the Apple Watch is supposed to cater uniquely to its owner and wearer.

Should I just put the watch on silent?

A lot of Apple Watch wearers find that putting the watch on silent is a lot less distracting for them. 

Haptic feedback does typically do a good job of alerting you to new notifications.

So, if you do miss a call or text message while the watch is on silent, you will get alerted through haptics.

When you need to be more discrete and quiet (such as when you are at work), silent mode can be really helpful. 

It is also helpful for sleep tracking so as to not wake you up.

How do I put my Apple Watch on silent?

Setting the Apple Watch to silent is actually quite easy. 

All you need to do is drag up the control center and disable the bell icon. 

You can always increase the silent mode’s vibration in Settings if its default is not strong enough for you. 

Whenever you want to take the Apple Watch off of silent, you just need to drag the control center up again and enable the bell icon. 

This will allow you to hear the notifications at your desired sound level.

Can You Change the Apple Watch Ringtone 1 Can You Change the Apple Watch Ringtone?

Is Apple ever going to let us change our Apple Watch ringtones?

Sigh. Here is hoping. 

We do not yet know whether the upcoming Apple Watch 8 Series will allow us to customize our ringtones. 

We expect that the Apple Watch’s 8th generation will be somewhat similar to the 7 Series but will include some new features.

There will likely be a major physical design difference though. 

In 2021, Apple released a patent filing for a redesign, which includes a rounded watch face, digitally customizable watch bands, and a flexible wrap-around display. 

Unfortunately, Apple has kept mum on the ringtone issue.

Is haptic feedback good about alerting you to new notifications?

Haptic feedback on the Apple Watch is excellent at alerting you to new notifications. 

You can easily adjust your haptics on the Apple Watch too. 

Open up the Settings app, then tap on Sounds & Haptics to adjust your audible haptics. 

Once you are in there, you can tap the volume controls under Alert Volume – or, alternatively, tap the slider, then turn the Digital Crown so as to adjust the settings.

You can also adjust your haptics from your linked iPhone.

To do this, open the Apple Watch app, tap Sounds & Haptics, and drag the Alert Volume slider.

The haptics on the Apple Watch can be fairly prominent. 

To change this, you can:

  1. Open up the Settings app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Tap on Sounds & Haptics.
  3. Turn on Haptic Alerts.
  4. Select Default or Prominent.

To do this from your iPhone, go into the Apple Watch app. 

Then tap on My Watch.

Next, tap on Sounds & Haptics and select from Default or Prominent.

Do other smartwatches let you have customized ringtones?

Other smartwatches will let you customize your ringtones and notification sounds.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch does allow for customization of ringtones. 

If Apple wants to keep up with the Joneses, they ought to consider letting users customize their ringtones.

Closing Thoughts

You cannot change your ringtone to a customizable version on your Apple Watch, and there is no word yet from Apple as to whether this will be different on the upcoming Apple Watch 8 Series. 

It seems like a simple and intuitive addition, as the Apple Watch should feel more like an accessorized version of the iPhone. 

Sure, the Apple Watch has a lot of other really great features, but this is one that would make sense to have on the watch.

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