Where Is The Pairing Button on JBL Headphones? Answered!

JBL headphones are fantastic wireless headphones that connect to most devices via Bluetooth. From Android and iOS to many gaming consoles and TVs, you can wirelessly listen to your favorite media. The problem is that finding the pairing button can be difficult. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through this.

Where Is The Pairing Button on JBL Headphones 1 1 Where Is The Pairing Button on JBL Headphones? Answered!

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Where Is The Pairing Button on JBL Headphones?

While the exact location is somewhat different between each JBL model, you will find the pairing button on the right headset. This is typically on the button of the headset, but it could be in the center. This will always be the middle button, which makes it easy to find once you know the location.

Knowing the location of the pairing button is only half the battle. There are a few other steps to follow in order to properly pair your devices, and you can still run into issues along the way. I’ll help you pair your devices and solve the most common connection issues that occur.

Locating the JBL Pairing Button

Finding the pairing button, better known as the Bluetooth button, on your JBL headphones is often very simple. While many JBL headphones look different, especially if you’re looking at earbuds, the location of the button is relatively the same for each model.

I’ll help you locate the pairing button so that you can start pairing your devices.

Pairing Button With JBL Headphones

The JBL headphones are larger and meant to cover your ear so that you get a better sound experience. They cut out other sound, which gives you amazing audio quality. Finding the pairing button on these models tends to be the easiest.

Look at the right headphone. You should see three buttons along the bottom of the headphone, though some models have them higher up. The buttons are sizable, so it should only take you a second to locate them.

The middle button is the Bluetooth button. Sometimes it has a circle, but usually this button will have the Bluetooth logo. Push and hold this to activate pairing mode.

Pairing Button With JBL Earbuds

Earbuds are smaller and the buttons aren’t quite as obvious, but they are there if you know where to look. Much like with headphones, you will be working with the right earbud. 

You should see small buttons along the left and right of the earbud that are used to change the volume.

Between these two buttons will be the pairing button. Sometimes this looks like the Bluetooth logo, but some models have the JBL logo on the button. Push this button for several seconds to activate pairing mode.

Where Is The Pairing Button on JBL Headphones 1 Where Is The Pairing Button on JBL Headphones? Answered!

Pairing JBL Headphones With Common Devices

Knowing where the pairing button is only helps prepare the headphones to pair with a device. While pairing with most devices is easy, you might get stumped when it comes to pairing with your TV or gaming console.

This section will help you pair the JBL headphones with most devices.

Phones and Mobile Devices

Connecting these headphones to your Android or Apple device is very simple. The instructions are largely the same regardless of the OS, and it doesn’t matter if you’re connecting to a tablet or phone.

Start by turning on the device and ensuring that Bluetooth is active. If you have this disabled on your device, then you won’t be able to connect the JBL headphones or any other Bluetooth device.

This should initiate a device scan that looks for nearby devices that can connect to your tablet or phone. Put your JBL headphones in pairing mode by pushing the pairing button.

Select the headphones once they appear in the scanning menu. This should pair the two devices. Activate any audio source, such as music or a video, and it should play through the headphones. If not, then disable Bluetooth on your device and try again.

Bluetooth TVs

Many smart TVs are able to wirelessly connect with Bluetooth headphones and other similar devices. 

Be sure to read the user manual if the instructions differ, but most TVs are largely the same with this. You should also check to see if this is a feature because some TVs offer this while others don’t. If the TV doesn’t have this feature, then you won’t be able to force a connection.

Turn on the TV and navigate to the settings menu. This is usually a gear-icon or menu-icon on the remote controller. 

Go to the Bluetooth settings menu. This might be labeled as Bluetooth, but it may also be called devices, connections or accessories.

Activate Bluetooth and initiate a device scan. Select the JBL headphones and the two should be paired.

Gaming Console

Most modern gaming consoles are now able to pair with Bluetooth headphones. If your console offers this, then it should only take a few seconds to pair the two so that you can hear audio from the JBL headphones.

Turn on the console and go into the settings menu. There will usually be a selection such as devices or wireless devices. Choose this and then choose to activate Bluetooth and scan for nearby devices.

Wait until the headphones are located. Select the headphones and you should be able to hear audio from them. 

While some gaming consoles might differ slightly, they all should have similar instructions.

Common Troubleshooting Steps

There is always the chance that either the connection won’t work or there will be problems. If you are experiencing any issues, such as the devices not pairing or something going wrong, then try these troubleshooting steps to correct the issue.

Only One Side Working

While this can happen to headphones, this more commonly happens with earbuds. You can hear audio from one side, but the other side is mute and not working. While this may indicate that there is a hardware issue with the one side that isn’t working, this is more commonly a simple glitch that should be simple to fix.

The most likely culprit is a low battery. This can cause the headphones to not function properly. Try charging the headphones to see if this corrects the issue. If that doesn’t work, then reset the headphones.

Hold the volume up and down buttons simultaneously for about five seconds. You will hear a sound indicating that the headphones have been turned off. Wait two minutes and then push the power button to turn the headphones back on. This should resolve the issue.

Not Connecting Over Distance

Usually, the headphones and the other device will be close to each other. Sometimes though there might be a distance between the two devices, such as with gaming consoles or TVs. Bluetooth connects over shorter distances than WiFi, so the two devices might have a hard time finding each other.

If you are across the room or in a different room entirely, then try bringing the headphones closer to the device. This should help them locate each other.

Remove Old Devices

If your device has paired with other Bluetooth headphones, then it might have a hard time accepting a connection from the new JBL headphones. This is usually because the device is trying to establish a connection with the former headphones and it’s not scanning for new accessories.

Go into the Bluetooth settings of your device and erase old connections. This should then allow it to find and connect with the JBL headphones.