Why Are iPad Cameras So Bad?

Many iPad users notice a difference between their iPad camera and their iPhone camera. 

The quality of the iPad camera is usually worse than a smartphone even on newer models of iPads.

Why Are iPad Cameras So Bad?

The camera on an iPad seems to be low quality because they are compared to the camera on an iPhone. Cameras are an afterthought on iPads while they are one of the main features of an iPhone. It isn’t a full feature camera and the newest iPad only has an 8 MP resolution.

It can be frustrating that such an expensive piece of technology can be lacking in camera quality. 

Below we will explore the reasons behind low-quality iPad cameras and the ways you can improve them.

Features of a Low-Quality iPad Camera

As new iPads continue to be released the cameras have continued to get better.

However, despite this improvement, iPad cameras have continued to fall short of the quality of the cameras found on iPhones.

This can be frustrating to iPad users and there have been constant complaints about the bad quality of the camera on iPads throughout the years.

There are multiple reasons and speculations behind the bad iPad camera quality. 

The most obvious one is the low camera specs of the iPad.

The newest iPad only has an 8 mp (megapixel) resolution on the back camera. 

This is much lower than the newest iPhone which has an mp resolution of 12.

The front camera of the 4th generation through the 8th generation iPad is only 1.2 MP. 

This MP is the clarity and sharpness of the image. 

A higher MP means the image will appear less pixelated. 

These numbers show the reason behind the low-quality photo that the average iPad produces.

Poor Zoom and Low-light Tools

The iPad’s shortcomings are most noticeable in low-light conditions. 

The iPad cameras are smaller and aren’t equipped with the same low-light tools that we are used to using on the newer iPhones.

The camera on an iPhone is a full-featured camera that models its design after DSLR cameras. 

They come depicted with low light features and extreme zoom.

An iPad camera is not created after a professional camera. 

It is made to have basic zoom settings. To get a sharp image in low light, it is recommended that you use flash.

In order for your photo to be of good quality, lighting is essential. 

iPads are not completely capable of taking quality, clear images when relying on low light technology.

Another reason your iPad’s camera could be disappointing you is because you might be zooming in while taking pictures. 

iPads aren’t created with photography in mind.

They are instead created to function almost like a laptop. 

You can browse the internet, respond to emails, and watch movies on iPads.

The camera seems to be more of an afterthought than a priority. The zoom on the typical iPad adds pixels into the image. 

Avoid zooming in on objects when using an iPad camera. 

Instead, move closer to your subject physically.

Dirty and Scratched Lense

Your iPads quality might be bad simply because your lenses require cleaning and maintenance. 

iPads are constantly being shoved in bags and used in different environments. 

It can be easy to neglect the cleaning and care of your iPad lens.

If the lens is smudged with dust or dirt, your images are more likely to be blurry. 

It is harder to focus your image if the lens is dirty and smudged.

Focusing the image is the best way to capture clear and crisp images. 

Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean an iPad lens. 

Take care of your lens and avoid scratching it. 

You can purchase lens protectors for an iPad at most tech stores.

Often, an iPad will get small scratches that are barely noticeable to the naked eye but can still affect the quality of the picture being taken.

Apple has heard the complaints of iPad users and is striving to improve the camera in newly released iPad models. 

The newer iPads have good-quality cameras. 

If you are constantly disappointed with your iPads camera performance, evaluate the generation of iPad you are using. 

The 1st through the 8th generation iPads all have around the same camera resolutions. 

The camera specs of these models are relatively low with an average 1.2 MP resolution on the front camera.

Apple greatly improved the camera in the 9th generation iPad.

If you have an older iPad, the best way to improve the camera is to invest in a new iPad. 

The iPad Pro’s and iPad Air’s are also known for having better cameras than the original, older iPads.

How to Make iPad Camera Quality Better

Why Are iPad Cameras So Bad?

The best way to see a slight improvement in your iPad camera is to manually go into setting and change the HDR. 

Changing the HDR will give your images a more crisp look than the automatic settings provide

HDR snaps multiple photos and merges them to create a high dynamic range.

To turn on HDR, go into “Settings” and click on “Camera”.

Once you are in the camera settings, you can turn on “Smart HDR”.

Sometimes on newer iPads, the HDR is automatic and will be applied to your image without your interference. 

If you have an older iPad, it is necessary to turn the HDR on manually, and it will likely improve the quality of your pictures. 

The reason your iPad quality might be bad is that the HDR is turned off.

If you are serious about significantly improving your iPad camera, consider investing in an external lens. 

An external lens increases the magnification abilities of your camera and allows for actions like wide-angle shots.

If you have an older iPad, this might be the best option for improving the camera.

The older iPad’s biggest weakness is its camera.

Pairing an older iPad with an external lens will improve the camera without the extra cost of getting a new iPad. 

An external lens can be detached and attached to any iPad and iPhone. 

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