Why Are My JBL Headphones So Quiet? 3 Reasons!

Trying to figure out why your JBL headphones are so quiet can be frustrating, but there are several factors that could be contributing to the low sound quality. It’s happened to all of us at some point. We are in the middle of an important phone call, or jamming out to a favorite song, and we realize the sound coming out of our headphones is less than ideal. We spend good time and money investing in our electronics and expect them to perform the way they are intended to.

Why Are My JBL Headphones So Quiet 1 1 Why Are My JBL Headphones So Quiet? 3 Reasons!

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Why are my JBL headphones so quiet?

Your JBL headphones could be so quiet because either the earbuds or the headphone jack need to be cleaned, there is damage to one of the wires, or the audio settings on your listening device need to be adjusted accordingly.

Having JBL headphones that aren’t working properly can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to get up and motivated by your favorite playlist, are engaged in a work zoom meeting, or are trying to have a phone conversation with another person. But determining why your JBL headphones are so quiet isn’t that difficult if you follow some simple steps in order to diagnose the problem.

I love listening to music and podcasts through my headphones and appreciate a good quality set that gives me optimal sound. I also use them a lot for work meetings and need a set of headphones that perform well and don’t let me down in crucial moments.

There can be multiple reasons why your headphones suddenly become more quiet than usual, and most of the fixes are pretty straightforward. If, after you try the following tactics you’re still having trouble, it may be worth taking them to a repair store to have them analyze the issue.

Depending on the age of the headphones, they may still be under warranty, so it’s best to check that out before you spend good money having them repaired. But first, let’s start with some simple fixes you can try at home.

1. Something Needs to be Cleaned

This is a pretty common problem and a good place to start if you’ve noticed a decrease in sound volume, especially if it’s happening in one of your ears and not both. 

Like anything we own, everything gets dirt, grime, and moisture build-up and our earbuds are no exception. 

Whether it’s from an internal cause, like ear wax, or whether it’s from outside elements, like dust particles, dirt, or being set down or dropped, if your earbud gets dirty, it will likely clog the sound chamber either partially or altogether.

This is an easy fix. Depending on how dirty your earbud is, you can usually just use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a soft cloth. Dab a bit of rubbing alcohol on the cleaning tool and gently swipe or wipe the inside of your earbud

After it is fully dry, insert it into your ear and see if the sound has improved.

Similarly, if your headphone jack is dirty it will cause the jack to not fit properly into the system you are using and the sound produced will be poor or more quiet than usual. Use the same cleaning items and follow the same steps to clean your headphone jack as you did to clean your earbuds.

Why Are My JBL Headphones So Quiet 1 Why Are My JBL Headphones So Quiet? 3 Reasons!

2. There is Damage to the Wire

Another possible reason that your headphones are quiet could be more wear and tear related than if they are simply dirty.

With time, many of our electronics will break down. Headphone wires take a pretty substantial beating…they get yanked on, tossed in bags, and have heavier items set down on them (especially feet!) 

You can try using electric tape to repair the spot where the fraying is taking place, but you may find it’s best to just replace a damaged set of headphones, as a damaged wire can result in harming you, making it more than just a sound annoyance if the wire is left to fray further.

3. Your Audio Settings Need to be Adjusted

A third reason that your earphones are so is that a setting on your playback device needs to be adjusted.

Both iPhones and Android phones have settings that can allow your speaker volume to be lowered. Here’s how to check if this is the problem and to adjust it accordingly:

iPhone Sound Adjustment

Start by pressing the “volume up” or “volume down” buttons that can be located on the side of your iPhone. If this is the issue, you will immediately hear an adjustment.

If adjusting the volume on the side of the phone doesn’t work, go into the iPhone’s settings. 

  • Navigate through the tabs: settings/general/accessibility/hearing section.
  • Use the slider to change the earphone balance, depending on what sounds better to you. (Do this while you have your headphones in your ears.)

Android Sound Adjustment

To check and adjust the volume on your Android phone, try adjusting the sound with the buttons located on the left side of the phone, as with the iPhone. If this is the issue, the adjustment will be obvious immediately.

If that doesn’t make a difference, your next choice is to try to adjust the sound in the setting section of your Android.

  • Click through the tabs: settings/sound & vibration.
  • You will see a list of items to choose from.
  • Adjust each sound accordingly, using the slider.

How Do I Fix the Sound on my JBL Headphones?

Before you give up and decide it’s time to purchase a new pair of JBL headphones, make sure you’ve tried every trick to ensure they are working properly. Let’s review what should be done to make sure headphones are producing sound at their optimal performance.

How Do I Make My JBL Headphones Louder?

Start by trying to adjust the sound from the left side of your phone. This will work with both iPhones and Androids

If you are listening to your headphones through another playback device, search the manual for that device to find out how to adjust the volume appropriately on it.

Why is My Headphone’s Volume So Low?

Finally, if you have tried all the above tactics – from cleaning to repairing to adjusting and nothing has worked to increase the sound volume of your JBL headphones, you may have no other option than to take them into a repair shop for a diagnosis of the problem. 

They may be able to rewire the headphones in the shop or replace a piece that they can order and then install. 

Worst case scenario is that they will tell you the headphones are irreparable and it’s time you replace them with a new set.

If your headphone volume is so low that they are no longer fun to use and no one can figure out a fix, it’s probably time to go search for your next pair.

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  1. I have JBL Headphones (Tune 510BT).t says on the instructions that they can only “Pair” with 2 devices. How can I tell the devices that they are currently paired with?.
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