Can Apple Watch Take Your Temperature?

Hey there, tech aficionados! Ever wondered if your Apple Watch can take your temperature? It’s a question we’ve been asked a lot. In this article, we’ll explore this feature, its potential, and the science behind it all. Whether you’re an Apple fan, health enthusiast, or just curious, join us as we unveil the heat-tracking capabilities of your smart companion. Ready to become an Apple Watch temperature-taking whizz? Let’s dive in!

Can Apple Watch Take Temperatures Can Apple Watch Take Your Temperature?

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Can Apple Watch Take Temperature?

No, the Apple Watch cannot take your temperature. Other smartwatches like the Fitbit Sense can do this, so it is a little puzzling as to why Apple has left this feature off of the Apple Watch. And, while the iPhone cannot actually take your temperature, you can pair it with a compatible digital thermometer to record your body temp fluctuations throughout the day.

Many of us are required to take our temperatures now before reporting to work or sending our kids off to school, so having this kind of feature would prove to be really helpful. 

As a parent of little kids, I find myself using the thermometer a lot at home, but I don’t have anything for when we are on the go. 

A lot of other parents want to take their kids’ temperatures, so why not do it from the iPhone? And why not take your own temp from the Apple Watch?

With such a high demand for this kind of feature, you would think that Apple would ensure that the Apple Watch would have a built-in thermometer.

After all, it can measure so many other biometrics.

You might be disappointed to learn that this is one of the few things that the Apple Watch cannot do.

Let me explain why this is the case.

Why can’t the Apple Watch take your body temperature?

It is a wonder that Apple has not included a thermometer as a feature on the Apple Watch. 

Given everything that has happened since the start of the pandemic, people are wanting to take their temperatures now more than ever. 

While body temperature, blood glucose monitoring, and blood pressure tracking have been on the docket for a while, it sounds like these features are still a few years off and will not appear on the upcoming Apple Watch 8 Series.

Which biometrics can the Apple Watch track?

That being said, the Apple Watch can measure and track a lot of other biometric trends.

Here are just some of the things you can do on the Apple Watch regarding your health and wellness:

  1. Sleep tracking.
  2. Adding new workouts.
  3. Hand washing detection.
  4. Tracking caloric intake and output.
  5. Track your daily step count.
  6. Blood oxygen measurement.
  7. Get heart rate notifications.
  8. An ECG app.

In other words, the Apple Watch does track a lot of what your body is doing and provides remarkably accurate feedback and analysis.

How can your find a compatible digital thermometer to use with the iPhone?

So you’re considering getting a digital thermometer for your iPhone or Apple Watch.

There are several good compatible models on the market right now and quite a few helpful apps, but the best by far is ThermoWatch+

This app is designed to work with the Apple Watch by letting you register measured values taken by a digital thermometer.

If you go into the App Store, you can search “thermometer” and find a handful of apps that will work with your iPhone and a compatible digital thermometer. 

You will have to take your temp with the thermometer before you log your basal body temperature into the app.

Will smartwatches ever replace digital thermometers?

Honestly, smartwatches can do a lot of things, but they clearly are not posed to take over the tried-and-true methods of biometric measurement. 

Digital thermometers are still very much a ‘thing’ and probably will be for years to come. 

However, smartwatches are starting to take on these capabilities. 

Once the Apple Watch is able to register body temperature, it is likely that more people will want to buy this watch. 

The more features Apple adds for tracking health and wellness, the more attractive this watch becomes.

Which apps can read your temperature?

If you need a good app for recording your temperature, the Health app is a reliable enough source. 

It is a native app for iPhones and the Apple Watch. 

It boasts several functions, allowing you to add more apps, such as Dexcom G6 for continuous glucose monitoring.

You can even use it to understand your sleep patterns and find ways to sleep better at night.

Is it worth it to buy an Apple Watch?

Truth be told, with all of the other functions the Apple Watch performs, it can be worth buying.

All it really takes it having an iPhone and a Bluetooth connection to set up your Apple Watch and get it working on all of your biometrics. 

It basically functions as an extension of your iPhone and even lets you leave your phone at home or in the gym locker while you work out.

For those who are intent on tracking their health, the Apple Watch is one of the most accurate smartwatches out there. But it sure isn’t cheap. 

You will need to create a fair amount of room in your budget for it.

Closing Thoughts

While the Apple Watch cannot yet take your temperature, it can help you record your temps taken via a digital thermometer.

It will track many of your other biometrics, which makes it a helpful device to have on hand (well, on wrist) when you are trying to keep tabs on your health.

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