Why Do My JBL Headphones Keep Pausing? 5 Reasons!

There is nothing as irritating to music enthusiasts as their headphones automatically disconnecting when listening to your favorite tunes. It is an issue common in most Bluetooth headsets using modern technology, including some JBL headphones. If your new JBL headphones keep pausing and disrupt your musical experience, this article explains why and approaches to fixing the error.

Why Do My JBL Headphones Keep Pausing 1 1 Why Do My JBL Headphones Keep Pausing? 5 Reasons!

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Why Do My JBL Headphones Keep Pausing?

The primary reason why some JBL headphones pause automatically is that they operate on the 2.4 GHz ISM band Bluetooth connectivity. The ISM frequencies are unregulated; hence its overload on various household items causes signal disruptions. Other reasons for this malfunction include low battery, transmission range, and signal incompatibility. 

Read on as we answer, why does my JBL speaker keep pausing?


Your JBL headphones might be going on and off because of signal interference from other devices. Some JBL headsets can connect to more than one device at a time, causing interference. The interference can also result from another previously connected device trying to regain Bluetooth connectivity while in use.

Disconnections in high-quality headphones like JBL are most common in high-traffic areas. Crowded spaces have other devices functioning on the same frequency as your headphones and can interfere with communication. It would be best if you avoided highly populated environments when using your headphones to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Low Battery

Another common reason for frequent listening disruptions on your JBL headphones is low battery. All Bluetooth headsets have a battery indicator that alerts the user when power is running low. Ignoring this caution might contribute to the automatic and unwarranted pauses.

We recommend you identify your device’s average hours and adjust your usage routine. When you notice these pauses, look to see if the battery has the power to rule out the possibility of disconnections caused by a low battery.


A conflict between hardware and software is a practical reason for unnecessary pauses on your JBL headphones. There are two places where compatibility might be an issue, and they are:

Bluetooth Versions

Your JBL headphones and the audio source could run on incompatible Bluetooth versions. The latest Bluetooth versions are backward compatible, meaning a device using Bluetooth 4 can pair with Bluetooth 3 and 4. However, you may encounter audio problems if you try pairing your JBL headphones with a device using Bluetooth 2.

Why Do My JBL Headphones Keep Pausing 1 Why Do My JBL Headphones Keep Pausing? 5 Reasons!

Bluetooth Audio Codecs

The receiving and transmitting devices need to support the same audio codecs to achieve a seamless transfer. These codecs help compress and encode audio data for transmission; they create a communication channel for the connected devices. Audio issues are most likely to occur with your JBL headphones if the two devices do not speak the same codec language.

Headphones Defect

Defective headphones are another answer to why does my JBL headphones keep cutting out. It would help rule out this possibility before trying other fixes. You can connect them to different devices and observe their functionality. If the problem persists, find a skilled professional to repair it.

Problems With The Audio Source

There is a possibility that the unnecessary pauses on your JBL headphones are because of problems with your audio source. Several factors in your audio source can contribute to music pauses, and they are:

Many Background Apps

Smartphones and tablets can only support as many apps running at once. If you listen to music on a device with too many running apps, your audio quality will be compromised.

Some of these apps interfere with Bluetooth connections by attempting to pair, which contributes to the interrupted music listening experience. The background activity could also see your device slowing down on essential functions.

Required Updates

Using outdated drivers on your computer can compromise the sound quality when listening to music on Bluetooth headphones. 

You should confirm if your Bluetooth and audio drivers are updated if you start experiencing audio stutters. If the problem persists even after updating, consider manually reinstalling the drivers on your device.

Audio Enhancements

It is common to find audio enhancement features on modern headphones to improve the listening experience. However, some of these features cause problems as the headphones cannot process the additional sound adjustment. You may experience music interferences like stuttering or distortion.


The bandwidth for Bluetooth connections is not as extensive as WIFIs. Most JBL headphones guarantee a Bluetooth range of up to 32 feet. You may start experiencing audio breaks and other interferences as you approach or exceed the maximum range. 

We recommend confirming your headphones’ specs before purchasing to identify how far away you can use them seamlessly.

How Can I Fix My JBL Headphones That Keep Pausing?


Before you start stressing out possible fixes for your JBL headphones, we recommend you try basic troubleshooting techniques first. You can reset your Bluetooth devices, confirm if the connection is correct, or forget and re-connect your devices.

Resetting your JBL headphones is as easy as holding down the power button for at least twenty seconds.

Change Positions To Establish a Stronger Connection

One of the primary reasons for your headphones’ audio interference was signal interference from other devices. You can consider moving to areas with lower WIFI usage or cross-body interference to gain an uninterrupted audio connection. Moving your connected devices to low-traffic areas can reduce cross-body interference and improve your listening experience.

Stay Within Signal Range

Exceeding the Bluetooth signal range causes interrupted audio in almost all headphones. 

It would help to stay within the device’s signal range to avoid unwarranted disruptions when listening to music. Most mobile devices are below Bluetooth class 3 and only work best over short distances. You can find the Bluetooth specs for your device by checking its box packaging or user manual.

Close Background Apps

Devices with low RAM space are likely to hang or misbehave when multiple apps are open at once. 

It would help close some of these background apps on your device as they may cause audio problems by interfering with your Bluetooth function. Some devices limit the number of apps running simultaneously to maintain normal functioning on their devices.

Why Are My JBL Headphones Not Turning Off?

The primary reason that can contribute to your headphones not turning off could be a system glitch. 

The glitch might compromise the devices’ reaction, causing them to stay on even after turning them off. You can clear the glitch by holding the volume+ and pause/play button until your device turns off.

You should also forget your JBL headphones on your PC’s Bluetooth list and re-establish the connection. It will help refresh the entire link and reset your devices.

How To Reset Your JBL Headphones?

You can reset your JBL by simultaneously pressing and holding the volume+ and volume- buttons for more than 20 seconds. You should expect to hear a sound after a successful reset, and your device will restart. 

Most problems with your JBL headphones can get fixed by a simple reset.

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